Shopify Discounts Apps: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Work?
  3. How Does EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB Work?
  4. How Much Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Cost?
  5. How much does EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs. EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


A staggering 93% of consumers consider discounts and offers to be important factors when choosing where to shop. This highlights the crucial role that discount apps play in enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales outcomes. In this light, let's explore two Shopify app giants: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App and EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB. Both platforms offer a plethora of discounts options, boast seamless integration, and promise to make a significant impact on a store's sales performance.

How Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Work?

The Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App is a power-packed solution designed to supercharge sales through a range of discounting tactics. It enables businesses to offer tiered pricing, product bundles, and upsell opportunities directly in the shopping cart. Intended to cater to businesses of varying sizes, this app brings unique functionalities such as scheduled discounts and cross-selling opportunities, personalizing the buying experience to incentivize customers to purchase more. Let's imagine you run a burgeoning online clothing store. Incorporating Amai Upsell+ could potentially skyrocket your average order value by offering a 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' deal on accessories when a customer purchases a dress.

How Does EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB Work?

Conversely, EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB focuses on encouraging cart value goals by alerting customers to the free shipping threshold. With its sticky bar feature, it remains front and center as shoppers add items to their basket, subtly pushing them towards a higher purchase value. Moreover, the promotion bar can double as a marketing tool for announcing store-wide sales or showcasing social proof, a critical factor influencing purchase decisions.

How Much Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Cost?

In the discounts domain, it's not just about the cut-rate; it's about getting value for money. Amai Upsell+ comes with four pricing tiers, each addressing different business needs. At $19.99/month for Shopify Basic, small startups can benefit from features like volume discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers. Scaling up, the Advanced plan at $39.99/month could well suit a medium-sized enterprise looking to leverage advanced discounting tactics. It's worth noting that no additional fees have been highlighted, ensuring transparency in pricing.

How much does EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB cost?

EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB takes a different approach by not specifying any pricing tiers. This could imply a one-size-fits-all model or a free-to-use application, which can be especially attractive for startups or small businesses striving to enhance the shopping experience without significant investment.

Cost Analysis: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs. EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB

Examining both apps, Amai Upsell+ offers a tiered pricing model, which allows for flexibility and growth. EVM's Free Shipping Bar, while potentially free, serves a more specific purpose. Depending on the scale of operation and the desired discounting strategy, the former could provide comprehensive functionality, while the latter offers a focused, possibly cost-free solution.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App good?

With a robust 4.5-star rating from 565 reviews, Amai Upsell+ has clearly earned its strong reputation. Users have likely lauded its wide range of discount options and the ability to customize sales tactics to fit their brand's needs. Mention of 24/7 live chat support hints at a dedicated customer support team ready to assist users, a factor that can significantly bolster user satisfaction.

Is EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB good?

Similarly rated at 4.5 stars, but with 101 reviews, EVM Free Shipping Bar seems to stand tall in its niche. The ease of setting up and customizing the bar could be key factors in its favor. Users might appreciate the app as an entry point to encourage increased customer spending without overwhelming them with complex discount schemes.

User Preference: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App or EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB?

Considering the user ratings and number of reviews, Amai Upsell+ seems to have the edge in popularity, perhaps due to its broader functionality. However, EVM's targeted approach with its Free Shipping Bar should not be discounted, as its simplicity and potential cost-effectiveness can be particularly attractive to certain retailers.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Integrations:

While the data does not include specific integrations for Amai Upsell+, its seamless store integration claim suggests a hassle-free setup that could complement a variety of tools and software already in use within a e-commerce platform.

EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB Integrations:

Similarly, EVM Free Shipping Bar ‑ FSB's integration information is not provided. However, as a free shipping notifier, it is likely designed to integrate smoothly with the broader Shopify experience without requiring extensive setup or compatibility considerations.


Comparing Amai Upsell+ and EVM Free Shipping Bar, both excel in different spectrums of discount offerings. Amai provides a flexible suite of sales-boosting features, while EVM specializes in goal-driven cart value increases. User reviews suggest high satisfaction for both apps, and their seamless integration with Shopify demonstrates the potential for enhancing the sales process. For those seeking varied discount options and the potential for intricate sales strategies, Amai Upsell+ may be the superior choice. In contrast, for simplicity and direct incentive to increase cart values, EVM Free Shipping Bar could be the better solution. Both apps show promise, but the best choice will ultimately align with specific business needs and discount service goals.

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