Increase AOV by setting discounts, applying it to products, collections, or your entire store with a click! Increase Average Order Value, reward your customers, and give your wholesalers more flexibility on pricing. With one click apply bulk discounts and quantity breaks to individual products, collections, brands, product types or your entire store!

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VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts App

Key Features of The Shopify VolumeBoost App

Personalize every journey with our must-have VolumeBoost App.

Shopify - Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

This app allows you to reward your customers for buying in bulk by reducing the price of each good or a group of goods. You can enable this feature to work on products, variants, collections, or/and total cart amount.

Shopify - Bulk Import Export Feature

Bulk Import/Export Feature

Import: The VolumeBoost App allows importing more than one offer at a time by adding the required values to a CSV file and uploading it through the “offers” menu. The CSV template is provided. Export: The bulk export option is just as easy, allowing you to download as many offers as possible.

Shopify - Price Levels

Price Levels

The Price Levels feature allows you to determine your own discounts and at which quantity a given discount will be activated.

Shopify - Discount Code/Coupon box

Discount Code/Coupon box

The VolumeBoost App enables you to implement a discount coupon box on your cart page.

Shopify - Customer Tags

Customer Tags

The app allows you to create and store multiple customer tags. By utilizing this feature, you can show or hide the offer from certain groups of customers. (New customers, loyal customers, etc.)

Shopify - Quantity/Time Limit

Quantity/Time Limit

The VolumeBoost App allows you to set a limit to the quantity of your bulk discount offer.

Besides the quantity limitation, you can also set a time limit for how long the bulk discount will be active.

Shopify - Country Selection

Country Selection

The Country Selection feature allows you to activate bulk discounts in the countries that you select. If nothing is selected, the discount will be active globally.

This feature is particularly useful during national holidays such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.

Shopify - Cart Customization

Cart Customization

Display custom messages in your cart section. You can use this feature to remind the customer of the bulk discount or activate custom upsell messages.

Besides the messaging, you can add custom banners to your cart page.

Big brands that trust the VolumeBoost App

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About The VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts App

Create Volume Discounts on Bulk Quantity Purchases in Minutes

The VolumeBoost App from HulkApps is one of the best and easiest ways to launch discounted pricing campaigns throughout your product catalog. If you want to launch a wholesaler program, attract new clients, or reward repeat and loyal consumers, the VolumeBoost - Volume Discount App is for you. It generates Shopify volume, quantity, product, and tiered discounts. You can accept bulk orders with discounted prices and motivate customers to add more products to their carts.

Without a doubt, the VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts App by HulkApps is an essential tool

The VolumeBoost App delivers several features that will boost your AOV and offers a visual treat by allowing you to match the appearance of your custom-tiered pricing to your Shopify store.

Our Volume & Tiered Discounts app is ideal if you want to implement a wholesale pricing program, attract new customers, or reward loyal and repeat buyers. It can be used to construct tiered price structures, bulk pricing, quantity discounts, product bundles, upsells, and cross-sells. With discounted pricing, you can let customers buy in bulk.

VolumeBoost - Volume Discount App lets you:
  • Increase order value
  • Reward your buyers
  • And offer more pricing flexibility to your wholesale customers

You can get it up and running in minutes!

Install the VolumeBoost - Volume Discount App because:
  • It offers percentage-based quantity and Shopify volume discounts
  • Offer $ based volume and Shopify quantity discounts
  • Create dynamic discounts for future products
  • Great for wholesale pricing levels
  • Add unlimited discount levels
Enhance your VolumeBoost experience with these awesome benefits:
  • Encourage your customers to buy more with bulk discount tiers.
  • The bulk export options are amazing, allowing you to download as many offers as you would like.
  • With the Country Selection feature, you can activate bulk discounts in the countries that you select.
You get all of the above plus:
  • Quantity-based Discounts
  • Fixed Price Discount Options (Get $10.00 Off on each product)
  • Fixed Price Options (Get each product for $10.00)
  • Country-based Discount Offers
  • Multiple Discount Types
  • Schedule/Pause Offers
  • Apply Bulk Discounts
  • Tag-based Discount
  • Flexible Discount Offers
  • Cart Saving Message
  • Cart-based Discount
  • Import/Export Offers
The following instructions will get you closer to your goal:
  • Setup deals from our easy-peasy app configurations
  • Assign products to the deals
  • Choose the style of the discount table
  • Preview and Save the offer!
Here are a few tips for a successful tiered pricing campaign:
  • Create tiered pricing for specific products based on the purchased quantity
  • Schedule your best offers for the peak season (BFCM)
  • Show your customers how much they're saving with a bulk discount
  • Offer fixed discounts if a certain amount of one specific product is bought
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Benefits of Using the VolumeBoost App


Shopify - HulkApps Mobile App Builder
HulkApps Mobile App Builder Integration

A small number of solutions work seamlessly, like these two HulkApps integrations. HulkApps offers a simple solution to create a mobile app with volume discounts on your storefronts, product pages, and checkout.

Shopify - HulkApps Product Options
HulkApps Product Options Integration

The Product Options App is essential for every Shopify store. Add endless options, create options sets, and allow your customers to choose anything that fits their persona. Personalize your customers' experience—while increasing AOV with Hulk Product Options.

Shopify - Pagefly integration
PageFly Integration

With PageFly's intuitive drag-and-drop interface and no coding required, you can create a seamless digital experience across all devices. Explore over 100 conversion rate optimization (CRO) focused page templates, saving valuable time on page design and customization.

Shopify - Gempages
GemPages Integration

With this integration of GemPages, you will find it effortless to embed and use our Volume Discount App with GemPages. You can now use our Product Options App with any custom Theme available on GemPages.

Shopify - In-store pickup and Delivery
In-store Pickup and Delivery by LogBase Integration

There are not many solutions that offer ecommerce possibilities mixed with brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. One of those possibilities is in-store pickup, which offers LogBase integration.

Shopify - Order delivery date
Order Delivery Date by Identixweb Integration

Providing merchants with different shipping dates is crucial for merchants offering perishable goods, custom-made furniture, and many other types of products. This can be charged extra or be free with our Order delivery date by Identixweb integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Volume discounting lowers the price of things purchased when bulk quantities are purchased, encouraging your consumers to buy more of your product.

Our VolumeBoost App can help you build tiered pricing and introduce a volume discount scheme for your store. Our app is most suitable for your store if you aim to start a wholesaler program.

Without a doubt. With our VolumeBoost App, you can also schedule the offers in advance.

With tiered pricing, the amounts would be divided into tiers, and the buyer is charged a different amount for each tier. As more purchases are made in the successive tiered segments, the price of each tier drops as well. Volume discount, however, provides a single fixed price for all things ordered. You may use the same pricing structure as above but apply a single price based on the number purchased. Volume discount, on the other hand, wins this race due to the obvious benefits that the discount in this scheme is easy to understand.

The first step in planning for BFCM is to identify what type of discounts and offers you want to make to customers. You may add the following discounts to your BFCM sale using our VolumeBoost App: percentage-based quantity discounts, $ based volume discounts, quantity discounts, and more.

For example:

  • 10% off on 2 or more products
  • 20% off site-wide on BFCM
  • Save $10 if you buy 3 or more

You can also use the VolumeBoost App to use the discount codes that you provide to your customers. However, be certain that you've created a promo code in your Shopify store.


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VolumeBoost - Volume Discounts App

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