Shopify Financial reports Apps: A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero vs QuickBooks Bridge

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero Work?
  3. How Does QuickBooks Bridge Work?
  4. How Much Does A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero Cost?
  5. How much does QuickBooks Bridge cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero vs. QuickBooks Bridge
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Accurate financial reporting is the cornerstone of any thriving ecommerce business. It provides the factual framework that informs strategic decisions and paints a clear picture of a company's fiscal health. In the domain of ecommerce, specifically on platforms like Shopify, the necessity for precise and streamlined financial reporting is paramount due to the sheer volume of transactions and financial data generated. Financial reports apps step into this breach, offering seamless integration with accounting software, simplifying the complex task of financial management. Two noteworthy contenders in this arena are A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero and QuickBooks Bridge. Both applications facilitate a wide range of options in financial reporting, integrating efficiently with popular accounting platforms, and significantly enhancing user experience by simplifying what can often be an overwhelming tangle of numbers and spreadsheets.

How Does A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero Work?

A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero stands out as an advanced financial reporting tool designed to automate and improve the accuracy of ecommerce accounting. The app excels in dissecting Shopify payout data and organizing it into summary postings that reconcile flawlessly with QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage, and NetSuite. By categorizing every Shopify transaction—encompassing sales, fees, taxes, gift cards, and refunds—A2X ensures businesses gain deeper insight into their financial health. The efficacy of this app resonates across businesses of various scales. For instance, smaller ventures benefit from the precision in tracking taxes and cost of goods sold, while larger enterprises can streamline their bookkeeping, even when dealing with high volumes or multi-currency transactions. A unique feature tailored for ecommerce retailers is the ability to automate accounting across all sales channels, including point of sale (POS) systems. Imagine a business facing the end of the fiscal quarter. With A2X, the once daunting task of preparing financial statements becomes a reliable and automated process, saving precious hours and reducing the scope for human error.

How Does QuickBooks Bridge Work?

QuickBooks Bridge specializes in transferring sales data to QuickBooks in an automated or manual fashion, offering individual order or summary sync options to Shopify merchants. The feature aiming at individual orders meticulously exports all order, product, and customer details into QuickBooks. Conversely, the summary sync compiles Shopify payouts into daily entries, simplifying the reconciliation process. This versatility is a boon to merchants of varying sizes. New or low-volume businesses can select a cost-friendly, entry-level plan, while larger businesses with more complex needs might opt for a premium package that can handle thousands of orders per month. The "Pay As You Go" plan offers a budget-friendly gateway for new entrepreneurs to get acquainted with financial automation. In practice, a business owner using QuickBooks Bridge could monitor their sales and financial data in QuickBooks Online with minimal input, allowing for a real-time overview of business performance and financial standing.

How Much Does A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero Cost?

The importance of cost efficiency can't be overstated when it comes to financial reporting; after all, the goal is to maximize profits. A2X provides four distinct pricing tiers to accommodate businesses at different stages of growth. - Mini: At $19/month, tailored for smaller stores, covering up to 200 orders. - Basic: At $39/month, suitable for moderate activity, covering up to 500 orders. - Professional: At $69/month, aimed at growing Shopify stores, allowing up to 2000 orders. - Advanced: At $99/month, designed for large-scale operations, encompassing up to 5000 orders with additional scalability for stores exceeding 10,000 orders. Each tier increases in feature complexity and volume capacity, ensuring businesses only pay for what they need. Notably, there are no hidden costs, which provides transparency and aids in financial planning.

How much does QuickBooks Bridge cost?

QuickBooks Bridge, in an effort to democratize access to financial reporting tools, offers a unique "Pay As You Go" plan alongside traditional pricing tiers. - Silver: Priced at $10/month for 100 orders, suited for low volume businesses. - Gold: At $20/month this plan accommodates 800 orders, targeting medium-sized businesses. - Platinum: At $30/month it caters to large businesses with an allowance for 2500 orders. - Pay As You Go: A dynamic free entry point for new QuickBooks Online installs, it's tailor-made for new businesses testing the waters of automated financial reporting. The granular pricing structure allows businesses to select a plan that aligns with their operational volume and budgetary constraints, potentially including additional charges for extra features.

Cost Analysis: A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero vs. QuickBooks Bridge

When weighed against each other, A2X sync and QuickBooks Bridge offer competitive pricing with each app bringing unique advantages to the table at various price points. A2X sync's Mini plan starts higher in price than QuickBooks Bridge's Silver but supports twice the number of orders per month. QuickBooks Bridge does provide an attractive, flexible entry point with its "Pay As You Go" plan, which could be ideal for new businesses. Mid-tier plans show a similar pricing strategy between the two apps. For businesses handling a large volume of orders, A2X sync's Advanced plan is more expensive but manages higher order volumes and includes comprehensive features for multi-currency and multi-country operations.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero good?

With a glowing average rating of 4.9 stars from 233 reviews, A2X sync appears to be highly regarded among its user base. The positive response likely reflects satisfaction with the app's diverse features, from facilitating accurate tax tracking to simplifying COGS and overall bookkeeping processes. Good customer support is a key factor in such positive feedback, and A2X's specialized directory of accounting professionals underscores the app's commitment to user support and satisfaction.

Is QuickBooks Bridge good?

QuickBooks Bridge matches the high standard set by A2X sync, also rated at 4.9 stars but from 178 reviews. This rating suggests users greatly appreciate its automated sync features, ease of reconciliation, and the flexibility of its pricing plans. QuickBooks Bridge's commitment to simplicity and efficiency in financial reporting is likely a significant factor in its favorable user feedback.

User Preference: A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero or QuickBooks Bridge?

While both apps boast similar high ratings, A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero has a larger number of reviews, potentially indicating a wider user base or longer-term user satisfaction. User preference could be swayed by the specific needs of businesses, such as the requirement for multi-currency support found in A2X sync or the entry-level affordability offered by QuickBooks Bridge's "Pay As You Go" plan.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero Integrations:

A2X offers robust integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and NetSuite, facilitating a comprehensive compatibility with leading accounting software. Such integrations promise users an enhanced experience with improved visibility into their financials, an essential for any business seeking to expand and optimize their financial reporting.

QuickBooks Bridge Integrations:

QuickBooks Bridge focuses its compatibility on QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, with added support for MYOB. This narrower scope of integrations nonetheless ensures a powerful and seamless connection with these particular platforms, offering straightforward financial data sync options to businesses entrenched in the QuickBooks ecosystem.


Both A2X sync for QuickBooks & Xero and QuickBooks Bridge excel at providing diverse and customizable options within Shopify's financial reporting sector. Users have spoken highly of both apps, signifying that they perform effectively and cater to specific business needs. In terms of strengths, A2X sync's organized summaries and compatibility with various accounting software make it ideal for businesses looking for a holistic financial reporting tool. QuickBooks Bridge stands out for its simplicity, affordability, and ease of module selection. However, if there’s room for improvement, it would be the expansion of language support and increased clarity about any additional costs. In choosing between the two, smaller to mid-sized businesses or those just beginning to explore automated financial reporting may find QuickBooks Bridge's "Pay As You Go" model and lower-tier plans more accessible. Larger, geographically diverse, or rapidly growing businesses might lean toward A2X sync for its comprehensive features and higher transaction volume capacity. Both apps present a solid step forward for Shopify merchants aiming to streamline their financial reporting processes while requiring differing degrees of customization and sophistication.

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