Welcome Series Flow From Klaviyo in Shopify

Your signup form has a flow of new subscribers, your email list is growing, and your store is resonating with your customers. What next? With 64% of consumers expecting a welcome email when they subscribe, your following step should be to set up an automated welcome series flow from Klaviyo for your Shopify store. Instead of sending a single welcome email, entering new subscribers into a welcome series will give you time to introduce your brand and keep them engaged in the long term.

So, automate this "Welcome Series Flow from Klaviyo In Shopify" process with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts.

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Send influential email welcome series to drive customer engagement

The first email series your subscribers receive after joining your email list are some of the most influential messages of the customer lifecycle. These emails make your store subscribers accustomed to engaging with you via email and setting your relationship's tone.

Interestingly, 64 percent of people expect a welcome series email when they join a list. If you don’t serve them something, there’s a good chance you’ll disappoint them. To simplify, HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts will help you build an adequate Klaviyo welcome series flow, guaranteed to turn your new subscribers into lifelong customers.

  • 196 % in open rate
  • 336% in transaction rate
  • 320% more revenue per email

Tell a little bit about yourself

Sending an automated welcome email series is the most excellent way to greet new subscribers or to say thank you for a first purchase. Because the series is customizable, it also offers a powerful way to introduce customers to what makes you. Get started with HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo expert's support today.

Make an impact

Turing your single welcome email into a series won't be a heavy lift. On average, sending a series of customized welcome emails at proper timing will yield about 51% more revenue than a single welcome email. So with Klaviyo automated welcome emails and HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts, you can send one day after someone subscribes and change the delay or add more emails and turn it into a welcome series.

Give new ways to stay engaged

The welcome series email flow Klaviyo gives you the space you have always needed to express your identity. With HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo experts, you can craft an automated different welcome series to a diverse audience with well-spirited, colorful, and all about celebrating friendship emails because that’s what defines the brand.

Create email flows that lift your brand

Step 1

Connect your store

HulkApps offer 50+ Klaviyo services that you can integrate into your Shopify Store.

Step 2

Choose what to send

Select the HulkApps Shopify Klaviyo services to keep your customers in the loop.

Step 3

Stay on brand

Start with our service, then add some brand personality.

Step 4

Update shoppers

Once you turn on the Klaviyo Shopify flows, your customers will receive email updates, and you can increase store engagement.

Start keeping your customers in the know

In addition to everything above, we’re offering a Shopify subscription, Google Analytics, theme customization, and other services that will build up your store-level high. And, of course, we’ll be making sure best practices are being implemented end to end.

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