Shopify Discounts Apps: Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket vs Wholesale ‑ All in one

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket Work?
  3. How Does Wholesale ‑ All in one Work?
  4. How Much Does Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket Cost?
  5. How much does Wholesale ‑ All in one cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket vs. Wholesale ‑ All in one
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With over 820,000 stores, Shopify has become a nexus for cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, including apps that innovate on the traditional concept of discounts. It's no secret that discounts can be a powerful catalyst for sales, with Data-axle revealing that an incredible 93% of shoppers use a discount code throughout the year. Discount apps not only overhaul this tried-and-true concept but also supercharge the marketing initiatives of online retailers. Enter Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket and Wholesale ‑ All in one — two Shopify apps designed to elevate discount strategies to new heights through customization, integration, and user engagement. Each app promises to enhance the retail experience in its unique way, catering to different needs within the landscape of promotions and pricing models.

How Does Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket Work?

Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket is not your traditional discount app. By injecting an element of gamification into the shopping experience, it aims to convert visitors into customers with an interactive pop-up spin wheel. Through user engagement and psychological incentives, Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket endeavors to boost sales by offering personalized discounts, while simultaneously growing e-mail and SMS subscription lists. Features such as customizable designs, automatic discount generation, and advanced exit-intent triggers provide businesses of all sizes with a toolkit for reducing cart abandonment and supercharging sales on slow days. For example, a startup can leverage the free plan to entice their first-time visitors, while a large enterprise might employ the premium or enterprise tiers to augment their expansive marketing campaigns with unique integrations and analytics.

How Does Wholesale ‑ All in one Work?

On the other side, Wholesale ‑ All in one targets a more niche but no less critical aspect of e-commerce: B2B and volume sales. Beyond just the basic tiered pricing and wholesale discounts, the app offers solutions for a wholesale signup process and cart level discounts, providing a full suite of tools for managing bulk and specialty pricing policies. Volume discounts and minimum order limits are especially beneficial for businesses looking to incentivize larger purchases. Add robust features like order limit management and shipping management into the mix and you have an app that caters effectively to the needs of high-volume retailers and wholesalers. Small to medium-sized businesses will find the basic plan's features sufficient for their operations, while expansive organizations will benefit from the system-wide pricing rules and customization options available in higher-tier plans.

How Much Does Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket Cost?

A critical aspect of selecting an app is the return on investment it offers. Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket presents a tiered pricing approach starting with a free plan, which covers the essentials for startups. The premium and enterprise tiers, which cost $29.90 and $59.90 per month respectively, pack more advanced features designed for established businesses. Notably, these higher tiers provide the much-touted embed on landing page feature and an increased volume of monthly pop-ups. There are no additional costs, but keep in mind the monthly pop-up limitations when choosing your plan.

How much does Wholesale ‑ All in one cost?

While Wholesale ‑ All in one does not feature a free tier, its basic plan commences at $24/month, with increases in functionality justifying higher price points, going up to $39/month for the Business plan. Each tier compounds the features of the preceding ones, with additional functionalities like minimum order limits and multiple signup forms playing a crucial role in smoothing out the wholesale process. As with Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket, users should be conscious of the specific features offered in each plan to find the right fit for their business.

Cost Analysis: Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket vs. Wholesale ‑ All in one

The spectrum of pricing offers contrasting value propositions. Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket provides an engaging customer experience at a potentially no-cost entry point. In contrast, Wholesale ‑ All in one tailors its pricing models for businesses looking to establish or expand their wholesale channels. Where Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket may have a cost advantage with its free plan, Wholesale ‑ All in one focuses on adding rich functionality that justifies its entry-level cost.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket good?

The 4.9-star rating from 236 reviews suggests a robust approval from its users, likely attributed to its playful engagement mechanics and customizable options. Given the importance of responsive, helpful customer support in maintaining high user satisfaction, it's reasonable to posit that CrazyRocket's offering might include competent assistance based on the app’s rating and reviews, although specific customer support feedback is not directly available in the provided data.

Is Wholesale ‑ All in one good?

Similarly, Wholesale ‑ All in one garners a strong 4.7-star rating from 146 reviews. Users likely appreciate the comprehensive wholesale and volume pricing features, though the absence of a free tier might influence overall sentiment. As customer support often plays a pivotal role in the user experience, the positive rating could reflect well-handled support inquiries for Wholesale ‑ All in one as well.

