Shopify Shop Pay和Shop Pay分期付款配置

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隨著消費者尋求更靈活的付款選項,商家被迫減少摩擦並簡化商店結帳流程。在結帳過程中集成 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)將增強您的銷量並獲得新客戶。

整合像 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)這樣的加速結帳方式將帶來更多的銷售機會,特別是 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)分期付款配置,通過給予客戶財務自由,減少購物車遺棄。

啟用 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)分期付款可以解鎖顯著的好處,但您需要在 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)和 Shop Pay 分期付款配置方面獲得支持。如果您不適當地在產品和購物車頁面上展示分期付款功能,那麼啟用此功能的用途是什麼?

與希望配置 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)分期付款以增加銷售和靈活性的成長品牌合作,我們的專家可以幫助您輕鬆入門。我們專注於 Shopify 購物車和結帳自訂團隊將幫助您獲得所需的功能,增加業務收入並吸引新客戶。設計良好、響應式和靈活的電子商店將為您突出您的產品、靈活性並吸引更多客戶以獲得更好的銷量。

Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)分期付款配置
  • 主題配置
  • 專屬的 Shopify 開發人員
  • Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)配置
Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)配置
  • 額外的應用程式成本(如有)

關於 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)和 Shop Pay 分期付款配置的更多資訊

Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)是一種即時付款解決方案,可以存儲客戶信息並在結帳過程中減少用戶輸入(長表單)。Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)結帳流程減少了複雜性,同時提供安全性。也就是說,在您的客戶在初始結帳時選擇啟用 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)後,他們將收到一個六位數的驗證碼以驗證訂單。驗證過程不是迭代的;一旦您啟用了 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay),商店的客戶信息就記錄在內,他們不會被提示驗證,這增加了靈活性。

此外,Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)分期付款 - 現在買,以後付款與 Shopify 平臺完全集成。也就是說,您可以在一個空間內保留它,從性能到產品頁面到庫存。此外,根據數據,Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)分期付款被證明可以提升銷售,四分之一的商家看到 50% 的平均訂單值增長和 28% 的被棄購物車減少。您可以在我們的部落格中了解有關Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)的更多信息。

作為店主,如果您希望提高轉化率,需要配置 Shopify 智付(Shop Pay)和 Shop Pay 分期付款。配置兩者不僅可以讓您的客戶對購買決策更加接受,而且可以減少摩擦,從而產生更多轉化和收入。

HulkApps 提供的配置支持將使商家和客戶的操作無縫且更加簡便,從而提高轉化率。此外,由於我們涉及自定義主題配置,我們可以儘快地理解您的 Shopify 主題代碼並進行必要的更改。


消費者購買事物的方式不斷演變;您不能再提供傳統的方法並期望減少購物車遺棄。加速結帳 Shop Pay 的引入將帶來更多的靈活性和信任。

通過與我們的 Shopify 購物車和結帳自訂專家合作,您可以獲得適當的配置支持來發展您的業務。我們內部的主題專家方法是策略和流程並存,產生出涵蓋所有格式和行業的周到工作。

Shopify Shop Pay和Shop Pay分期付款配置

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Yes, merchants can get started with Shopify Shop Pay for free, but there will be a small transaction fee deduction. A transaction fee will be deducted even during the refund, although you might refund the whole amount to the customer.
Unfortunately, you can't limit the Shopify Shop Pay Installments to your store's products. Once you enable Shop Pay Installments, it is available for all products in your store within the eligible price range, excluding gift cards and subscription products.
Powered by Shopify, Shop Pay is safe to implement and use. The customer's registered shipping and billing information is stored on Shopify's PCI-compliant servers. The data is only available only when the customer places an order.
Depending on your theme architecture, you can enable the Shop Pay Installments option to get started. However, other actions are required with Shopify Shop Pay Installment. Therein, connect with HulkApps for an effortless configuration of Shopify Shop Pay.
Shopify Shop Pay Installments is powered by Affirm, which means the installment option is offered and taken care of by Affirm Shopify. Once your customer checks out using Shop Pay Installments, the Affirm payment provider pays you and later collects the money from the customer.
No. The Shop Pay payment service is available to Shopify merchants selling on Shopify store, Facebook, and Instagram.

Almost similar but not the same because Shopify Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout, whereas PayPal is an online payment system. The Shop Pay option majorly focuses on saving customer information for faster checkout. In PayPal, the primary focus is to replace the traditional paper payment methods.

You can utilize Shop Pay only if Shopify Payments are enabled. With that, countries supported by Shopify Payments will offer the Shop Pay option in their store. If using Shopify Payments and still unable to see, connect with HulkApps experts.


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