Increase AOV by setting discounts, applying it to products, collections, or your entire store with a click! Increase Average Order Value, reward your customers, and give your wholesalers more flexibility on pricing. With one click apply bulk discounts and quantity breaks to individual products, collections, brands, product types or your entire store!

About VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts App

Frequently Asked Questions

Volume discounting is a means of lowering the price of things purchased when bulk quantities are purchased, so encouraging your consumers to buy more of your product.

Our VolumeBoost app can help you build tiered pricing and introduce a volume discount scheme for your store. If you aim to start a wholesaler program our app is most suitable for your store.

Without a doubt. With our VolumeBoost (aka Volume & Tiered Discounts) app, you can also schedule the offers in advance.

With tiered pricing, the amounts would be divided into tiers. The buyer is charged a different amount for each tier. As more purchases are made in the successive tiered segments, the price of each tier drops as well. Volume discount, on the other hand, provides a single fixed price for all things ordered. You may use the same pricing structure as above, but apply a single price based on the number purchased. Volume discount, on the other hand, wins this race due to the obvious benefits that the discount in this scheme is easy to understand

The first step in planning for BFCM is to identify what type of discounts and offers you want to make to customers. You may add the following discounts to your BFCM sale using our VolumeBoost app: percentage-based quantity discounts, $ based volume discounts, quantity discounts, and more.


  • 10% off on 2 or more products

  • 20% off site-wide on BFCM

  • Save $10 if you buy 3 or more

You can also use the VolumeBoost app to use the discount codes that you provide to your customers. However, be certain that you've created a promo code in your Shopify store.


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