Ultimate personalization and customization through product options. Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out. Display unlimited product variations with Product Options Customization w/ Conditional Logic & Pricing.

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Hulk Product Options

Key Features of the Shopify Product Options App

Create and apply unlimited custom add-ons to all desired products in your store.

Inventory and SKU management

Inventory & SKU Management

Efficiently manage your inventory and SKU variants directly from the app's dashboard.


Unlimited Options

Offer customers endless customization directly on the product page, capturing their selections in orders.


Character Limit

Set character limits for the Textbox or Paragraph Text options to ensure concise input.


Set Default Option Value

Predefine specific options as default, enhancing the user experience.


Color Picker

Allow merchants to select color values directly from the app, ensuring a consistent storefront appearance.

Image and Colour Swatches option type

Image and Color Swatches

Provide shoppers with visual image or color swatches during selection, reflecting their choices in Shopify orders.


Date Field Option

Provide your consumers a date field where they can specify their expected delivery date.


Create Rules

Implement rules that display or hide options based on prior customer choices. For instance, only show the logo upload option if a custom shirt was previously selected.


Offer One Time Charge

Apply charges once for specific options, regardless of purchase quantity.


Customizable Button

Customize the appearance of add-on buttons to align with your product page design.


Validation for Min/Max Option Selection

For multiple-choice options, set minimum and maximum selection values. For example, limit users to selecting only two options from a collection.


Multiple Swatch Selection

Allow shoppers to choose multiple image or color swatches, with set minimum and maximum limits. View their selections in the order summary.


Hidden Fields

Use hidden fields to embed non-visible values within orders, ideal for adding internal tags or notes.


Popup Option

Introduce a custom button that displays a popup with a concise product overview, customizable with various content types.


Price Adjustment

Assign costs to non-stock options like "gift-wrapping" or "engraving," clearly indicating any added costs.


Full Display Customization

Customize everything from layout to color choices on product pages. Advanced CSS is also available for further refinement.


Edit Options in Cart

Allow customers to modify previously chosen options from the cart, presenting a pop-up with the selected details.


Bulk Apply

Efficiently apply options to multiple products. Filter by vendor, tag, or type to streamline option creation.

3 tier based conditional logic

3-Tier based Conditional Logic

Implement conditional rules to display specific option values, ensuring clean product pages and precise personalized orders.

Percentage pricing

Percentage Based Pricing

Dynamically adjust fees based on option pricing with a percentage markup.

Information Option type

Information Option Type

Incorporate additional product details using the Rich Text Editor.

Target Selector Block

Target Selector Block

Add unique identifiers to style product options without altering theme code.

Quantity Selector

Quantity Selector

Choose to enable a one-time charge or select a specific option's quantity. It's user-friendly and straightforward.

Pricing button

Checkout Button

Simplify the checkout process for customers with BuyNow and ShopPay Express checkout.

Clickable tooltips

Clickable Tooltips

Enhance your content with clickable links, offering additional information to readers.

Count display

Count Display

Enable users to determine the size of their search results, helping refine their search queries.

Formula based Option

Formula-based Option

Customize product options using mathematical formulas and automate pricing calculations.

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About the Hulk Product Options App

Customize your products with unlimited options, tailoring them to your exact preferences and needs.

Product options stand as a cornerstone in ecommerce. Many products, from clothing to furniture, require these options for customization. For instance, clothing varies in size and color, while furniture offers different finishes.

Shopify Product Options not only improves the shopping experience for local businesses handling pick-up orders or customizations but also serves other Shopify merchants. Consider the diverse sizes, colors, or variants of a product. Moreover, this app sets clear boundaries for customer requests, ensuring no unexpected add-ons or costs arise post-purchase. This eliminates scenarios where a customer places an order, later requests additional features, and then faces confusion over added costs.

Here’s how you’ll put the Hulk Product Options App to use:
  • Allow your customers to choose anything that fits their persona and personalize your customers' experience—while increasing AOV.
  • Assign a price to any product quantity or a custom category and manage the price hassle-free.
  • Assign a price to additional items like gift wrapping outside of your inventory and earn more money.
  • Shape the cart UI with elegant custom option types like dropdown, checkbox, radio button, file upload, email, phone, and more.

The Product Options App is an essential tool!

Our app does not only personalize the shopping journey to boost your AOV but also simplifies the pricing process for various product categories. The app offers a range of custom option types like dropdowns and checkboxes to enhance user experience. Add-ons like gift wrapping can be easily priced, opening new revenue streams for your business. Tooltips provide clarity on product options, helping customers make informed choices. One standout feature is the ability for unlimited customization directly on the product page, streamlining the purchasing process and boosting conversion rates. The app also allows for easy pricing of non-inventory options and enables customers to edit their choices directly from the cart for a smoother shopping experience.

