Shopify Local Delivery Apps: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs Advanced Shipping Rules

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?
  3. How Does Advanced Shipping Rules Work?
  4. How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?
  5. How Much Does Advanced Shipping Rules Cost?
  6. Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Advanced Shipping Rules
  7. User Reviews & Customer Support Insights
  8. Integration and Compatibility Comparison
  9. Conclusion


With the e-commerce market rapidly expanding, the need for effective local delivery solutions has never been greater. Efficiently managing customer expectations for local deliveries can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention. Shopify apps like Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) by CreativeR and Advanced Shipping Rules by Bambri play pivotal roles in achieving this by offering merchants a broad spectrum of customizable local delivery options. By integrating seamlessly with Shopify, these apps not only diversify the delivery experience but also streamline operations, effectively impacting the bottom line.

How Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Work?

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is designed to furnish Shopify store owners with an array of delivery and pickup options. Its main features include in-store pickups from multiple locations, the ability to set order limits per time slot, date and time picker functionalities, and the option to designate certain products as pickup mandatory. This level of customization is invaluable for businesses of all sizes, ensuring startups can scale up their operations while larger enterprises maintain their extensive customer servicing. The app shines in local delivery specialization, enabling store owners to limit deliveries by zip code and set specific time blocks. Picture a scenario where customers can choose to pickup their order during a lunch break or have it delivered in time for a special occasion, the flexibility and control Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) offers can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

How Does Advanced Shipping Rules Work?

In contrast, Advanced Shipping Rules offers a comprehensive approach to managing complex shipping rates. This app caters to nuanced shipping needs with features such as blending rules, postal code subzones, and product groups. It provides flexibility through conditions based on SKU, tags, and more. This level of granularity is a perfect fit for businesses that distribute an array of products with varied shipping demands. Whether it's offering discounted shipping on certain items or blocking shipments to specific regions, Advanced Shipping Rules stands out for its precision and adaptability. A business might utilize this app to strategically manage shipping costs during a high-volume holiday season, optimizing both profitability and customer satisfaction.

How Much Does Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Cost?

Local delivery solutions must not only be versatile but also cost-effective. Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) comprises four pricing tiers, starting with the Lite - Pickup for the cost-conscious startups at $6.90/month, offering bare essentials such as one location pickup. For growing businesses, the Pickup plan at $11.90/month brings unlimited locations and additional customization. The most comprehensive tier, Pickup + Delivery at $17.90/month, is tailored for mature businesses looking for robust delivery management functionality, including zip code-based delivery limitations.

How Much Does Advanced Shipping Rules Cost?

Advanced Shipping Rules offers a tiered pricing structure starting with its Lite plan at $9/month, suitable for startups requiring basic shipping rate management. The Standard plan at $29/month introduces more product groups and blended rates, ideal for expanding businesses. Mid-sized enterprises might opt for the Pro plan at $59/month with further product groups and real-time carrier rates. Large businesses can leverage the full potential of the app with the Unlimited plan at $99/month, which offers unlimited customization and advanced feature access.

Cost Analysis: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) vs. Advanced Shipping Rules

Considering the pricing of both apps, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) tends to be more budget-friendly, particularly for startups. Advanced Shipping Rules, while starting at a slightly higher entry point, justifies its cost with advanced shipping rate management suitable for intricate logistics. Promotions and trial periods are equally critical; both apps offer trial modes—Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) does not specify a trial duration, whereas Advanced Shipping Rules provides a 7-day live mode trial.

User Reviews & Customer Support Insights

Is Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) good?

Boasting an impeccable average rating of 5 stars from 502 reviews, Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) is highly acclaimed. Users likely praise its ease of use and the control it provides over pickup and delivery scheduling. The description hints at ease of setup, which likely contributes to its perfect rating—an aspect indicative of robust customer satisfaction.

Is Advanced Shipping Rules good?

Advanced Shipping Rules enjoys an impressive 4.8-star rating from 449 reviews, suggesting a strong user base satisfied with its sophisticated shipping rate controls. Its customer service is frequently lauded, an essential factor in maintaining high user approval.

User Preference: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) or Advanced Shipping Rules?

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) edges out slightly in ratings and reviews number, which could indicate a preference for its specific functionality in local delivery and pickup management. However, Advanced Shipping Rules is also highly rated with substantial reviews, reflecting its proficiency in detailed shipping rate management.

Integration and Compatibility Comparison

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) Integrations:

Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) doesn't list specific integrations outside of Shopify, placing emphasis on ease of use as a standalone solution for pickup and delivery needs within the Shopify ecosystem.

Advanced Shipping Rules Integrations:

Advanced Shipping Rules boasts integrations with prominent print-on-demand services like Printful, Printify, Pixels, and Gooten. These integrations enhance value for merchants working with these platforms by streamlining shipping rate management across different services.


Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) and Advanced Shipping Rules both offer a wealth of features and benefits tailored to optimizing local delivery services for Shopify stores. User reviews suggest strong satisfaction due to the apps' features, ease of integration, and customer support. Strengths & Weaknesses: Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) stands out for its specialized local delivery and pickup management features, while its lack of mentioned integrations could be a potential drawback for some users who require broader ecosystem compatibility. Advanced Shipping Rules demonstrates strengths in detailed shipping rate management, especially for complex logistics scenarios. However, it may present a steeper learning curve due to its comprehensive feature set. Recommendations: Businesses focused on maximizing local delivery and pickup options may find Store Pickup + Delivery (CR) more aligned with their needs. In contrast, enterprises with intricate shipping rate requirements across a variety of products and regions may find the customization capabilities of Advanced Shipping Rules more beneficial. Each app brings unique value to the Shopify experience; the choice ultimately depends on the merchant's specific local delivery and shipping needs.

Still Searching for the Right Fit?

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