Shopify Color Swatches Apps: SC Product Options fka Bold vs GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does SC Product Options fka Bold Work?
  3. How Does GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image Work?
  4. How Much Does SC Product Options fka Bold Cost?
  5. How much does GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: SC Product Options fka Bold vs. GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Fine details like color swatches not only impact the aesthetics of an online store but can also significantly enhance the customer shopping experience. In the tapestry of e-commerce, these vibrant threads are essential in conveying product variety and quality. Color swatches apps play a crucial role—they provide customers with a realistic view of available product variations, thereby reducing uncertainty and increasing purchase confidence. SC Product Options, formerly known as Bold, and GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image, have emerged as two formidable tools in this domain. Both apps boast powerful functionalities for showcasing product options through color swatches, but they differ in their approach and additional features. As we delve into the specifics of these apps, we'll uncover how they can elevate the shopping experience and potentially boost sales for Shopify stores.

How Does SC Product Options fka Bold Work?

SC Product Options redefines product customization by empowering store owners to offer an exhaustive array of options. The app excels by allowing virtually unlimited custom fields, from color swatches to file uploads. This plethora of choices caters to businesses of all sizes, enabling startups to present professional and personalized products, while allowing larger enterprises to intricately cater to diverse customer preferences. At its core, features like conditional logic—which displays or hides options based on previous selections—are a game-changer for customer interaction. Imagine a business selling custom-made gadgets. Through SC Product Options, a customer's choice of an initial feature, like a gadget's color, can prompt complementary options, such as matching accessories. This not only simplifies the customization process but also creates opportunities for up-sells, significantly impacting the store's average order value and customer satisfaction.

How Does GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image Work?

On the other side, GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image supports product presentation via visually appealing and highly responsive color and image swatches. This app stands out with automated swatch features, allowing seamless integration of variant images that can be sorted into the desired sequence. It shines in simplicity and efficiency, perfect for businesses seeking an uncomplicated, yet effective approach to display options. A noticeable draw of GLO Color Swatch is the direct visual feedback presented on the collection page—a feature that not only enhances customer experience but also streamlines the shopping journey. Small retailers to high-volume businesses alike can employ this tool to vividly illustrate product variations, drawing customers closer to their perfect purchase with each click.

How Much Does SC Product Options fka Bold Cost?

When it comes to costs, SC Product Options offers a tiered pricing structure that caters to various budgets and needs. The Basic plan at $14.99/month provides a comprehensive set of features suitable for newcomers and small businesses looking to offer customizable options without overwhelming expenses. The Premium plan, for $39.99/month, introduces advanced capabilities like charge for extras and edit options on the cart page, aiming at growing businesses focused on expanding their customizability and increasing revenue. Lastly, the Developer plan, which is free, allows experimentation and setup on a development store—a great touch for ensuring everything is flawless before going live.

How much does GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image cost?

GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image competitively enters the pricing arena with its own appealing structure. Starting with a free plan for up to 100 products, it's a cost-effective option for startups. Scaling up, the SILVER plan at $9.90/month supports up to 2000 products, including features like variant image display on the collection page. The GOLD plan, at $19.90/month, removes product limits and adds multi-language support. These tiers are designed to grow with your business, adapting to your expansion and diverse customer base.

Cost Analysis: SC Product Options fka Bold vs. GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image

In the cost-benefit analysis, each app serves a distinctive market proposition. GLO Color Swatch offers a more competitive entry point with its free tier, while SC Product Options' higher-priced tiers include specialized features that cater to a broader range of customization needs. Each app's value is inherently linked to your business's size, customer demographics, and the complexity of product offerings.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is SC Product Options fka Bold good?

Boasting a robust 4.7-star rating from 2463 reviews, SC Product Options appears to satisfy a large cohort of users. This high praise likely stems from the app's extensive customization options, which users might find invaluable. The 24/7 live chat support mentioned suggests an emphasis on responsive customer service, possibly contributing to its positive reputation.

Is GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image good?

GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image holds a near-perfect 4.9-star average from 700 reviews, indicating overall customer satisfaction. The app's user-friendly design and automated features may resonate well with store owners, translating to its higher rating, despite fewer reviews. The lack of integration mentions implies either a straightforward standalone service or potential areas for expanded compatibility in the future.

User Preference: SC Product Options fka Bold or GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image?

While SC Product Options has a more substantial number of reviews, indicating wider use, GLO Color Swatch's impressive rating suggests excellent user satisfaction. The preference seems split: SC Product Options may be favored for its depth and variety of options, while GLO Color Swatch might be preferred for its ease of use and strong visual impact in swatches.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

SC Product Options fka Bold Integrations:

SC Product Options boasts integrations with established platforms like Pagefly and Spently, enhancing the app's utility in a connected ecosystem. Users benefit from the combined power of these tools, expanding their store's functionality and providing a cohesive operation that streamlines workflow.

GLO Color Swatch,Variant Image Integrations:

Though GLO Color Swatch does not list specific integrations, its standalone nature provides a convenient and focused solution. The app's capacity to address color swatch needs without integration might appeal to businesses seeking a dedicated, uncomplicated tool.


Navigating the vibrant world of color swatches, SC Product Options and GLO Color Swatch take different paths towards the same goal: enhancing the online shopping experience. User reviews hint at a high degree of satisfaction for both, with SC Product Options emphasizing depth and customization, while GLO Color Swatch shines with simple elegance and visual clarity. Strengths & Weaknesses: SC Product Options is robust and scalable with a diversity of features, but its complexity and cost may give pause to smaller operations. GLO Color Swatch offers straightforward, visually-driven solutions at a more accessible price point, though it may lack some advanced customizations. Recommendations: For businesses seeking comprehensive customization options and willing to invest in an advanced feature set, SC Product Options is a commendable choice. Alternatively, GLO Color Swatch is ideal for those prioritizing ease, visual appeal, and cost-effectiveness. Ultimately, the choice depends on your business needs, scale, and the intricate dance between cost, complexity, and customer satisfaction one is willing to manage.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

If you've been exploring the Color Swatches category on Shopify, you're likely seeking to enhance the visual appeal and customization capabilities of your online store. While you may have come across various apps that offer some pieces of the puzzle, it can be challenging to find one that ticks all the boxes. Enter SC Product Options by Shop Circle—your comprehensive solution for product options and customization, designed to fit seamlessly within your Shopify ecosystem.

Why SC Product Options Stands Out

This robust app does more than just offer a vast array of color swatches. SC Product Options enables you to redefine product customization:

  • Limitless Customization: Want to provide your customers with endless possibilities? With SC Product Options, there are no constraints. Whether you're looking for advanced text boxes, file uploads, or other custom fields, your customers can tailor products to their exact preferences.

  • Advanced Features: Upselling becomes a breeze with the app's capability to offer custom products. Plus, with advanced conditional logic, you can show or hide options based on customer selections, creating a smooth shopping experience.

  • Visualize with Color Swatches: Have a rainbow of product variations? Help customers see their choices clearly with high-quality color swatches and variant images that enrich the shopping experience.

Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

SC Product Options offers clear, structured pricing plans to accommodate your business growth:

  • Basic Plan: At $14.99/month, this plan covers unlimited options, 24/7 chat support, and a variety of custom fields.

  • Premium Plan: Level up at $39.99/month to add chargeable extras, conditional logic, and the ability to edit options right on the cart page.

  • Developer Plan: Free to install on a development store with free configuration and support. Ideal for setting things up before you commit.

Real Results from Real Merchants

Our app has been well-received by merchants who testify to its powerful product management and customization capabilities, resulting in an impressive 4.7 rating. These successful shop owners highlight the user-friendly interface and report increased sales thanks to the enhanced eCommerce capabilities of SC Product Options.

Let SC Product Options Revolutionize Your Store

In your quest for the perfect color swatches app, consider SC Product Options as a holistic tool that offers much more. It's not just about selling products; it's about crafting an unforgettable shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Ready to take your store to the next level? Discover the power of customization and how SC Product Options can fit perfectly into your eCommerce jigsaw puzzle.

Find out more about SC Product Options and how it can transform your store today!