As part of our efforts to improve the quality, quantity, pricing, and bulk management of our app’s inventory offering, including its wholesale functionality, the configuration of product bundle features, the HulkApps squad is on its way up, and we want you with us. In between coding marathons and coffee breaks,  we’ve started working on an update to make the overall functionality of the app stronger and more useful for our B2B users. With our code enhancements, we've just resolved an issue a user reported in the VolumeBoost app that was the major reason for our merchants for leaving our app. It is the sync issue we're talking about that led to your site slowing down when trying to buy a large amount of different types of products with minimum delay!!

How did the issue get resolved? 

We made it possible with the help of Shopify's Resource Pickera code tool that is built-in and greatly aids in resolving such issues in our offering, leading to an improved percentage of successful transactions. 

In essence, we apply this tool to eliminate the syncing problem, helping to increase the overall performance of your site. This resolution is based on the selling functionalities that Resource Picker offers.

You might be wondering what Resource Picker exactly & what difference does it create? Here you Go…

What is Shopify Resource Picker?

The resource picker component in Shopify provides a search-based interface to help you find and select one or more products or collections in a jiffy. It makes it easy to manage product, store data, pricing and bulk changes. It produces them for us in our app without us actually saving and reproducing all the data in our database. 

Why is it important for you? 

We will no longer sync your product data. We simply bring it up for you to create offers for a product or group of products, including wholesale offers. Even for picking variants, you will not have to wait for the sync to complete. New products will automatically be displayed, they do not have to be synced, it's an automatic process.

Here’s how you find it in the app:

Step: 1 Go to the VolumeBoost App Dashboard

VolumeBoost  app dashboard

 Step: 2 Add new offer by clicking on "Add New"

VolumeBoost App Dashboard

 Step: 3 Add offer name, Price levels, etc

Volume & Tiered Discounts

Step: 4 Select the type of offer you want to create and select the product on which you want the offer to be applicable.

Volume & Tiered Discounts

 Here's where Shopify Resource Picker comes into existence. 

That’s it!

This is just the beginning! Kudos to the team 🙌 We have so much more in the works, including innovative pricing strategies. We will keep you informed as we continue to roll out new features. Stay tuned for additional information.

We’re here for you!

If you have any questions, you can simply leave a comment below or drop a line at That’ll put you right in touch with our around-the-world, around-the-clock team!