Shopify Loyalty & Rewards: SC Conjured Referrals VS SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SC Conjured Referrals Work?
  3. How Does SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager Work?
  4. How Much Does SC Conjured Referrals Cost?
  5. How Much Does SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SC Conjured Referrals vs. SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Conclusion


Did you know your odds of making a sale to a new customer fall in the 5-20% range, while reselling to an existing customer boast a 60-70% success rate? With such compelling stats, a well-executed loyalty and rewards program becomes an essential strategy for ecommerce businesses. Programs that reward customers leverage their existing affinity for your offerings, nurturing that into a dedicated, repeat buyer. Today, we take a close look at two Shopify apps designed to enhance customer loyalty – SC Conjured Referrals and SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager.

How Does SC Conjured Referrals Work?

SC Conjured Referrals is all about transforming your satisfied customers into your brand's ambassadors. By implementing a reward system for customer referrals, the app helps businesses tap into the priceless advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. One of its standout features is the creation of unlimited referral links partnered with automatic coupon generation. Imagine a satisfied customer sharing their unique link with their family and friends – the ripple effect can boost your customer base, all coming through a trusted recommendation. On top of that, SC Conjured Referrals has advanced fraud detection for ensuring genuine referrals, giving businesses peace of mind. It also can fascinate customers using post-purchase popups, making an immediate case for sharing one's purchase. Small businesses particularly can benefit from these value-driven features to boost their customer base without heavily investing in marketing.

How Does SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager Work?

The SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager app focuses on turning one-time visitors into loyal customers. On top of rewarding points for purchases, it even incentivizes customers for actions like referring others to your store. For enterprises, the ability to select which products participate in the loyalty program or decide loyalty points conditions offers flexibility in balancing between margins and incentives. The 'loyalty points as virtual currency' feature can be particularly enticing for customers, enhancing their "ownership" of their shopping experience.

How Much Does SC Conjured Referrals Cost?

SC Conjured referrals did not disclose the pricing tiers in the data provided.

How Much Does SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager Cost?

The SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager app offers two plans: The Basic Plan costing $18.95/month includes easy setup, a highly customizable app, and fast live chat support suitable for fresh start-ups. The Priority Support plan, priced at $27.95/month includes all features from Basic Plan with special added features such as dedicated manager, assistance to set up the app and up to 3 hours per month of customizations. This can be a valuable package for a growing business needing that little bit extra.

Cost Analysis: SC Conjured Referrals vs. SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager

As SC Conjured Referrals has not provided specific cost details, it's difficult to conduct a direct price comparison. However, the features and services offered by SpurIT's Loyalty Points Manager at the considered prices represent excellent value.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SC Conjured Referrals Good?

With a perfect 5-star rating from a hefty 224 reviews, SC Conjured Referrals appears to hit the mark with users. They may appreciate the flexibility of the program, the effective fraud detection, and the high degree of customization and styling options provided by the app. However, without specific review details, these are educated hypotheses.

Is SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager Good?

SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager has earned a solid 4.3-star rating from 51 reviews, suggesting overall user satisfaction. The customizable nature of the program and fast live chat support in Basic Plan may have contributed to this positive rating.

Which App is Better according to users?

SC Conjured Referrals boasts a 5-star rating from over 200 reviews, suggesting a high degree of user satisfaction. However, SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager's 4.3-star rating, closely follows, suggesting it too has a satisfied user base. Both apps seem to be quite successful in achieving their purposes according to their users.

Integrations and Compatibility

SC Conjured Referrals Integrations:

SC Conjured Referrals integrates with Shopify Flow, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and more, making it a versatile tool for businesses. The convenience and opportunities provided by these integrations are likely to enhance the app's utility.

SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager Integrations:

No specific integration data was provided for SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager in the provided dataset.

Our Top Recommendations For Your Store

While loyalty and rewards programs are key to retaining customers, other tools can also play a significant role in enhancing customer engagement and trust. Here are three apps that can help you build a stronger connection with your customers:

SC Conjured Referrals

Encourage your customers to become brand advocates with SC Conjured Referrals. This app helps you create a referral program that rewards your customers for sharing your products. It’s user-friendly and integrates directly with your Shopify admin, offering a free plan with more robust options starting at $19/month. Merchants appreciate its straightforward setup and the positive impact on sales.
Want to harness the power of word-of-mouth? Try out SC Conjured Referrals today.

Hulk Mobile App Builder

Beyond loyalty programs, providing a seamless mobile shopping experience can significantly increase customer retention. The Hulk Mobile App Builder allows you to create a native mobile app for your Shopify store without any coding. With features like real-time push notifications and a comprehensive dashboard, starting at $79/month, it's a valuable asset for any merchant looking to boost mobile engagement.
Ready to go mobile? Build your app with Hulk Mobile App Builder.

Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Trust is essential in ecommerce, and displaying authentic customer reviews can help establish that trust. Opinew Product Reviews App UGC enables you to collect and showcase customer reviews, including photo and video reviews. This app offers a free plan and advanced features from $19/month, making it a favorite for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
Looking to build trust with reviews? Start with Opinew today.

Each of these apps offers unique features that can help you improve customer engagement and trust, which are crucial for building loyalty. Which one will you integrate into your Shopify store first?