Shopify Page Builder Apps: Fire AMP vs Pagetify Landing Page Builder

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Fire AMP Work?
  3. How Does Pagetify Landing Page Builder Work?
  4. How Much Does Fire AMP Cost?
  5. How Much Does Pagetify Landing Page Builder Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Fire AMP vs. Pagetify Landing Page Builder
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A strong web presence is undeniably pivotal for e-commerce success in today's increasingly digital marketplace. Not only do these websites need to be aesthetically pleasing, they must also deliver a superior user experience to turn browsers into buyers. Page builder apps have emerged as a critical tool in facilitating this. Two such apps making waves in the Shopify space are Fire AMP and Pagetify Landing Page Builder. Both offer ambitious capabilities for creating, customizing, and optimizing online store pages.

How Does Fire AMP Work?

Developed by MLVeda, Fire AMP allows users to create Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages in a snap. Whether you're a lean startup or a large enterprise, Fire AMP's variety of features can be instrumental in establishing an engaging, SEO-friendly website. Firstly, it allows users to create and customize AMP pages for all website pages or specific Products, Collections, Articles, Blogs etc. Secondly, it offers real-time insights into AMP page hits, which can be instrumental in informing and refining your customer engagement strategies.

How Does Pagetify Landing Page Builder Work?

Pagetify Landing Page Builder, developed by Pext, is a powerful drag and drop page designer. It offers 50+ pre-made elements and professional page templates that are optimized for SEO and page speed, just like Fire AMP. It also provides flexibility in designing pages responsive for all devices, with support for custom HTML/Liquid & CSS. Similarly, Pagetify allows you to save, revert and reuse blocks, templates and pages at any time, offering the convenience of safe revisions.

How Much Does Fire AMP Cost?

In an age where cost-effectiveness is key, Fire AMP offers a singular PREMIUM PLAN for $7.99/month, boasting features such as SEO-friendly URLs, the ability to create and customize AMP pages for Products, Collections, Articles, and Blogs with good SEO rankings in just one click. This cost-effective solution is perfect for growing businesses looking to make the most of their budget without compromising on functionality.

How Much Does Pagetify Landing Page Builder Cost?

Pagetify Landing Page Builder offers four plans ranging from Free to the PREMIUM Plan at $59/month. This variety of pricing tiers allows an accessible entry point with the Free plan—offering 5 published pages and 100+ page layout options—and scales up to unlimited published pages and priority support within the PREMIUM plan. Their tier system presents a clear pathway for businesses of all sizes to upgrade as they grow.

Cost Analysis: Fire AMP vs. Pagetify Landing Page Builder

When comparing the two apps, Fire AMP offers a streamline course with its single pricing strategy, while Pagetify Landing Page Builder provides diverse options catered for different budgets and needs. Greater cost efficiency can be found in different apps depending on the unique needs and scale of your business operations.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Fire AMP good?

With an average rating of 4.6 stars from 177 reviews, Fire AMP seems to be found satisfactory by users. One can speculate that the app's ease of use and effectiveness in optimizing store pages contributes to this positive reception. As the app's description does not mention about customer support, it's up to the user to explore that aspect.

Is Pagetify Landing Page Builder good?

Pagetify Landing Page Builder commands an impressive 5-star rating from 137 reviews. This suggests a highly positive user experience, likely due to its feature-rich design options and user-friendly interface.

User Preference: Fire AMP or Pagetify Landing Page Builder?

Judging by their respective average ratings and review numbers, Pagetify Landing Page Builder seems to have the edge in user preference. This may be due to its broader feature set and highly flexible design options.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Fire AMP Integrations:

Information on Fire AMP's integration capabilities is not available, which might be a factor to consider for those who rely on a interconnected system.

Pagetify Landing Page Builder Integrations:

In contrast, Pagetify Landing Page Builder integrates with the likes of, Loox, Ali Reviews, Klaviyo, and others. This brings an added layer of functionality and automation to your store.


In conclusion, both Fire AMP and Pagetify Landing Page Builder provide valuable tools for page building and optimization. Between Fire AMP's straightforward operation and Pagetify Landing Page Builder's scalability and great integration, there's something to suit various business needs. In terms of user preference, Pagetify Landing Page Builder seems to lead, although Fire AMP is not far behind. For those seeking better integration capabilities, Pagetify Landing Page Builder appears to be a more fitting choice. However, you can’t go wrong with either of these two quality Shopify apps—it all depends on what meets your specific business needs the best.

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