User Preference: Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket or Wholesale ‑ All in one?

With a higher average rating and more reviews, Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket seems to hold a slight edge in user preference. Customer favor could stem from its engaging user interface and the allure of the free tier. In comparison, the slightly lower rating for Wholesale ‑ All in one might signal specific user requirements for specialized wholesaling features.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket Integrations:

Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket integrates with several key marketing platforms, including Mailchimp and Klaviyo, facilitating seamless data synchronization and targeted campaigns. Effortless connections with ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and Omnisend indicate a strong integration capability that can add significant value by unifying various marketing efforts.

Wholesale ‑ All in one Integrations:

Though specific integrations for Wholesale ‑ All in one weren't provided, its targeted role in volume pricing and management suggests a more specialized application within a store’s ecosystem. The absence of explicit integrations could indicate a focus on its standalone operational capabilities, less reliant on synergy with other platforms.


Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket and Wholesale ‑ All in one cater to distinct but equally important facets of discounts and pricing in the e-commerce arena. User reviews reflect confidence in the innovative gamification approach of Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket and the comprehensive wholesale strategies enabled by Wholesale ‑ All in one. Strengths & Weaknesses: Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket shines in gamified engagement and versatility, with room to enhance language support considering its single-language offering. Wholesale ‑ All in one holds its fort in volume-centric features, though it may be perceived as less accessible due to the lack of a free plan. Recommendations: For stores seeking to magnetize visitors through interactive discount offers, Spin Wheel • CrazyRocket is a compelling choice. Wholesale ‑ All in one, meanwhile, is tailored for those needing sophisticated wholesale pricing structures. Ultimately, both apps demonstrate ample potential to magnify e-commerce success, with each tailored to different strategic objectives.

Still searching for the right fit?

Discovering the right app to amplify your sales and create an enticing shopping experience for your customers can be challenging. Amidst an ocean of options, you want an app that not only offers discounts but also motivates your buyers to spend more with every visit.

Introducing SC Sales Motivator

SC Sales Motivator, formerly known as Bold and now developed by Shop Circle, is an innovative Shopify application designed to maximize your order value through interactive, on-brand, geo-targeted sales motivator bars. Launched on April 25, 2013, SC Sales Motivator has evolved into a powerful tool in the fields of Banners and Discounts, with a strong track record supported by 517 reviews and a robust rating of 4.7.

Key Features

  • Interactive Promotional Campaigns: Engage customers with branded campaigns that encourage them to increase their purchase amounts through real-time progress updates towards their next reward.
  • Geolocation Targeting: Customize your promotions with precision, offering specific deals to customers based on their geographical location.
  • Automatic Rewards Calculation: Let your buyers know in real time how close they are to unlocking a promotion, free gift, or free shipping when they add items to their cart.
  • Streamlined Customization: Point-and-click interface that requires absolutely no coding – setting up your promotion banner is quick, easy, and risk-free.

Why We Recommend SC Sales Motivator

We understand the importance of increasing the average order value and incentivizing additional purchases to grow your revenue. The SC Sales Motivator excels by presenting real-time, dynamic feedback to your customers, creating a sense of urgency and driving up sales figures. Its geolocation feature enables you to tailor your approach for different markets, ensuring relevant and effective promotions, no matter where your customers are shopping from.

Pricing Structure

Starting at just $9.99/month and with a 14-day free trial, SC Sales Motivator offers plans tailored to fit a range of budgets and business sizes. You can select the pricing model that aligns with your goals without upfront commitment, giving you the flexibility to assess the app's value to your store.

Merchant Feedback

Among the merchant community, SC Sales Motivator is highly recommended for its contribution to increasing sales and average order value. Its user-friendly interface, seamless integration with other apps, and comprehensive customization options receive particular praise. The ability to set multiple tiers for discounts and goals based on geographical locations is seen as instrumental in enhancing sales performance, with many merchants reporting a noticeable uptick in sales post-installation. Additionally, the responsive and supportive customer service team is consistently appreciated.


As you steer your Shopify store towards success, an app like SC Sales Motivator can make a significant difference by encouraging buyers to hit those higher purchase thresholds. With a slew of features designed to nudge consumers in the right direction and a pricing strategy that accommodates your growth, this app is an investment worth considering.

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