Shopify Discounts Apps: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Work?
  3. How Does Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers Work?
  4. How Much Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Cost?
  5. How Much Does Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With nearly 64% of consumers admitting that discounts have influenced them to make a purchase they weren't originally planning, the role of discount apps in shaping shopping experiences cannot be overstated. Within the digital marketplace, businesses strive to provide incentives that captivate customers and encourage additional purchases. Apps like Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App and Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers play a pivotal role in achieving these customer engagement goals. These apps offer a wide array of discounting options and integrate seamlessly with Shopify, simplifying the process of enhancing customer experiences and increasing sales.

How Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Work?

Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App serves as a multi-faceted toolkit designed to bolster sales through a variety of discounting strategies. Businesses have access to volume discounts, cross-sell capabilities, and mix and match deals to appeal to diverse customer bases. For instance, the 'Buy X Get Y Free' feature can entice customers to increase their purchasing volume, while free gifts add a perceived value, encouraging further engagement. For businesses of all sizes, these features enable a customizable shopping experience potentially leading to a higher average order value (AOV). A startup might use scheduled discounts to create buzz, while a larger enterprise could leverage 'Discounts by countries' to target international markets. Ultimately, Amai Upsell+'s features empower businesses to create compelling offers that align with their sales strategies.

How Does Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers Work?

Contrastingly, Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers focus on intelligent promotion of products at opportune moments. Leveraging an automated installation, the app promises a hassle-free setup that avoids complications with theme code. Its Smart Auto-Upsells capitalize on Shopify's AI capability to suggest the most effective product combinations. This means even the smallest of businesses can implement sophisticated selling strategies without the need for data scientists. With features like the 'Exclusive Click-Show' to highlight products when most likely to convert, and the ability to upsell less popular items or launch new ones, businesses can refine their sales tactics to increase both AOV and inventory turnover.

How Much Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Cost?

Cost-effectiveness forms a critical component of any app evaluation. Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App offers four pricing tiers, each priced incrementally from $19.99 to $49.99 per month. Each tier is rich with features such as volume discounts and in-cart upsells, without any clear cut limitations delineated between the different levels. From startups to large enterprises, the app's pricing tiers cater to varying business needs with no additional fees, making it accessible while also scalable.

How Much Does Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers Cost?

Similarly, Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers provides four pricing plans ranging from $19.49 to $58.49 per month, each offering unlimited offer views and upsell & cross-sell capabilities. The price difference primarily reflects the level of customization and design control available. Notably, the pricing is said to be based on your Shopify plan, suggesting scalability and a degree of custom-tailored pricing. This could align well with businesses as they grow and expand their requirements.

Cost Analysis: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers

When comparing both apps, it's important to consider the nuanced differences in features and pricing structures. While both apps offer scalability, Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App maintains a consistent feature set across tiers, with price increments presumably reflecting support levels, whereas Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers provides increased customization with each tier. Subscription cost is a crucial factor, but it must be weighed against the specific needs and budget limitations of each business.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Good?

With an impressive 4.5-star rating from 565 reviews, it can be inferred that users find significant value in Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App's features and utility in the realm of discounts. The consistent praise likely points to satisfaction with its ease of use and comprehensive feature set. Their 24/7 live chat support mentioned in the description could contribute to users feeling well-assisted, which may reflect in the positive ratings.

Is Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers Good?

Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers boasts a 4.7-star rating from 254 reviews, suggesting a high level of user satisfaction, particularly with its smart upsell features and customizable design options. Users may especially value the app's AI-powered recommendation engine and the additional support from integrations, which enhance the app’s efficiency and the overall user experience.

User Preference: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App or Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers?

The larger number of reviews for Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App may indicate a wider user base or a longer presence in the market. However, the slightly higher rating of Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers suggests that its users may appreciate its features marginally more. Factors such as the app's ease of installation, the ability to push low-selling stock, and the autopilot feature could potentially influence user preference.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Integrations:

Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App emphasizes seamless integration with Shopify stores, thus reducing the need for costly development work. Without explicit mentions of specific integrations, the focus remains on the app's capacity to work harmoniously within the Shopify ecosystem.

Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers Integrations:

Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers lists integrations with various apps, including Revy Sales Countdown Timer and Best Currency Converter, suggesting additional layers of functionality. These integrations likely enhance user experience by providing tools for time-sensitive offers and international pricing conversions, thus broadening the app's applicability.


In conclusion, Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App and Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers each present comprehensive solutions to Discounts with robust features tailored to enhance Shopify stores. Amai stands out for its consistency across pricing plans, while Unlimited impresses with smart AI integration and a customizable design. Their respective strengths lie in their wide-ranging discount capabilities, while any potential weaknesses are best understood in the context of specific business needs and preferences. Ultimately, the choice between Amai and Unlimited may come down to whether a business prioritizes a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing structure or desires a more AI-driven, customizable approach to sales enhancement. In either case, both apps offer stellar resources to empower businesses in boosting their sales through strategic discounting.

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