Shopify Page Builder Apps: Outlink External Links Button vs Replo Landing Page Designer

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Outlink External Links Button Work?
  3. How Does Replo Landing Page Designer Work?
  4. How Much Does Outlink External Links Button Cost?
  5. How much does Replo Landing Page Designer cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Outlink External Links Button vs. Replo Landing Page Designer
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


As a cornerstone of e-commerce success, website design commands not just attention, but also seamless implementation. Businesses are incessantly searching for ways to make their online stores more attractive, user-friendly, and profitable. In the backdrop of this need, page builder apps like Outlink External Links Button and Replo Landing Page Designer have become vital. These apps cater to merchants wishing to enhance their Shopify stores in unique ways.

How Does Outlink External Links Button Work?

Developed by Thalia, Outlink External Links Button is an innovative take on page designing and customization. Beyond the typical aesthetics, Outlink allows for the addition of external and affiliate links to your store, making it a potentially profitable addition to your e-commerce strategy. The app’s features include the ability to add multiple external links per product with varying level links, integrated click tracking, as well as button customization. It also allows merchants to redirect users to desired external or affiliate pages, possibly giving their sales a significant boost. At first glance, one might think these features are perfect for larger enterprises, but startups and small businesses can also make the most of this app due to its ease of use and affordability. Picture a small business owner attempting to increase sales through affiliate marketing. Wouldn’t Outlink be a perfect tool?

How Does Replo Landing Page Designer Work?

On the flip side, we have the Replo Landing Page Designer. This app lets anyone build custom landing pages on their Shopify store without theme development expertise. It provides sections and page templates that marketing teams can utilize, or they can leave it to the experts at Replo for a professionally designed store. From expert-designed templates to the flexibility to build landing pages, home pages, blogs, and product pages, Replo offers a range of features that e-commerce businesses of all sizes can take advantage of. For instance, a startup can experiment with Replo’s expert-designed templates, while a larger enterprise can make use of A/B testing to improve their page's performance.

How Much Does Outlink External Links Button Cost?

As important as feature-rich tools are to e-commerce success, cost-effectiveness can’t be ruled out. Outlink External Links Button offers a very affordable lineup of tiers: - **Basic Plan:** Priced at $2.08/month, it offers unlimited links, products, free support, and a host of other features. It’s a perfect starter pack for digital newcomers looking to dip their toes into e-commerce. - **Pro Plan:** For a slightly increased price of $2.92/month, store owners can enjoy all features of the basic plan with extensions like multiple links per product, comparison table links, and more. - **Gold Plan:** At $4.17/month, this top-tier plan combines all aforementioned features and adds elements like link masking and in-app stats for those who seek an in-depth understanding of their operations. Lastly, there's a **Free Plan** for stores under Shopify’s trial period. Despite being free, it grants unlimited links.

How much does Replo Landing Page Designer cost?

Let's now gaze at the pricing for Replo Landing Page Designer: - **Basic Plan:** At $99/month, merchants get unlimited features, along with the ability to publish 10 pages and sections. - **Standard Plan:** This $249/month plan includes additional benefits such as product page templates and the ability to publish 25 pages and sections. - **Growth Plan:** Priced at $499/month, the most comprehensive plan provides a host of benefits including 100 pages and sections, product page templates, and unlimited experiments. Lastly, there's a **Free Trial Plan** which offers unlimited previews, a great way to understand the app before deciding to purchase it.

Cost Analysis: Outlink External Links Button vs. Replo Landing Page Designer

Clearly, Replo Landing Page Designer is pricier than Outlink External Links Button. However, pricing cannot be divorced from value. Replo comes with a host of unique features like built-in experiments for A/B testing, which Outlink lacks. Nevertheless, Outlink is a very affordable tool for small businesses and startups.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Outlink External Links Button good?

Outlink External Links Button impresses with a perfect average of 5 stars from 212 reviews, which reflects considerable satisfaction among users. It's safe to assume that the app's flexible link options, combined with its affordability, play a significant role in this high rating. Customer support isn't expressly mentioned, but it could be inferred from the high rating that their support is top-notch.

Is Replo Landing Page Designer good?

The Replo Landing Page Designer maintains an admirable 4.8-star rating from 72 reviews. The slightly lower volume of reviews compared to Outlink might be due to Replo's relatively recent launch, but it's still a healthy number for an app's first year. Despite being costlier, the high rating suggests that users value its feature-rich design tools and the ability to custom design pages with less development time.

User Preference: Outlink External Links Button or Replo Landing Page Designer?

Ratings suggest that both apps are popular amongst users, but Outlink appears to edge out due to a higher volume of reviews and an unbeatable 5-star rating. However, Replo’s design-oriented and comprehensive feature set seems to also resonate well with users, who might appreciate its more nuanced and design-centric approach to page-building.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Outlink External Links Button Integrations:

Outlink External Links Button does not specify any integrations. It would be valuable to know whether and how it integrates with other apps in the Shopify ecosystem considering the importance of seamless operations based on integrated tools.

Replo Landing Page Designer Integrations:

Replo, on the other hand, integrates with popular tools like Klaviyo, Recharge, Microsoft Clarity, Junip, Okendo, and Yotpo, enhancing both its functionality and ease of use.


Navigating the technology landscape in the e-commerce sector can be daunting, but page builder apps like Outlink External Links Button and Replo Landing Page Designer ensure that you’re not doing it alone. The former is adored by users for its affordability and straightforwardness, while the latter is appreciated for its comprehensive, design-oriented features. If you're a small business owner, looking to explore affiliate marketing while being budget conscious, then Outlink might be a good starter pack. For larger businesses and design enthusiasts who want granular page customizations and built-in testing capabilities, Replo could be well worth the investment. Remember, the choice ultimately depends on your unique business needs, size, and budget. So, pick wisely!

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