Shopify Age Verifier Apps: NA Age Verification vs Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does NA Age Verification Work?
  3. How Does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Work?
  4. How Much Does NA Age Verification Cost?
  5. How much does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: NA Age Verification vs. Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Every year, online businesses face increasing legal and ethical responsibilities, particularly when it comes to age-restricted products. Age verifier apps play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with these regulations, shielding businesses from potential liabilities and enhancing customer trust. Amidst a plethora of options, NA Age Verification and Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ stand out with their adaptable features and seamless integration capabilities. They not only provide robust age verification processes but also promise a frictionless user experience tailored for diverse business models.

How Does NA Age Verification Work?

NA Age Verification stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of features that cater to various age verification requirements. With customizable options such as yes/no buttons, a checkbox, and birthdate entry, businesses can tailor the experience according to their unique needs. This flexibility is invaluable for companies ranging from startups to large enterprises, ensuring a professional and lawful customer interface. Whether it’s selectively displaying the popup on certain pages or recording age verification status in order notes, NA Age Verification offers particular functionalities that enhance record keeping and customer segmentation, particularly when integrated with email marketing tools like Klaviyo.

How Does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Work?

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ addresses the age verification process with a clear focus on simplicity and customization. Its basic feature set supports birthday verification and caters to 100 initial verifications, which might appeal to smaller businesses or those just starting out. With the ability to customize backgrounds and target specific pages or countries, the app offers a tailored approach that thrives on user simplicity. Its intuitive setup means that even businesses with limited technical resources can maintain legal compliance and safeguard against underage use.

How Much Does NA Age Verification Cost?

For businesses factoring in costs, NA Age Verification offers a compelling trifecta of plans. The 'Free' plan serves as an excellent starting point for startups, while the 'Plus' plan, at $3.95 per month, introduces advanced customization options well-suited for growing businesses. The 'Pro' plan, priced at $8.95 per month, delivers the full spectrum of features, including checkout integration, making it ideal for larger enterprises that require comprehensive verification processes. There are no hidden fees, ensuring transparency in pricing.

How much does Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ cost?

Onlyage touts a user-friendly pricing structure starting with a 'Free' tier that permits 100 verifications - an appetizer for those dipping their toes in age verification waters. Progressing to 'Basic' at $2.99 per month, businesses gain more control over the verification process, which is crucial for small to mid-sized operations. The 'Pro' tier matches its feature set with a slightly higher cost of $4.99 per month, positioning itself as a valuable tool for businesses with a moderate to high volume of traffic requiring age checks.

Cost Analysis: NA Age Verification vs. Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+

A side-by-side comparison reveals that NA Age Verification's 'Pro' plan is priced higher than Onlyage's equivalent, potentially offering additional utility for the difference in cost. While neither app offers promotions or trials as part of their pricing structure, both apps cater to distinct needs at competitive price points, making them valuable depending on the business scale and verification depth required.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is NA Age Verification good?

With a perfect score of 5 stars from 115 reviews, NA Age Verification appears to excel in user satisfaction. Customers likely appreciate its extensive customization options and seamless Klaviyo integration. While the app's description doesn't specify customer support details, the high ratings may indicate a smooth user experience and/or responsive support.

Is Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ good?

Flaunting a 4.8-star rating from 103 reviews, Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ also ranks highly in user preference, with particular praise possibly aimed at its ease of use and effective entry-level solution. The app's provision of chat support suggests a commitment to good customer service, which likely contributes positively to its high ratings.

User Preference: NA Age Verification or Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+?

NA Age Verification narrowly edges out with a slightly higher user rating, although both apps boast strong user confidence. This could be attributed to the more feature-rich and tailored experiences that NA Age Verification provides, possibly making it more appealing to a broad spectrum of businesses.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

NA Age Verification Integrations:

With specific integrations with Checkout and Klaviyo, NA Age Verification can enhance marketing strategies and streamline customer data management. Its seamless integration creates a cohesive ecosystem that maximizes functionality without compromising on user experience.

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ Integrations:

Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ does not list specific integrations, potentially offering a more standalone service. The focus here appears to be on simplicity and straightforward implementation, which may be precisely what certain companies require.


A head-to-head recap of NA Age Verification and Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ highlights a competitive landscape in which both apps meet crucial age verifier needs while carving their unique market niches. User reviews strongly favor both, though with a slight inclination towards NA Age Verification, perhaps due to its broader range of advanced features and integrations. Strengths & Weaknesses: NA Age Verification shines with its extensive customization capabilities and targeted integrations, whereas Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ is praised for its simplicity and focused basic offering. While NA Age Verification could benefit businesses seeking richer data-driven insights, Onlyage offers a no-frills approach that might attract those prioritizing straightforward functionality. Recommendations: For businesses intensively using email marketing and requiring deep customization, NA Age Verification emerges as a robust choice. In contrast, Onlyage ‑ Age Verification 18+ can be the go-to for businesses seeking an effective, budget-friendly solution. Balancing cost, user satisfaction, and functional depth, both apps prove instrumental in safeguarding the online shopping experience, aligning with statutory prerequisites and ethical practices.

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Merchant Feedback

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