Shopify Financial Reports Apps: Report Pundit vs Better Reports

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Report Pundit Work?
  3. How Does Better Reports Work?
  4. How Much Does Report Pundit Cost?
  5. How Much Does Better Reports Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Report Pundit vs. Better Reports
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


In the world of e-commerce, the ability to accurately track and analyze financial health is paramount. Financial report apps are crucial for businesses to gain insights into sales trends, inventory management, customer behavior, and overall financial performance. They empower business owners to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and encourage sustained growth. Enter Report Pundit and Better Reports, two leading financial reports apps that provide an array of functions designed to streamline the reporting process. Both integrate seamlessly with Shopify, enhancing the user experience by offering comprehensive data analysis tools. This blog delves into the capabilities of both apps, helping you decide which aligns best with your business needs.

How Does Report Pundit Work?

Overview: Report Pundit is a user-friendly reporting tool developed by Estore Automate to aid in the creation of customized, detailed financial reports for Shopify stores. Designed to cater to stores of varying sizes, its extensive set of features is impressive. Main Features: - Pre-built and customizable reports - Cohort tables, charts, and dashboards - Flexible data filtering and grouping - Integration with multiple third-party apps Each feature is crafted to streamline financial processes. Whether you run a budding startup or a vast enterprise, Report Pundit adapts to your reporting demands. The custom report designer can be a game-changer for startups that require a basic understanding of their financial landscape, while advanced features like onboarding consultation and report setup assistance benefit larger businesses needing complexity in data analytics. Providing businesses an edge, these functionalities are invaluable for maintaining a competitive advantage. Hypothetical scenarios, such as identifying patterns in sales performance or reconciling payouts and transactions efficiently, demonstrate how Report Pundit's flexibility in reporting significantly enhances financial oversight.

How Does Better Reports Work?

Overview: Better Reports offers robust reporting capabilities with a focus on customization and automated delivery. Its intuitive interface and powerful analytics tools are designed to simplify complex data for businesses across the Shopify spectrum. Main Features: - Comprehensive data analysis of sales, inventory, customer data, and more - Custom reports with the ability to define fields, metrics, and formulas - Various chart visuals and automated report scheduling These features address the needs of businesses looking for depth and detail in their financial reports. The complimentary custom report service is particularly significant for businesses without the internal resources to delve into analytics. Small to medium businesses can leverage the automated export feature to stay up-to-date, whereas enterprises can benefit from POS support and Google Sheets integration for consolidated reporting across multiple stores and currencies. Better Reports can transform raw data into strategic insights, culminating in a powerful impact on business outcomes.

How Much Does Report Pundit Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is key in selecting a financial reporting tool. Report Pundit provides options for organizations of every size. The Free Plan is ideal for small operations, offering basic reporting free of cost. As businesses grow, the Basic Shopify plan for $9 a month brings more advanced features like charts and live chat support—an excellent pick for growing stores. Mid-sized businesses may gravitate to the standard Shopify plan at $19 a month, which continues to add value with more nuanced reporting capabilities. The Advanced plan, at $35 a month, is tailored to larger enterprises seeking comprehensive solutions and hands-on assistance. Each pricing tier is devoid of hidden charges, ensuring a transparent investment for users.

How Much Does Better Reports Cost?

Similarly, Better Reports introduces tiered pricing to accommodate businesses as they expand. Starting at $19.90 a month for Basic Shopify plan users, it offers a solid foundation. The Shopify plan, at $39.90 monthly, suits established businesses with deeper reporting needs. For $149.90 a month, the Advanced Shopify plan addresses larger operations requiring extensive, multifaceted reports. The premier Shopify Plus plan, priced at $299.90 a month, provides the most comprehensive services for substantial enterprises with complex reporting demands. Both app brands have structured their offerings for scalability without supplementary fees.

Cost Analysis: Report Pundit vs. Better Reports

When comparing costs, Report Pundit generally comes in at a lower price point. The availability of a free plan caters to businesses with minimal needs without any financial commitment. For mid-tier options, Better Reports tends to offer more advanced services at a higher cost. Both apps offer value for money, but depending on your specific requirements, one may stand out as more cost-efficient.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Report Pundit good?

With a stellar 5-star rating from 1384 reviews, Report Pundit seemingly excels in user satisfaction. Users have likely praised its comprehensive reporting, customization capabilities, and responsive customer support—fundamental aspects that reflect in its perfect rating.

Is Better Reports good?

In the case of Better Reports, its 4.9-star rating across 959 reviews suggests a high level of satisfaction among its users. Such praise could be attributed to its versatility in report creation and exceptional support.

User Preference: Report Pundit or Better Reports?

Report Pundit's higher review count and perfect rating might imply a slight edge in user preference. Potential factors could be its free tier or the-wide range of integrations it offers, delivering substantial value.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Report Pundit Integrations:

Key integrations include Ship Station and various Google services, streamlining the process not only for reporting but for overall store management, leading to an intuitive experience for users.

Better Reports Integrations:

Better Reports shines with integrations such as Stripe and Excel, offering businesses an array of tools for a thorough analysis and ease of access to data across various platforms.


Report Pundit stands out for its flexible pricing and ease of use, particularly appealing to businesses that prioritize cost efficiency and a high level of customization. Better Reports, though slightly more expensive, is recognized for its advanced toolset that allows detailed analysis, suited for businesses with complex reporting needs. Both apps receive high marks from users, reinforcing their solid reputations. Your choice will ultimately depend on business size, financial reporting complexities, and long-term growth plans. Strengths & Weaknesses: Report Pundit: Affordable with high customization capabilities. Better Reports: Advanced functionality with a focus on detailed analytics. Recommendations: Consider Report Pundit for a budget-friendly, bespoke reporting solution, and Better Reports if your business aims for depth in data analytics alongside scalability. Each app brings unique advantages to the table, ensuring that financial reporting on Shopify can meet a variety of professional standards and needs.

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