Shopify Back-in-Stock Alert Apps: Wishlist Engine vs ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Wishlist Engine Work?
  3. How Does ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts Work?
  4. How Much Does Wishlist Engine Cost?
  5. How much does ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Wishlist Engine vs. ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Conclusion


Keeping customers informed about product availability is a crucial aspect of e-commerce. It not only improves customer engagement but also minimizes missed sales opportunities. Today, we are exploring two impressive Shopify apps, Wishlist Engine and ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts, both dedicated to providing effective solutions for back-in-stock notifications.

How Does Wishlist Engine Work?

Developed by Script Engine, Wishlist Engine is making strides in customer engagement through its unique approach to back-in-stock notifications. It offers options for wishlisting products, auto emails, price drop alerts, and re-stock alerts, amongst others. By allowing customers to save their favorite items, it curbs the hassle of searching for the same products each time, leading to preferable user experience whether for startups, mid-sized, or large enterprises. The app's features bring a significant improvement in sales and customer loyalty by letting merchants follow up on most saved products and convert them into sales.

How Does ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts Work?

If reaching out to customers wherever they are is your priority, ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts is worth considering. The app drives customers back to your store by sending timely notifications about back-in-stock, new collection drops, and promotional alerts via WhatsApp, SMS, and Messenger. With a simple, custom widget, you can drive sales from these notifications and watch your revenue grow automatically in the ShopPop dashboard.

How Much Does Wishlist Engine Cost?

Budget allocations for effective stock alert management play a significant role in maximizing return on investment. Wishlist Engine offers a Free Plan with limitations up to 100 Wishlist items. The Basic Plan comes at $4.49/month, with added benefits like unlimited Wishlist items, branding options, and customizations. The premium choice, Advanced Plan, is priced at $9.49 /month and offers a complete package with features like restock alerts, trending widget, and third-party integration with Klaviyo.

How much does ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts cost?

ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts is free to install with a 14-day free trial. The comprehensive plan is priced at $89/month and allows complete access to the app's features with no limitations.

Cost Analysis: Wishlist Engine vs. ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts

While Wishlist Engine provides a three-tiered budget-friendly pricing structure with diverse features, ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts comes with a more straightforward but bit expensive plan packed with immense value.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Wishlist Engine good?

Boasting an overall 4.9 stars rating from 189 reviews, it suggests that Wishlist Engine is above par. The app's high rating likely comes from its variety of robust features and easy-to-use interface.

Is ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts good?

Although with fewer reviews, ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts makes a perfect score with its 5-star rating from 14 reviews, indicating a high level of satisfaction among its users, particularly for its multi-channel notification system.

User Preference: Wishlist Engine or ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts?

Both apps garner impressive ratings though Wishlist Engine shows a higher user engagement with more reviews, suggesting it may be the preferred choice among the Shopify community at large.

Wishlist Engine Integrations:

Wishlist Engine's main integration is with Klaviyo, a premium email marketing platform that can enhance the effectiveness of Wishlist Engine's restock alerts and email features.

ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts Integrations:

ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts' key integrations include Zapier, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, providing businesses with wide-reaching notification capabilities.


Wishlist Engine excels in generating sales through wishlist features while ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts leverages popular messaging platforms to keep shoppers informed about product availability. Both offer unique strengths and present a few areas of improvement. In conclusion, your choice between Wishlist Engine and ShopPop: WhatsApp & SMS alerts would depend significantly on your business needs and the desired level of engagement with your customers. An in-depth review of the features and user feedback for both apps could equip you with the trends and insights you need to make an informed decision.

Still Searching For The Right Fit?

If you're running a Shopify store and struggling with keeping your customers informed about product restocks, look no further! We've found two exceptional apps that will revolutionize how you manage back-in-stock alerts, ensuring your customers never miss out on their favorite products.

Shopify Restock & Back in Stock App by HulkApps

This app is a game-changer for Shopify store owners. It offers automatic restock notifications, ensuring your customers are promptly informed when their desired products are available again. With features like email automation, data-driven inventory management, and the ability to automatically notify interested customers, this app is designed to bring back lost customers and boost the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of existing ones. It's an effective marketing tactic to drive both online and in-store sales. Learn more about this app.

SC Back in Stock Restock Alerts by ShopCircle

This app provides an efficient and intuitive solution for restock alerts. It features automated notifications, batch alerts, and personalized retargeting campaigns. By keeping your customers updated with restock alerts, you enhance their loyalty to your brand and increase the chances of sales. The app's integration capabilities allow for a streamlined experience, and its user-friendly interface makes it a must-have for any growing Shopify store.Discover more about this app.

Both apps are highly rated on the Shopify App Store and have been praised for their effectiveness in increasing customer engagement and sales. Whether you choose HulkApps’ solution for its comprehensive features and email automation or ShopCircle's for its efficient batch alerts and personalized retargeting, you're making a smart choice for your business.