Shopify Accounting Apps: lexoffice Integration vs sevDesk 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does lexoffice Integration Work?
  3. How Does sevDesk 2024 Work?
  4. How Much Does lexoffice Integration Cost?
  5. How much does sevDesk 2024 cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: lexoffice Integration vs. sevDesk 2024
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Precise financial management is critical for businesses of any size, and accounting apps play a tremendous role in achieving this precision. Tucked away in the bustling marketplace of Shopify apps, accounting tools may not seem glamorous but are indispensable for e-commerce success. With the power to streamline accounting processes, reduce errors, and free up valuable time, apps like lexoffice Integration and sevDesk 2024 are changing the game. Both are robust applications offering seamless integration with Shopify, simplifying accounting tasks, and enhancing overall business efficiency.

How Does lexoffice Integration Work?

Offering a comprehensive accounting solution, lexoffice Integration streamlines the synchronization of your Shopify orders with the lexoffice software, serving businesses with features like automatic creation and updating of invoices for refunds or partial refunds, and easy tax management in compliance with the most recent reforms. Retailers can send invoices directly to customers' emails and maintain a clear record of all transactions, a crucial lifeline for businesses catering to a diverse customer base across various sizes, from budding startups to established enterprises. Imagine the ease of tracking payments across multiple platforms, from PayPal to Shopify Payments, without manual data entry.

How Does sevDesk 2024 Work?

In the same vein, sevDesk 2024 emerges as a strong contender, automating bookkeeping tasks with live synchronization of invoice and payment data. What sets it apart is its dynamic text replacement for invoices and capability of managing multiple accounts, making it an ideal match for businesses operating several Shopify stores. This function alone can serve as a pillar for scalability, allowing for tailored customer communications and efficient management of multiple brand storefronts.

How Much Does lexoffice Integration Cost?

When it comes to the cost, lexoffice Integration opts for simplicity with its sole Basic plan priced at $10/month. This plan includes a broad set of features such as multi-user management and compatibility with Point of Sale (POS) and One-Stop-Shop (OSS) schemes, suitable for a broad spectrum of business sizes. There are no hidden fees, which ensures transparency and allows businesses to plan their expenses without fear of unexpected costs.

How much does sevDesk 2024 cost?

On the other hand, sevDesk 2024 displays versatility in its pricing structure, offering plans ranging from $1/month for app development to $19/month for the Advanced plan, scaling up with the business’s growth on Shopify. Each tier is crafted to match the business needs at different stages, whether you're just starting out or managing a more complex operation with higher transaction volumes. It's clear that the application's developers are intimately aware of the fluctuating needs of e-commerce businesses.

Cost Analysis: lexoffice Integration vs. sevDesk 2024

When juxtaposing the two, it's evident that sevDesk 2024 caters to a wider scope of financial capabilities, extending from an extremely affordable development option to more inclusive packages. Conversely, lexoffice Integration provides a one-size-fits-all solution that targets users preferring a straightforward approach.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is lexoffice Integration good?

With a sterling average rating of 4.9 stars based on 255 reviews, lexoffice Integration clearly resonates well with its user base. Its high rating suggests that users appreciate the app’s reliability and comprehensive features. While specific customer support feedback is not detailed in the app's data, the overall high rating implicates a level of satisfaction with the support provided.

Is sevDesk 2024 good?

Mirroring the favorable reception of its competitor, sevDesk 2024 also boasts a 4.9-star rating, albeit from 106 reviews. This smaller number of reviews doesn't negate the quality of the app but rather indicates it may be a hidden gem gaining momentum among Shopify businesses.

User Preference: lexoffice Integration or sevDesk 2024?

Both apps enjoy nearly identical high ratings, but lexoffice Integration takes a slight edge with a greater number of reviews, indicating a broader user base. This could be reflective of its time in the market or the straightforward, single-price model that attracts users looking for simplicity in their accounting solutions.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

lexoffice Integration Integrations:

Lexoffice Integration provides compatibility with platforms such as PayPal and DATEV, ensuring businesses can track payments effectively and maintain accounting records that are compliant with tax regulations. The app's straightforward integration process facilitates a user-friendly experience and showcases its adaptability to versatile accounting needs.

sevDesk 2024 Integrations:

In comparison, sevDesk 2024 lists integrations with tools like DATEV and other accounting-specific platforms, enhancing its functionality. This app becomes particularly powerful for businesses employing multiple accounts to manage a variety of shops, demonstrating its finesse in customization and scalability.


In sum, lexoffice Integration excels in simplicity and ease of use, while sevDesk 2024 stands out in its versatile pricing and capability to support businesses with diverse requirements. The resounding approval from user reviews reinforces the value both apps bring to the marketplace. Each application has its distinct strengths; lexoffice with its robust invoicing and tax management features, and sevDesk for its multi-account prowess and scalable pricing options. Choosing between them boils down to assessing your business needs, be it the desire for a no-fuss, comprehensive accounting tool, or the need for a scalable solution with an array of pricing possibilities that grow with your business.

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