Shopify Discounts Apps: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Work?
  3. How Does Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart Work?
  4. How Much Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Cost?
  5. How much does Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs. Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


An astonishing 60% of consumers say that receiving a discount or coupon has influenced their purchase decision. In the competitive landscape of online retail, offering discounts isn't just a tactic—it's a necessary strategy to attract and retain customers. Enter the world of Shopify discounts apps, where every percentage off can potentially lead to significant increases in customer loyalty and sales volumes. Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App and Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart carve out distinct advantages in this domain, each bringing its own suite of tools to elevate the shopping experience. Both are engineered to integrate smoothly with Shopify's platform, but how exactly do they impact a store's success?

How Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Work?

Amai Upsell+, by Amai, perks up your sales strategy with creative discounting and upselling features. For instance, volume discounts incentivize larger purchases, while mix and match discounts give customers the freedom to combine products and save. These features are invaluable for businesses aiming to increase average order value (AOV) and solidify customer retention. The app's versatility extends to all business sizes, with larger enterprises potentially benefiting from scheduled discounts to time their sales strategies effectively. Imagine a flash sale where Amai Upsell+ triggers a site-wide discount smoothly; such a scenario exemplifies how the app can bolster sales events.

How Does Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart Work?

Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart, developed by Syncube, tackles cart abandonment issues head-on by integrating discount applications directly within the cart interface. This app streamlines the shopping process by enabling customers to apply discounts effortlessly before checkout. It's particularly advantageous for businesses looking to enhance the checkout process and reduce the number of steps a customer must take to apply a discount. The convenience provided by this app is likely to support smaller businesses where every sale is critical and conversion rate improvements are highly sought after.

How Much Does Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Cost?

Businesses often search for cost-effective solutions in Discounts to improve profitability. Amai Upsell+ offers four plans: 1. Shopify Basic at $19.99/month includes a robust range of discounting tools without overwhelming smaller businesses. 2. Shopify Standard at $29.99/month, which could be suitable for growing businesses looking to implement a tactical discount strategy without substantial investment. 3. Shopify Advance at $39.99/month, aligns with maturing businesses ready to refine their sales tactics. 4. Shopify Plus at $49.99/month, this is poised for sizable operations that require extensive discounting controls. Each plan offers the same features but with different levels of support and customization, ensuring businesses of varying scales find a fit. No hidden costs are mentioned, suggesting transparency in pricing.

How much does Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart cost?

In contrast to Amai Upsell+, Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart keeps pricing straightforward with a single PRO plan at $5.99/month, affording all of its features in an all-inclusive package. This pricing strategy makes it exceptionally accessible for startups and small businesses looking to optimize their carts without significant cost barriers. This straightforward approach eradicates confusion and offers consistency for users at all stages.

Cost Analysis: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App vs. Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart

Price comparison reveals Amai Upsell+ is the costlier option but offers tiered solutions. There's value in versatility, as different businesses require varying levels of discounting complexity. Dcart, however, encapsulates its entire offering in one economical plan, which may resonate with businesses prioritizing budget over breadth of functionality. Both apps do not disclose trial periods or promotional discounts publicly, hence users may need to inquire directly to uncover such offerings.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App good?

Judging by the impressive 4.5-star rating amassed from 565 reviews, users commend Amai Upsell+. This suggests a well-balanced application that meets diverse needs. The app's description hints at a reliable 24/7 customer support, which likely contributes positively to user satisfaction.

Is Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart good?

Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart stands slightly higher, with a 4.8-star rating from 137 reviews. Although the sample size is smaller compared to Amai Upsell+, the ratings infer high user satisfaction. The focus on easy installation and multilingual support could be reasons behind its favorable reception.

User Preference: Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App or Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart?

While Amai Upsell+ boasts more reviews, indicating wider usage, Dcart's higher rating may suggest a preference for its single, streamlined approach. User choice often hinges on interface simplicity and effectiveness in delivering expected outcomes—factors which seem to be fortifying Dcart's standing.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Amai Upsell+ | Sales Boost App Integrations:

Regrettably, the integration data for Amai Upsell+ is labeled "null," indicating a possible absence of information or a lack of integration options. This could limit its appeal to businesses seeking apps that synergize with their existing software suite.

Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart Integrations:

Dcart lists integrations with Infinite Options, shortly, and checkify, suggesting a moderate level of synergy with other tools. Although limited, these integrations may enhance the app's usability for certain stores.


Amai Upsell+ and Dcart ‑ Discount in Cart each cater to distinct market needs within Shopify's ecosystem. The former's tiered pricing suggests a tailored approach to scalability, while the latter excels in simplicity and focused functionality. Reviews lean in favor of Dcart, yet Amai Upsell+'s broad usage suggests a solid track record. In integration, Dcart shows a modest advantage in compatibility. Strengths & Weaknesses: Amai Upsell+ stands out with its array of discounting tools suitable for varying business sizes, with the potential area of improvement in providing explicit integration information. Dcart's strength lies in its singular, effective discount application in the cart, with a suggestion to broaden its integration capabilities. Recommendations: For businesses seeking an exhaustive suite of discount tools with tiered pricing for scalability, Amai Upsell+ appears to be a fitting choice. If your priorities lean towards a budget-friendly, straightforward solution to efficiently manage cart discounts, Dcart would likely be the better fit. The final verdict would depend on the specific needs and strategies of your online store.

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