Grow your conversion rate by getting customers to trust you by premium trust badges. No hidden charges! Get customers to trust you with visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy. Match your store design with professionally crafted trust badges and functional trust badges on homepage.

Key Features of the Master Badge App

Features that will help your customers feel safe while shopping

Shopify - Full-Customizations

Badge Customization

Users of our app are given the option to add a tool tip and a redirect URL to the trust badges. You can easily personalize the displayed trust or payment badges by following a few straightforward steps.


Fully Customizable

The Trust Badges App allows you to add a custom pitch message and customize the display by adding header text and selecting fonts, font color, font size, and so on, to make it reflect your brand visuals and store aesthetics.

Shopify - Basic text field

Custom Badge Upload

If you have your own trust or payment badge that you've made from scratch and don't want to use one of the badges in our pre-built library, it's simple to upload it to our app and incorporate it into the app's functionality.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Mobile/Desktop View

With the Trust Badges app, you can customize the appearance of the icons based on the device, making it display differently on mobile devices and different on desktops. This customization is available for both payment and trust badges.

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125+ Trust Badge Templates

Our app includes a large number of trust badges to choose from. We are sure you will find the right fit for your store. The cherry on top is that you can use an unlimited number of our app’s trust badges and add them to your store completely free!

Shopify - Multiple templates

Lower Store Bounce Rate

You can lower your bounce rate by making sure that your website is secure and displaying any trust badges that you may have in a visible location. By using the Trust Badges App, you can encourage users to stay on your site for longer and return to your store.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

150+ Payment Badge Templates

Besides the trust badges, our app offers you a wide variety of payment badges. Choose from over 150 payment badges you can add and display on your store completely free. Simply choose a badge from the ready-to-use badges library and add it to your storefront.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Build Customer Trust & Drive More Sales

Use our app to inform customers about the various payment options available and help build customer loyalty. Reduce your customers' fears by providing them with various trust badges, and in turn they'll purchase your product and increase your sales.

About The Shopify Trust Badges App

Different Ways to Utilize the Shopify Trust Badges App / Use Cases

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a trust-instilling badge that you may display on your website. There are types of trust & payment badges that you may use on your site. Each has its own significance and application. You may choose which trust badges to put on your site based on the impression you want to accomplish.

The app has a plenty of Trust seals for you to utilise. You will undoubtedly discover the one you want. Furthermore, the app provides 150+ payment badges for you to add and display in your store. Simply choose a badge from the ready-to-use badges library and add it to your storefront.

Follow this quick guide to add the trust badges  & payment badges in your store front.

In that case, you may use our Badge Master app to upload a custom badge.

You may add trust or payment badges to your Product pages, Cart page, Footer page, and Checkout page with HulkApps Trust Badge Master app.

Indeed. When visitors were asked which factors help them decide whether or not to trust a website, a recent study confirmed the power of trust seals.

Here's a list of each type of trust badge that e-commerce business owners may use to boost trust.

  • Free Shipping Badges

  • Payment Badges

  • Money Back Guarantee Badges

  • Third-party endorsements, Badges and more.


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