Miva to Shopify Migration- A Complete Guide

Making a move from Miva to Shopify pays off in the long run. Does the mundane or critical migration process hold you back from the core objectives?

HulkApps Shopify migration experts bring to you dedicated services you can vouch for. We can move your store from Miva to Shopify deftly. Leverage extensive Shopify migration services from HulkApps today. 

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Miva vs. Shopify - Which is the right platform for you?

The essence of Shopify architecture is that it's friendly, which makes it a popular framework to work with. We are Shopify experts in migration services helping you review your store on Miva in a better way.



Why prefer Shopify migration?

Flexible customization

To work with the Shopify backend, beginner-level HTML and CSS coding knowledge is helpful. Customizing storefront with templates, building flexible navigation, adding web pages are great with Shopify’s user-friendly interface.

It is easy for merchants to match HTML/CSS while they are at customizing or updating inventory data, product, collection page, or SKUs.

With its expansive portfolio of the developer community worldwide, Shopify provides excellent support and technical assistance that helps build merchants’ stores fast with custom requirements.

Robust security 

Shopify keeps its hosting free yet secure for merchants to help start even with a small budget. It has certified Level 1 PCI DSS Compliance in place to allow flexible support for-

  • Continuous risk management
  • Annual on-site management
  • Shopping cart security
  • Shopify account security
  • Vulnerability management program
  • 99.98% uptime

It means merchants will no longer need to use third-party modules to fix bugs. Also, Shopify protects merchants’ data and customer data without

Shopify Migration: Busting the Myths

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Shopify migration - important considerations

Moving from Miva to Shopify takes in-depth insights and expertise for the overall job. HulkApps is your right Shopify migration agency. Know important facts.


Data analysis

Spend time before commencing any migration to really get to know your results. This involves looking at all the various types of data and any special sets of data that exist, mapping them out to the right location in Shopify.


Migrating orders

Consider migrating all your orders including details such as order numbers, ordered items, related customer details, taxes paid, and total prices when you think about migrating your ecommerce shop.


Migrating products & customers

Migrate your customer profiles including details such as full names, shipping and billing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, and your product data details such as titles, SKUs, descriptions, photos, tags, barcodes, variants, and weights.


Redirects and monitoring

Once the migration is complete, consider creating redirects from old URLs to new URLs to support SEO. A website migration that involves changes to important URLs is doomed to fail if the old URLs do not redirect correctly to the new ones so monitor these for 4 weeks.

Data transfer from Miva to Shopify

Shopify - Help


  • Rapid Shopify Recurring Orders
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Mirror Design
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk Upload
  • Manually Add
  • Copy Options
Shopify - Help


  • Migrate Existing Apps
  • Integrate New Apps
  • Custom App Solution
Shopify - Help


  • Copy Over
  • Map With Customers
  • Set Order Status
Shopify - Help


  • Bulk Upload
  • Notify Customers
  • Re-Activate Profile
Shopify - Help


  • Pages
  • Content
  • Media Files
Shopify - Help


  • Import Reviews
  • Map With Products
  • Review App Integration
Shopify - Help


  • Speed Improvement
  • 301 SEO Redirection
  • Webmaster-Analytics

Pre-migration tips for Shopify migration

Know critical migration factors for Shopify. We give you simple yet functional tips to avoid project glitches.


Expert assistance

The more customized is your present eCommerce site is, the tougher it becomes to manage single-handedly. Product filtering and faceting with Shopify are not so easy. Expert Shopify migration agency can address this during Miva migration.


Live server

As you move to Shopify from Miva, some products may remain hidden. Shopify can indicate soon after some products are imported. Ensure the migration happens on live and development servers to prevent data loss.


Fast migration

There are Shopify import apps or other migration tools. You can use these tools or make changes in HTML and CSS to implement the migration. Fast migration enables a rapid customer journey on your new Shopify website.

Post-migration tips

issues

Post-migration, you cannot get access to your Shopify store on Google Chrome on Desktop. The following steps can help you work on a desktop.

Tag page issues

Inability to edit tag pages may impact SEO performances. Edit Shopify themes. Add code to your collection (liquid file). As you do it successfully, you can optimize your product pages and drive traffic.

Add sales channels

Post-migration to Shopify from Miva, you can sell on Messenger, Instagram, and many places. Forget not to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. Interestingly, Shopify migration allows you to sell via Buy Button on non-Shopify channels. Leverage it.

Forced URL structure

Forced URL structure may prevent you from taking control over your Shopify store. It is crucial to fix the issue when eyeing to optimize your site 100%. Check with Locked Robots.txt. Add meta robots to the page. This helps avoid Forced URL structure.

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HulkApps keeps up with all the latest industry trends and harnesses bespoke expertise to work across Miva. When working with Shopify migration, we make sure the migration happens impeccably. With more than a decade of migration experience with Shopify, we ensure productivity, performance, and results for all of our clients. Let's connect.

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