Shopify Loyalty & Rewards: Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program VS Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program Work?
  3. How Does Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards Work?
  4. How Much Does Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program Cost?
  5. How Much Does Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program vs. Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Conclusion


: Recent studies have shown that a 5% increase in customer retention can add an extra 20-100% on your bottom line. How you may ask? By incorporating loyalty and rewards programs into your business model. Such programs don't just hold the power to foster customer loyalty, but also significantly impact repeat business. Today, we focus on two leading apps in this domain, Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program and Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards, and how they can help you enhance your customer experience.

How Does Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program Work?

Joy is a powerful app designed to boost customer retention and tackle loyalty-related challenges. It boasts an impressive array of features that cater to businesses across all stages. From startups and small enterprises to leading organizations, Joy offers a solution for all. Its standout features include an easy-to-use user interface, customizable emails, Shopify POS integration, and unlimited Points Rewards and Redeem Programs. Each of these features is designed with a laser focus on building a loyal customer base, ensuring that the app delivers unmatched value to its users.

How Does Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards Work?

Similar to Joy, Yotpo is a groundbreaking app that simplifies customer loyalty and retention. With an agile platform that allows for quick launching with zero development needed, this app is perfect for businesses that value time. Its rewards page, Instagram follow, birthday bonuses, and Klaviyo & ReCharge integration are features that make Yotpo stand apart.

How Much Does Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program Cost?

In the world of business, you often get what you pay for. This principle holds true with Joy's pricing structure. For businesses on a budget, the Free Plan comes with a limit of 250 orders/month and features like an earn-point program, redeem program, integrations, and custom email content. On the other hand, the Pro Plan, priced at $29/month, offers premium features like customizable emails, full POS integration and import transactions for businesses willing to make a greater investment.

How Much Does Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards Cost?

Yotpo's pricing structure reflects the robust features it offers. It features a Free Plan that offers users access to Rewards Sticky Bar, Earn Points for Purchases, Points for Creating an Account, and a Referral Program. However, for those craving more advanced features, the Gold Plan at $199/month provides additional ways to earn points, allows customers to redeem points at checkout, and offers Klaviyo & ReCharge integration.

Cost Analysis: Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program vs. Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

Joy offers great value at a fraction of the price compared to Yotpo. However, if cost is not a constraining factor, Yotpo’s Gold Plan does offer more advanced features. Ultimately, the decision rests on understanding the specific needs and budget constraints of your business.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program Good?

With an average rating of 4.9 stars from a total of 1260 reviews, Joy's user feedback suggests a high level of customer satisfaction. The app's standout features and seamless integrations are likely contributors to this high rating. With reliable customer support as part of the package, Joy seems to have won the hearts of many users.

Is Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards Good?

Yotpo, on the other hand, has garnered a rating of 4.7 stars from a whopping 2475 reviews. Phrases such as “easy to use”, “powerful features”, and “seamless integration” are common in reviews, painting a picture of general approval from users.

Which App is Better according to users?

Based on user ratings, both apps are reputable and beloved by users. Though Joy leads with a slightly higher average rating, Yotpo has more total reviews, suggesting a larger user base. Potential reasons for the minor discrepancy in ratings could be attributed to varying pricing structures or the depth of features offered.

Integrations and Compatibility

Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program Integrations:

Joy offers core integrations with Shopify POS, Checkout, Shopify Flow, POS, PageFly, Transcy,, Klaviyo, and Loox. Every integration aims to provide additional functionality to the app while ensuring an effortless user experience.

Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards Integrations:

For Yotpo, compatibility is also high on the list. Major integrations include Shopify POS, Checkout, Shopify Flow, Yotpo itself, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Gorgias, and SMSbump. Each integration delivers a unique feature, either enhancing the app's functionality or making it more user-friendly.

Our Top Recommendations For Your Store

While loyalty and rewards programs are key to retaining customers, other tools can also play a significant role in enhancing customer engagement and trust. Here are three apps that can help you build a stronger connection with your customers:

SC Conjured Referrals

Encourage your customers to become brand advocates with SC Conjured Referrals. This app helps you create a referral program that rewards your customers for sharing your products. It’s user-friendly and integrates directly with your Shopify admin, offering a free plan with more robust options starting at $19/month. Merchants appreciate its straightforward setup and the positive impact on sales.
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Hulk Mobile App Builder

Beyond loyalty programs, providing a seamless mobile shopping experience can significantly increase customer retention. The Hulk Mobile App Builder allows you to create a native mobile app for your Shopify store without any coding. With features like real-time push notifications and a comprehensive dashboard, starting at $79/month, it's a valuable asset for any merchant looking to boost mobile engagement.
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Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Trust is essential in ecommerce, and displaying authentic customer reviews can help establish that trust. Opinew Product Reviews App UGC enables you to collect and showcase customer reviews, including photo and video reviews. This app offers a free plan and advanced features from $19/month, making it a favorite for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
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Each of these apps offers unique features that can help you improve customer engagement and trust, which are crucial for building loyalty. Which one will you integrate into your Shopify store first?