Add unique, detailed custom fields to your Shopify storefront, boosting both user experience and SEO capabilities. By using Metafields in their Shopify theme every merchant gets to add, manage, import, and export extra, additional fields for anything in their store, that doesn't otherwise exist in the Shopify Admin.

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Hulk Metafields Custom Fields

Key Features of the Shopify Metafields Custom Fields App

Personalize every journey with our must-have Metafields Custom Fields App.

Shopify - Color picker

Color Picker

For our Pro members, this feature lets you choose a color value for display in your store.

Shopify - Unlimited customizations

Unlimited Customizations

Change your metafields' appearance and functions as often as you want. Perfect for special events like Black Friday or Christmas.

Shopify - Basic text field

Basic Text Field

Available for all users, this feature lets you add text to your store. For example, a message about free shipping.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Order Email Alerts

Set up emails to update customers about their order status using Metafields.

Shopify - Basic number type

Basic Number Field

Available for all users, this lets you add number values to your store, like extra product sizes.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Multiple Templates

Easily structure any page and save it as a template. This speeds up creating new metafields in the future.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Bulk Metafields/Global

Edit many metafields at once, especially useful when adding similar metafields, like video links.

Shopify - Multiple Language Support

Multi-language Support

Add metafields in any language. If your store's language changes, update the metafield language too.

Shopify - Advanced code editor

Advanced Code Editor

Place metafields anywhere in your store by using a simple shortcode.

Shopify - Store data in our Amazon S3 bucket

Safe Data Storage

Files you upload are stored securely in our Amazon S3 bucket, ensuring quick access and peace of mind.

Shopify - Create Dynamic Logic using Metafields

Dynamic Logic Creation

Mix and match metafields to offer a unique shopping experience for visitors.

Shopify - One click import/export (Pro plan)

One-click Import/Export

Quickly move metafields in and out of the app, all in one place.

Shopify - Draft Order Template

Draft Order Templates

Manage draft order info efficiently, reducing repetitive tasks.

Shopify - Bulk Delete Metafields

Bulk Delete Metafields

Easily remove unwanted metafields, whether it's a few or many.

Shopify - Storefront Visibility

Metafields Storefront Visibility

Display product or collection details for a unique shopping experience. Great for custom storefront designs.

Shopify - Locations Resource

Store Location Details

Add extra info like store hours for each physical location.

Shopify - Metafields for SEO

SEO Metafields Management

Boost your store's search engine visibility by updating meta tags for various parts of your store.

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About the Hulk Metafields Custom Fields App

Metafields, a standout feature in Shopify, breaks native theme constraints, letting you add custom fields tailored to your store's requirements. The HulkApps Metafields App empowers merchants to customize content and data across their store, from products to blogs. It doesn't change your theme's appearance but enhances content depth and relevance.

Why Choose Our Metafields app?
  • Create and modify metafields to boost conversions.
  • Offer vital details like size, color, and shipping.
  • Bulk data upload via spreadsheet or CSV.
  • Features include Global Custom Fields, Bulk Management, Unlimited Customization, Multiple Metafield Types, Advanced HTML Editor, One-click Import/Export, 100MB File Upload (upgraded version), 10 Image Uploads, Email-based Metafield Creation, and Color Picker.
  • To use, add metafields in template.liquid, preview in theme, and adjust appearance with custom CSS.

  • Add collection images and brand profiles.
  • Highlight product details like material and size.
  • Personalize customer profiles and messages.
  • Include downloadable files and essential pages.
  • Feature FAQs and recommended products.
  • Announce releases store-wide.
Full description

Maximize the Potential of the Metafields Custom Fields App


The Product Page is the essential component of any ecommerce website. In addition to the checkout page, the product page is the final stop on the customer's journey. Due to their high SEO value, product pages typically generate the majority of website traffic; however, this varies between industries.


Collecting customer data enables you to customise your interactions with each of your customers. With enough customer data, you can almost predict their behavior and present them with products they would be interested in, thus increasing your chance of completing a sale.


Few factors can diminish sales of a successful product; one of these is a negative ordering experience. There is a great deal of space for improvement in this area, both from the standpoint of your customers and your own. Metafields enable you to include far more information on your product pages and your store.


Blogs are a surefire way to increase your website traffic. Of course, blogs are mostly focused on the content and the value that you provide to the reader, but there are a few things that you have to consider before publishing a blog.


You've undoubtedly previously encountered a situation where you wish to add more than one image to your Collection page - whether it is a background image, logo, or something else - however Shopify does not natively support this feature. Metafields enable you to add multiple images and present them as a slideshow. You can also improve your store's responsiveness by adding different images for desktop and mobile users.


Not every metafield applies to all pages on your website, but in some cases, implementing a metafield on most of your pages can be greatly beneficial for your business.



Perfect for start-ups


  • tick mark iconAny development store can use this app for free until they upgrade their account to a paid Shopify plan


Perfect for growing teams


  • tick mark icon5MB Image/File Upload
  • tick mark iconImport/Export Metafields (via ID or Handle)
  • tick mark iconOne-Click Metafields Export
  • tick mark iconAdvanced Field Types


Perfect for small businesses


  • tick mark icon15MB Image/File Upload
  • tick mark iconMultiple Templates
  • tick mark iconGlobal Metafields
  • tick mark iconPriority Support


Perfect for larger enterprises


  • tick mark icon100 MB Image/File Upload
  • tick mark iconDedicated Support

*Introducing our Annual Plan - Upgrade your account to the Annual Plan and get 2 months free of charge!

Metafields Custom Fields App in Numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your field data is stored in Shopify's Metafields, under a unique namespace for Custom Fields. Images uploaded via this app are saved in a dedicated Amazon S3 bucket. If the Custom Fields app faces issues, your data remains safe, and there's no impact on your visitors.

No, only store admins can modify custom field data.

The app lets you create and manage metafields, but it doesn't alter your themes. To display the metafields, you'll need to manually integrate them into your themes using Liquid code.


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Hulk Metafields Custom Fields

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