Shopify Loyalty & Rewards: Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist VS Simplee Memberships & Rewards

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist Work?
  3. How Does Simplee Memberships & Rewards Work?
  4. How Much Does Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist Cost?
  5. How Much Does Simplee Memberships & Rewards Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist vs. Simplee Memberships & Rewards
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integrations and Compatibility
  9. Conclusion


According to the statistics, 66% of consumers modify the amount and the brands they buy to maximize the benefits of loyalty programs. This stark statistic underlines the importance of loyalty and rewards programs in fostering customer loyalty and repeat business. Such programs are pivotal to create a positive loop, where charisma generates loyalty, which in turn generates repeat sales. In this blog, we will highlight two important Shopify apps, Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist, and Simplee Memberships & Rewards, both of which play a pivotal role in nurturing customer loyalty.

How Does Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist Work?

Growave aims to boost customer retention by providing an all-in-one loyalty, referral, review, wish list, and UGC platform. By implementing features like loyalty and rewards, a wish list, reviews, Instagram UGC, and Growave branding, the app provides tools for businesses of all sizes to build a devoted customer base. The customizable elements of these features ensure that they appeal to a vast array of market niches. For instance, the VIP Tiers feature in the 'Growth' plan allows large corporations to recognize and reward their most loyal customers. Meanwhile, the basic rewards feature in their free plan provides startups with a simple but effective tool to start building their customer base.

How Does Simplee Memberships & Rewards Work?

Simplee Memberships & Rewards transforms the Shopify store into a full-fledged membership site. At its core, the plugin is committed to helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers through paid recurring memberships and rewards. Companies can initiate a membership model offering various perks which could include discounts, restricted content, and more. The possibility to adjust membership fees and provide free or paid trials provides flexibility for businesses to choose what works best for their model and customer base.

How Much Does Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist Cost?

Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist offers four pricing tiers. The free plan offers basic features catering to startups and small businesses with up to 100 monthly orders. The 'Medium' tier, priced at $49/month, expands the offering with advanced rewards and referral programs, supporting up to 500 monthly orders, making it ideal for growing businesses. The 'Growth' tier, costing $149/month, offers more advanced features like VIP tiers, gift cards, and points expiry support for up to 1000 monthly orders. And finally, the 'Premium' tier at $349/month offers a comprehensive package with unlimited integrations, particularly geared towards large, established enterprises handling up to 3000 monthly orders.

How Much Does Simplee Memberships & Rewards Cost?

The 'Starter Plan' of Simplee Memberships & Rewards at $19.99 per month provides a gateway to unlimited members and the functionality of a membership portal. Their 'Growth Plan' for $39.99/month is designed for merchants with growing programs, providing the same well-curated set of features. The 'Enterprise Plan' at $299.99/month is geared towards established membership programs and offers features like emails from custom domains and small customizations. They also offer a 'Free to Test' plan for developers or other interested parties to take a trial.

Cost Analysis: Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist vs. Simplee Memberships & Rewards

Comparatively, Growave offers a free starting plan with robust features, allowing smaller businesses to get a taste of their offerings. On the other hand, although Simplee Memberships & Rewards has a slightly higher entry point price, they provide unlimited members under every plan offering good value for businesses with a larger customer base.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist Good?

With an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars from over 1993 reviews, Growave is a strong contender. Customers seem to appreciate the multi-functional nature of the app along with its seamless integration abilities. Customer support also appears to be commendable, with references to a 24/7 support team in the app description.

Is Simplee Memberships & Rewards Good?

However, with a 5-star rating from 66 reviews, Simplee Memberships & Rewards holds its own. Its high rating can be attributed to the comprehensive membership and recurring payment features it offers.

Which App is Better according to users?

While both apps sport high ratings, Growave's expansive review base suggests more widespread user satisfaction. However, the impeccable 5-star rating of Simplee proves it to be a strong contender. Its lower number of reviews could be attributed to its relatively recent launch in 2021.

Integrations and Compatibility

Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist Integrations:

Growave provides integration with a wide range of platforms, from Shopify POS and Shopify Flow to third-party tools like Klaviyo and Omnisend. This broad compatibility grants businesses the flexibility to dovetail their Shopify store with other apps while capitalizing on Growave's comprehensive feature-set.

Simplee Memberships & Rewards Integrations:

Like Growave, Simplee offers a substantive list of integrations, although not quite as extensive. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify POS and Shopify Flow as well as other apps like Bold Custom Pricing and Membership.

Our Top Recommendations For Your Store

While loyalty and rewards programs are key to retaining customers, other tools can also play a significant role in enhancing customer engagement and trust. Here are three apps that can help you build a stronger connection with your customers:

SC Conjured Referrals

Encourage your customers to become brand advocates with SC Conjured Referrals. This app helps you create a referral program that rewards your customers for sharing your products. It’s user-friendly and integrates directly with your Shopify admin, offering a free plan with more robust options starting at $19/month. Merchants appreciate its straightforward setup and the positive impact on sales.
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Hulk Mobile App Builder

Beyond loyalty programs, providing a seamless mobile shopping experience can significantly increase customer retention. The Hulk Mobile App Builder allows you to create a native mobile app for your Shopify store without any coding. With features like real-time push notifications and a comprehensive dashboard, starting at $79/month, it's a valuable asset for any merchant looking to boost mobile engagement.
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Opinew Product Reviews App UGC

Trust is essential in ecommerce, and displaying authentic customer reviews can help establish that trust. Opinew Product Reviews App UGC enables you to collect and showcase customer reviews, including photo and video reviews. This app offers a free plan and advanced features from $19/month, making it a favorite for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.
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Each of these apps offers unique features that can help you improve customer engagement and trust, which are crucial for building loyalty. Which one will you integrate into your Shopify store first?