Join our community of successful brands at HulkApps today!

Full description

Maximize the Potential of the Shopify Product Options App

Creating Product Variants

Shopify limits product variants to 100, but the Product Options App allows for more, enhancing customer experience with multiple color options for any product.

Product Templates

Create a universal template set and apply it across multiple products, saving time and ensuring consistency and efficiency in product presentation.

Product Personalization

Offer customizable options for products, either free or paid, to cater to customer preferences and enhance brand loyalty through strategic personalization.

Third-party Warranty and Insurance

Integrate third-party warranty and insurance options with Product Options to offer added security and cater to customer needs, building trust and satisfaction.

Special Options for Gifting Season

Provide festive gift wrapping and seasonal touches for products during holidays, adding a personal touch to customer purchases.

Creating Product Add-ons and Cross-sells

Use Product Options to suggest complementary items and create relevant add-ons with a smart pricing strategy to enhance product value and customer experience.

Upsell and Product Inventory

Utilize upselling techniques with Product Options to offer higher-end variants at the right time, optimizing product inventory for availability and profit.

File Upload

Enable customers to upload designs for personalized products, fostering deeper engagement and satisfaction through customization.

Size Chart

Offer detailed size charts for apparel and footwear, customizable to different measurements, improving the shopping experience and fit accuracy for customers.

Specific Date Delivery

Provide flexible delivery options, including specific date delivery, to cater to customer schedules and special occasions, ensuring convenience and satisfaction.

Price Listing Specific for Different Types of Customers

Tailor offers and options for different customer groups using tags in the app, maintaining transparency in pricing strategies to build trust.



Perfect for start-ups


  • tick mark iconAny development store can use this app for free until they upgrade their account to a paid Shopify plan


Perfect for small businesses


  • tick mark iconCreate Unlimited Options and Option Sets
  • tick mark iconCollection-based Option Sets
  • tick mark iconDynamic Checkout Button Integration
  • tick mark icon12 Option Types
  • tick mark iconColor/Image Swatches Option
  • tick mark iconFile Upload Option
  • tick mark iconPrice Adjustments
  • tick mark iconDiscount Code in Cart
  • tick mark iconClickable Tooltips
  • tick mark iconAdd Help Text for Options
  • tick mark iconCalculate Options Margin
  • tick mark iconAssign Options to Products in Bulk
  • tick mark iconFull Display Customization


Perfect for growing businesses


  • tick mark iconBulk Import/Export Options and Option Set
  • tick mark iconConditional Logic
  • tick mark icon20 Option Types
  • tick mark iconInventory Control
  • tick mark iconEdit Options in Cart
  • tick mark iconPercentage Charge
  • tick mark iconMultiplication Charge
  • tick mark iconOne-time Charge Option
  • tick mark iconLink Multiple Options to Product Images
  • tick mark iconSet Min/Max Value on Option Selection
  • tick mark iconCharacter Limits
  • tick mark iconSchedule Product Options
  • tick mark iconSet Default Option Values
  • tick mark iconColor/Image Dropdown Option
  • tick mark iconColor Picker Option
  • tick mark iconHidden Field Option
  • tick mark iconButton Option
  • tick mark iconPopup Option
  • tick mark iconDate Field Option
  • tick mark iconTime Picker Option


Perfect for larger enterprises


  • tick mark iconAll Option Types
  • tick mark iconDedicated Onboarding Manager
  • tick mark iconInventory & SKU Management
  • tick mark iconInventory Reporting System
  • tick mark iconAdvanced Conditional Logic
  • tick mark iconFormula-based Option
  • tick mark iconOptions Quantity Selector
  • tick mark iconMailchimp/Klaviyo Integration
  • tick mark iconGoogle Font Picker
  • tick mark iconMulti-textbox Option

*Introducing our Annual Plan - Upgrade your account to the Annual Plan and get 2 months free of charge!

Product Options App in Numbers


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Product Bundling


Swatch Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Product options are the different choices you have for a single item in your store. For example, if you're selling a shirt, the product options might include various sizes like small, medium, and large, as well as different colors like red, blue, or black.

By offering your consumers total trust in what their final product will look like, our Product Options App can help you reduce abandoned cart rates and enhance conversions.

Check out our comprehensive knowledge base for additional information on creating a custom product option or configuring characteristics using the Hulk Product Options App.

Yes, our Product Options App overcomes the limitation of 99 product variants in Shopify.

For attributes, use clear, simple-to-understand labels, make variants easy to preview using product swatches or photographs, and utilize high-quality, true-to-life product images for each custom product.

Yes, our app provides our merchants with a robust in-cart editing capability. To activate this functionality in our app, simply follow the easy instructions below. Go to app dashboard > General Settings > Settings > Check ‘Enable Edit in Cart’ Option > Save.


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