Shopify Loyalty & Rewards: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards VS SC Conjured Referrals

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Work?
  3. How Does SC Conjured Referrals Work?
  4. How Much Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Cost?
  5. How Much Does SC Conjured Referrals Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards vs. SC Conjured Referrals
  7. Which App is Better according to users?
  8. Conclusion


Knowing that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95%, the importance of loyalty and rewards programs cannot be understated. These programs aim to retain customers and build a loyal following, which in time, triggers increased repeat business, boosts profitability, and strengthens brand identity. Today, we will delve into Smile: Loyalty & Rewards and SC Conjured Referrals, two compelling apps that seek to strengthen customer devotion through engaging mechanics and meaningful rewards. Their purpose? To help businesses flourish in the face of competition and fast-evolving market trends.

How Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Work?

Designed by, Smile: Loyalty & Rewards aims to morph one-time customers into lifelong buyers. With simplicity at its backbone, Smile allows businesses to formulate customized loyalty, referrals, and VIP rewards programs - all within a matter of minutes. From fledgling startups to large enterprises, Smile’s features can be a game-changer. Its basic plan includes points and referral programs, essential analytics, and basic branding. For businesses seeking more advanced solutions, Smile provides additional features like VIP programs, points redemption at checkout, powerful reporting tools, and API access. Imagine a growing online clothing store wanting to reduce customer acquisition costs. With Smile’s points program, customers can earn points with every purchase, urging them to return regularly, thereby increasing sales and retaining a steady customer base.

How Does SC Conjured Referrals Work?

SC Conjured Referrals, developed by Shop Circle, works by turning loyal customers into influential brand ambassadors. The app leverages the trust of existing clientele to captivate potential customers. The app offers a variety of features such as auto-generated coupons, unlimited referral links, newsletter campaigns, fraud detection, free stylings & customizations, and free gift rewards. Whether it's a startup hoping to make headway in the industry or an established business aiming to sustain growth, SC Conjured Referrals has something for everyone. Suppose a budding nutrition supplement brand wants to capitalize on its loyal customer base to attract new customers. Using the app's referral feature, customers can share referral links, and once a purchase is made using that link, both the existing and the new customer get rewarded. It's a win-win!

How Much Does Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Cost?

Smile’s pricing structure has four levels. The Free plan, apt for new businesses, offers a points program, referral program, basic branding, default reward emails, and an analytics overview. The Starter plan, priced at $49/month, includes all free features plus advanced branding, customizable reward emails, on-site pop-ups called Nudges, and 2 integrations. At $199/month, the Growth plan introduces a VIP program, points expiry, free product rewards, unlimited integrations, and points redemption at checkout. Finally, their top-tier Plus plan provides additional benefits like powerful reporting tools, segmentation & exports, priority support, API access, and preferred pricing for multiple stores at $999/month.

How Much Does SC Conjured Referrals Cost?

SC Conjured Referrals offers four pricing plans: The Free plan allows up to 250 referred orders/month and features one referral campaign, unlimited referral links, auto-generated coupons, and a post-purchase popup. The Starter plan, at $19/month, includes up to 400 referred orders/month, unlimited campaigns, newsletter campaigns, fraud detection, and a free gift reward feature. The Growth plan, costing $79/month, adds free styling & customizations, and gift card rewards, supporting up to 800 referred orders/month. Lastly, the Professional plan, priced at $149/month, scales this up to 1600 referred orders/month.

Cost Analysis: Smile: Loyalty & Rewards vs. SC Conjured Referrals

Comparing the pricing of both apps, Smile starts free but quickly climbs up to $199 and $999 for its top-tier plans. SC Conjured Referrals stays much more affordable, going from free to $149 for its most comprehensive package. For startups or small businesses, either of the free plans could be an excellent starting point. As the business scales, it would have to select a paid plan based on its specific demands, budget, and preference for features.

Is Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Good?

With an average rating of 4.8 stars from 5440 users, Smile: Loyalty & Rewards is generally well-received by the user base. Given the rave ratings, the app's extensive features, robust integrations, and comprehensive tier systems seem to be resonating positively with the user base. It's a reminder of how pivotal strong customer support can be in determining an app's success.

Is SC Conjured Referrals Good?

SC Conjured Referrals has a perfect 5-star rating, although with less total reviews (224). The standout features of automatic referral tracking and gift card rewards, coupled with its competitive pricing, contribute to its high ratings.

Which App is Better according to users?

Regarding user sentiment, SC Conjured Referrals has a marginally higher rating. However, Smile: Loyalty & Rewards has the advantage in terms of total reviews. It suggests a larger and more engaged user base, and a greater pool of feedback.

Integrations and Compatibility

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards Integrations:

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards easily integrates with platforms like Shopify POS, Checkout, Shopify Flow,, Klaviyo, Gorgias, and Mailchimp, providing enhanced compatibility and functionality. The seamless integration adds to the user experience, making Smile: Loyalty & Rewards a robust and versatile solution.

SC Conjured Referrals Integrations:

SC Conjured Referrals integrates with Shopify Flow, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Recharge, Active Campaign, Omnisend, and Bold. The varied integrations highlight the app's versatility and adaptability, providing users with a host of added functionalities.

Our Top Recommendations For Your Store

While loyalty and rewards programs are key to retaining customers, other tools can also play a significant role in enhancing customer engagement and trust. Here are three apps that can help you build a stronger connection with your customers:

SC Conjured Referrals

Encourage your customers to become brand advocates with SC Conjured Referrals. This app helps you create a referral program that rewards your customers for sharing your products. It’s user-friendly and integrates directly with your Shopify admin, offering a free plan with more robust options starting at $19/month. Merchants appreciate its straightforward setup and the positive impact on sales.
Want to harness the power of word-of-mouth? Try out SC Conjured Referrals today.

Hulk Mobile App Builder

Beyond loyalty programs, providing a seamless mobile shopping experience can significantly increase customer retention. The Hulk Mobile App Builder allows you to create a native mobile app for your Shopify store without any coding. With features like real-time push notifications and a comprehensive dashboard, starting at $79/month, it's a valuable asset for any merchant looking to boost mobile engagement.
Ready to go mobile? Build your app with Hulk Mobile App Builder.

Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Trust is essential in ecommerce, and displaying authentic customer reviews can help establish that trust. Opinew Product Reviews App UGC enables you to collect and showcase customer reviews, including photo and video reviews. This app offers a free plan and advanced features from $19/month, making it a favorite for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
Looking to build trust with reviews? Start with Opinew today.

Each of these apps offers unique features that can help you improve customer engagement and trust, which are crucial for building loyalty. Which one will you integrate into your Shopify store first?