Squarespace to Shopify Migration - A Complete Guide

Are you looking for a dedicated Shopify migration service to move out of Squarespace?

HulkApps harnesses the power of best-in-class migration expertise and technicalities to handle the criticality of data imports for Squarespace to Shopify migration.

At HulkApps, we provide a careful approach to data migration, removing old plugins, managing URL redirects, and setting up a new store as quickly as possible.

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Shopify migration - important considerations

Minimize your migration stress from SquareSpace to Shopify and build a stable business with our Shopify experts.

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Data import

Customer and order data is essential information that needs to be migrated smoothly. Our Shopify experts follow a correct sequence in the Squarespace to Shopify migration, so you can utilize it to make more conversions with targeted marketing techniques.

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Protocol independencies

Ensure all your store assets (theme files, stylesheets, or images) are always accessible by removing specific protocols. If confused, our Shopify migration experts can help you.

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Import faster

As soon as you import your data, the sooner the Shopify migration process will be over. We would suggest you use an importer app to build fast and make money fast. Start with the product, customer, and then historical product data.

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Growth opportunities

If you intend to expand your e-business for an international audience, Shopify offers you multiple language support, currency, and geo-targeting options.

Transfer Data to Shopify from Squarespace

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  • Mobile First Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Mirroring Design
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  • Images
  • SKU
  • Full Description
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  • Migrate Existing Apps
  • Integrate New Apps
  • Custom App Solution
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  • Billing Info
  • Order Data
  • Coupon Codes
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  • Customer Data-Name, Email, Phone, other related info
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  • Pages
  • Content
  • Media Files
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  • Import Reviews
  • Map with Products
  • Review App Integration
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  • Speed Improvement
  • 301 SEO Redirection
  • Webmaster-Analytics

Pre-migration tips for Shopify migration

Know critical migration factors for Shopify migration from Squarespace. We give you simple yet functional tips to avoid project glitches.


Identify the criticality

Before you start migrating from Squarespace to Shopify, identify what data you are migrating, what format it is currently in, where it lives, and what format it should be in post-migration. By placing this information, you'll realize what is going on in the project.


Give your audience a heads-up

Even if you follow all the necessary procedures, there is a high chance that your website may still suffer some hiccups, so it would be better to inform your store customers that you will be moving your website.


Restore options

Have the ability to correct the error by restoring the data to its original state by backing up the data before migration is started.

Post-migration tips

Scalability and high performance are indeed crucial to ensuring incessant growth for your store. What should you do post Shopify migration?

Understand the functionalities

As you migrate to Shopify, your store data will be categorized as collections and tags on Shopify.

Currency display

With Shopify, you can customize themes to show multiple currencies for display purposes only. Also, you can configure to make your customers check out only in the currency you set on.

Set up locations

If you intend to manage your inventory and fulfill orders from various spaces, you can use locations. This configuration will help you have better visibility into your inventory across your business.

Shopify migration : Busting the myths

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Meet your Shopify migration partner

We know you are always apprehensive about getting your store activated sooner. Shopify migration is never an easy decision for you. But, when you decide to migrate to Shopify, we give you unwavering assurance for your store built to deliver efficiency and performance.

We are Shopify experts. From data handling to search engine optimization, we do everything you need to build a scalable store.

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Our expertise

Maximize our efforts

From migration to onboarding and customization, you find us at every step of your migration journey.

Data analysis
Design & development
Conversion & revenue optimization
Marketing automation

HulkApps - making Shopify migration a breeze

Leverage end-to-end Shopify migration support from us.

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Build a Shopify migration roadmap

Migration is always a complex project. With our dedicated team of Shopify migration experts, we do a complete audit to identify a couple of things involved with wireframes, SEO, UX, pages- to help build an improved migration plan and a flexible date for launch that support fast time-to-market.

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Handle complex migration

Our hands-on experience with over 100+ migration projects helps us broaden our skills and gain the ability to handle complex migration issues. We have built in-depth technical expertise year over year, making us efficient in implementing the best techniques for large and complex projects and maintaining data integrity through the migration processes.

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Results & ROI

Be it Squarespace to Shopify migration or replatforming with Shopify or Shopify Plus; merchants consistently achieve their business objectives with our out-of-the-box strategies. The best-in-class integrations, UX/UI designs, customizations, and risk-free deployment securely bring the best value to their money invested, time, and effort.

It's time for Shopify migration! Migrate to Shopify from Squarespace now!

HulkApps keeps up with all the latest industry trends and harnesses bespoke expertise to work with any kind of platform migration. We promise seamless scaling with Shopify or Shopify Plus migration by offering excellent server maintenance that can handle huge traffic and ensure positive investment returns. Let's connect to enable Shopify migration.

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Checklist for migrating your online store to Shopify

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