Shopify Page Builder Apps: Outlink External Links Button vs Iconic: Descriptions that Sell

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Outlink External Links Button Work?
  3. How Does Iconic: Descriptions that Sell Work?
  4. How Much Does Outlink External Links Button Cost?
  5. How Much Does Iconic: Descriptions that Sell Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Outlink External Links Button vs. Iconic: Descriptions that Sell
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


The design of your eCommerce website can be a crucial component of its success, having a significant impact on user engagement and conversion rates. One tool Shopify store owners can leverage to optimize their stores are Page Builder apps like Outlink External Links Button and Iconic: Descriptions that Sell. These apps provide unique ways to enhance an online store's aesthetics, improve user experience, and boost sales.

How Does Outlink External Links Button Work?

Outlink External Links Button, developed by Thalia, brings a creative approach to page building. Focused on link management, Outlink allows stores to replace the 'Add to Cart' buttons with their customizable Outlink buttons, helping redirect users to preferred external or affiliate pages. This feature is invaluable for businesses of all sizes as it eases navigation, thus enhancing the user experience. Outlink also allows integration with affiliate networks like Clickbank, Rakuten, and CJ, providing businesses more ways to monetize their content. This feature will particularly benefit businesses that struggle to keep visitors engaged. The option to create variant-level external links and build multiple external links per product further enriches the app's versatility.

How Does Iconic: Descriptions that Sell Work?

When it comes to describing products engagingly, Iconic: Descriptions that Sell by CartBoosters takes center stage. With this app, businesses can present the key features of their products in a visually appealing way. This streamlined presentation strategy resonates well with customers who prefer clean, uncluttered product descriptions and can lead to improved conversion rates. Iconic provides stores a rich collection of premade icons that they can use to highlight product features and benefits. Beyond that, it allows businesses to upload their brand graphics, enabling a more personalized experience for users.

How Much Does Outlink External Links Button Cost?

Budget-friendly solutions are important for businesses, and Outlink's pricing plans reflect this consideration. The app offers four plans, including a free version for Shopify trialists. The basic plan is priced at $2.08/month and includes unlimited links and products, a bulk editor, and more. Following upward, the Pro plan comes at $2.92/month offering everything in the basic plan and several extra features. The Gold Plan tops the ranks with a price of $4.17/month, adding link masking and in-app stats to the Pro plan’s offerings.

How Much Does Iconic: Descriptions that Sell Cost?

If investing for a larger output is your motto, Iconic offers a single, all-inclusive plan at $5.90/month. With this, you get to create unlimited product highlights, changeable icons, and enjoy unlimited use of the application.

Cost Analysis: Outlink External Links Button vs. Iconic: Descriptions that Sell

Comparing the price plans, Outlink offers more flexibility with its plans starting from free to $4.17/month, whereas Iconic’s one-size-fits-all plan comes at $5.90/month. The choice depends on your store's specific needs and budget.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Outlink External Links Button Good?

With an impressive rating of 5-stars from 212 reviewers, Outlink seems to delight users with its comprehensive features. Its easy navigation, customizability, and versatility may be major contributors to its high rating.

Is Iconic: Descriptions that Sell Good?

Iconic, with a commendable 4.6-star rating from 69 reviews, also shows strong user satisfaction. It stands out with its product description capabilities, which simplifies the presentation process.

User Preference: Outlink External Links Button or Iconic: Descriptions that Sell?

While Outlink appears favored given its higher rating and number of reviews, Iconic isn't far behind. Both have unique offerings that seem to resonate well with users, and the preference likely hinges on whether link management or product description efficiency is your priority.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Outlink External Links Button Integrations:

Outlink does not list any specific integrations. However, its compatibility with various affiliate networks and eCommerce platforms potentially makes it flexible across different platforms.

Iconic: Descriptions that Sell Integrations:

Similar to Outlink, Iconic doesn't specify any third-party integrations. Its strength lies in its standalone functionality.


In conclusion, both Outlink External Links Button and Iconic: Descriptions that Sell offer unique ways to enhance the store design and user experience. Outlink's strength lies in versatile link management, while Iconic shines in presenting engaging product descriptions. Both apps have garnered positive user reviews, indicating their effectiveness in their respective niches. Despite the lack of explicit third-party integrations, their capabilities seem sufficient in providing value to Shopify stores. Choosing between the two would largely depend on your store's needs: if optimized link management is your priority, Outlink might be the option for you; on the other hand, if captivating product descriptions is your focus, you might want to consider Iconic.

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