As a Shopify merchant, you’ve got a big decision to make: Which Sales Pop app are you going to use? Shopify is a huge platform that has a good number of Sales Pop apps but for an instance let us assume you’ve chosen Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier by HulkApps.

Now, you’re ready to make another big decision, you want to make your Sales Pop multilingual [Even if you don’t, you should consider doing it especially if your business falls into a global category].

What are the advantages of making your Sales Pop Multilingual?

How can you sell more? This is probably the biggest question any Shopify entrepreneur asks themselves. One way to do it in this hyper-connected world is Going Global. 

But to tell the truth, this is often kind of a scary prospect, isn’t it? Launching into an unknown market, going outside of your comfort zone…but the reward might be exceedingly profitable.

So, what are the advantages of making your Sales Pop multilingual?

Targeting New Markets…

...But actually, that’s not all there is to it. By going multilingual, you can increase your sales by targeting new foreign markets. This isn’t just because you’ll be targeting them: you’ll actually be creating more value for them.

“It’s been proved that 90% of non-English speakers won’t buy on an English website.”

With that said, let us show you how you can ask your Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier to speak different languages you want! It goes without any additional configurations. Let us show you how?

Step 1: Go to the app > Notifications

App Notifications


Step 2: Notifications > Customizations

By default, the text is in English.

Notifications Customizations

You can change the content of the Popup as per your needs. Let us assume, you want to send the recent sales pop to a french client, so consider updating the text in french as given below:  Popup

Step 3: Hit the “Save” button & you’re all set!

Wrapping up

So, making your Sales Pop multilingual means selling to all the potential customers you exclude by having your Sales Popup exclusively understandable in your native language. Convinced now? Hopefully, you are :)