Shopify Contact form Apps: S: Contact Form Builder vs AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does S: Contact Form Builder Work?
  3. How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?
  4. How Much Does S: Contact Form Builder Cost?
  5. How Much Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: S: Contact Form Builder vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


Statistics indicate that over 70% of customers expect a "Contact Us" channel for efficient service delivery. This emphasizes the crucial role that contact form apps play in not only enhancing customer experience but also in driving potential conversions. Whether it’s about service inquiries or product feedback, contact form apps streamline the communication between a business and its clientele. In our comparative analysis today, we'll delve into the capabilities of two notable form builders; S: Contact Form Builder and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms. Both apps stand out in the Shopify ecosystem for their seamless integration and impact on user engagement. But how do they fare against each other? Let’s find out.

How Does S: Contact Form Builder Work?

S: Contact Form Builder is a versatile tool tailored for Shopify store owners who need a wide array of form-building capabilities. The app allows users to create customisable contact forms that are both professional and user-friendly. With options for popup and embed forms, the utility of this app scales across various business sizes. For a startup, a single form with up to 20 fields may suffice, while enterprises might leverage unlimited forms and fields to cater to a larger audience base. Unique functionalities such as conditional logic and integration with Shopify Customers are particularly noteworthy. These features serve to enhance user engagement by providing a personalised experience. Imagine you're running a campaign and require immediate feedback. With multi-step forms and conditional logic, S: Contact Form Builder can tailor the interaction in real time, thereby capturing relevant customer insights effectively.

How Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Work?

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms is geared towards creating custom forms swiftly without delving into coding complexities. It excels in facilitating various form types such as registration, donation, and order forms, allowing businesses to employ a more targeted approach. The app supports online payments directly through PayPal and Stripe, an invaluable feature for any e-commerce platform looking to streamline the purchase process. Blending creative form templates with conditional logic capabilities, AAA Form Builder enables a customised and efficient user experience. Even for small businesses, the ability to craft feedback or wholesale order forms with ease and collect payments is a boon that can't be overlooked. Consider an SMB transitioning to more significant online operations requiring a secure and bespoke registration form. This tool's drag-and-drop functionality and integration with email services facilitate an effortless setup that aligns with the company's evolving needs.

How Much Does S: Contact Form Builder Cost?

In the realm of e-commerce, a cost-effective solution is as vital as the capability it offers. S: Contact Form Builder's FREE plan is well-suited to new entrants in the market, offering core features without initial costs. For growing businesses, the STARTUP plan priced at $2.99/month provides an affordable way to enhance their forms with features like logic steps and file attachments. Larger businesses may find value in the UNLIMITED plan at $9.99/month – enabling extensive form functionality across their operations. There are no additional hidden costs across tiers, ensuring transparency in pricing.

How Much Does AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Cost?

AAA Form Builder offers a single Starter pricing tier at $9/month. This entails features for creating custom forms, including file upload capabilities, custom registration, and donation forms which are essential for businesses aiming to capture a diverse range of customer data. However, it may present a higher entry cost for very small businesses or startups when compared to S: Contact Form Builder's FREE tier. Nonetheless, for businesses looking for a straightforward solution with no scaling plans, this could be an optimal choice, considering no surprise additional costs.

Cost Analysis: S: Contact Form Builder vs. AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms

In a direct cost comparison, S: Contact Form Builder offers a more granular pricing model adapted to various business scales, starting with a free tier, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious businesses. Alternatively, AAA Form Builder's straightforward one-tier pricing might align better with businesses preferring not to navigate through multiple plans and seeking a comprehensive solution from the start. Neither app offers promotional offers or trial periods explicitly, but the tiered approach of S: Contact Form Builder might provide a more cost-efficient pathway for scaling operations.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is S: Contact Form Builder good?

Boasting a 4.7-star rating from 152 reviews, S: Contact Form Builder demonstrates high user satisfaction. Customers may particularly value the app’s ease of form creation, its wide range of features - even on the free tier, and its robust integration capabilities. Although customer support specifics aren't highlighted, the positive ratings imply that users are likely experiencing satisfactory support.

Is AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms good?

With a 4.5-star rating from 105 reviews, AAA Form Builder has also garnered favorability amongst its users. The app's ability to create dynamic forms and accept online payments might be highly praised by its user base. Although not explicitly mentioned, it's reasonable to infer that customer support is competent, given the app's good reputation.

User Preference: S: Contact Form Builder or AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms?

While both apps enjoy positive feedback, S: Contact Form Builder's slightly higher rating and larger volume of reviews suggest a more favored status within the Shopify community. This could indicate a broader feature set and user experience possibly more attuned to a range of business needs.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

S: Contact Form Builder Integrations:

S: Contact Form Builder boasts a robust list of integrations with major players like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and various CRM tools, amplifying its utility in building a connected e-commerce ecosystem. Customers benefit from streamlined processes and data management with these integrations, underscoring its compatibility and extensibility.

AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms Integrations:

Similarly, AAA Form Builder presents key integrations with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, PayPal, and Stripe, among others, providing users with essential tools for email campaigns and payment processing. This ease of collaboration with popular e-commerce services makes AAA an adaptable and dependable option for form building.


S: Contact Form Builder and AAA Form Builder: Custom Forms are both capable contenders in the Shopify contact form app arena. Each offers a unique blend of features and integrations catering to various business needs. User reviews suggest a slightly higher inclination towards S: Contact Form Builder, likely due to its flexible pricing and feature-rich free tier. Both apps' integration capabilities extend the functions of standard contact forms, enhancing data flow and customer interaction. Strengths & Weaknesses: S: Contact Form Builder stands out for its tiered pricing, accommodating businesses as they grow, while AAA Form Builder is renowned for its robust payment collection functionality. If there is a prominent gap, it lies in the initial cost point and scalability options provided by S: Contact Form Builder, which might be crucial for newly established businesses. Recommendations: Startups and small businesses might gravitate towards S: Contact Form Builder for its free-to-scale approach, while businesses with a clear requirement for integrated online payment functionalities in their forms might prefer the straightforward solution offered by AAA Form Builder. Ultimately, each app offers valuable benefits, making them both worthy considerations depending on specific business needs.

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