With multiple apps serving the different needs of our customers, HulkApps, a Shopify Partner, has been monitoring the data across its various apps since the outbreak of COVID-19. It has got about - 

9.9TB requests hitting the servers for the July 2020 month - that’s about 330 GigaBytes requests each day.

Bandwidth Image

Handling this figure is an easy bit for the HulkApps team. In reviewing anonymized data, we see new Increase in Traffic

From the United States, United Kingdom, India, and many other locations.Top_Traffics_By_Region

While shoppers are engaged in buying up everything imaginable from our Merchants stores, we have stopped about 210K threats.

From June 2020 to July 2020 to keep the web store and customer information safe. Here is a glimpse,


However, despite handling our Customers’ Online Traffic, we are confidently saying there is plenty of capacity in our network to handle unexpected volumes. So, download our Volume & Tiered Discounts Shopify app to set up discounted pricing campaigns across the entire product catalog easily.

Volume and Tiered Discount App

All you need to know about

Volume & Tiered Discounts App

Creating and setting up discounted pricing campaigns across your entire product catalog is no more tiring.

It's time to ease your Shopify store setup. 

Shopify Volume and Tiered Discounts App by HulkApps help its Shopify merchants to easily generate more sales by creating special volume discount price edits to start a

  • Wholesaler program,
  • Entice new customers, or
  • Reward loyal and repeat purchasers.

Shopify Volume and Tiered Discounts App let you bulk edit your products and pricing to upsell your products, increase your average order value (AOV).

This app is not limited to just a few advantages, the Shopify Volume and Tiered Discounts App can be handled even by a novice user due to its easy dashboard to create the discounts and tiered pricing for shoppers. We feel Shopify Volume and Tiered Discounts App by HulkApps is right for you to create bulk pricing, quantity breaks, product discount, or tiered pricing sale. If you doubt that, we would love to serve and help you in making the right decision for your Shopify store to grow. 


Note: Start your free 14-day trial - No credit card required.

What’s in FREE Shopify Volume and Tiered Discounts App Plan :
  • Quantity-Based Discounts: Create price tiers for specific products based on the purchased quantity.
  • Fixed Discount Options: A Quantity break applies if a certain amount of one specific product is bought.
  • Multiple Discount Types: Discount products by a fixed price, a certain percentage, or a dollar amount.
  • Pause Offers: Cancel an offer anytime.
  • Apply Bulk Discounts: Apply bulk discounts to individual products only.

Installation Guide   

 Install Guide

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