Shopify Digital Downloads: Kable Digital Products vs Digital Products Pro

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Kable Digital Products Work?
  3. How Does Digital Products Pro Work?
  4. How much does Kable Digital Products cost?
  5. How much does Digital Products Pro cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Kable Digital Products vs. Digital Products Pro
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


The digital era has witnessed businesses selling an array of products - everything from music tracks, recipes, DIY tutorials, online courses to software, which have emerged as some of the most profitable commodities. Applications like Kable Digital Products and Digital Products Pro make the process of selling such digital goods effortless, taking e-commerce to a whole new level by boosting delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How Does Kable Digital Products Work?

Developed by Kable Commerce, Kable Digital Products provides a platform for Shopify owners to sell multiple digital products securely and conveniently. It offers attractive features like mobile-optimized custom emails/SMS, file protection with license keys, download and duration limits, and streaming. Businesses can effortlessly sell products ranging from ebooks, app subscriptions, podcasts, photography, fitness classes, and much more. The unique capability of providing personalized digital file downloads for each order sets it apart.

How Does Digital Products Pro Work?

Developed by Alexander Lunge, Digital Products Pro also facilitates easy digital selling. It offers features like attaching files to products and providing download links via email and checkout. Automatic mark products with an attached file as fulfilled and limit the number of downloads, which further enhances its functionality.

How much does Kable Digital Products cost?

One noticeable aspect of the Kable Digital Products pricing structure is its budget-friendly nature. The app offers a Premium Plan at $24 a month and includes features like streaming, and supporting files larger than 5GB. For beginners, the app offers a Starter Plan that is free to install with functions like unlimited products and files included.

How much does Digital Products Pro cost?

In contrast, Digital Products Pro operates on a tiered pricing structure. Their Basic Plan is priced at $9.99/month, the Standard Plan at $19.99/month, and the Pro Plan comes at $29.99/month. The difference in pricing is mirrored in the features offered, including having up to 30GB storage and unlimited product variants for the Pro Plan.

Cost Analysis: Kable Digital Products vs. Digital Products Pro

Comparatively, each app offers value for money at various price points depending on the scale of business operations. For startups, Kable Digital Products' Free Starter Plan seems more beneficial, while Digital Products Pro’s pricing tiers might be better suited for more established businesses.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Kable Digital Products good?

Customer feedback reflects favorably on Kable Digital Products with a rating of 5 stars from 16 reviews. This suggests that users appreciate the app's features, seamless integrations with Zapier and SendGrid Email, and support for multiple languages.

Is Digital Products Pro Good?

Digital Products Pro has also earned a perfect score of 5 stars, albeit from a smaller pool of 4 reviews, highlighting its quality features and functionalities.

User Preference: Kable Digital Products or Digital Products Pro?

While both apps hold 5-star ratings, Kable Digital Products has more reviews, which may suggest that it's more preferred by users.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Kable Digital Products Integrations:

Kable Digital Products is noteworthy for its integration with Zapier and SendGrid Email, which helps businesses automate workflows and manage email marketing, respectively, making it a holistic solution for digital sales.

Digital Products Pro Integrations:

Surprisingly, Digital Products Pro does not mention any integrations, which may limit its functionality when compared to Kable Digital Products.

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