Enhance your store by adding images, related products, and any other data you can think of to your storefront. Using Metafields in their Shopify theme every merchant gets the power to add, manage, import, and export extra, additional fields for anything in their store, that doesn't otherwise exist in the Shopify Admin.


Shopify Metafields Custom Fields App

Key Features of the Shopify Metafields Custom Fields App

Personalize every journey with our must-have Metafields Custom Fields App.

Shopify - Color picker

Color Picker

A color field in the Metafield Master App lets our Pro members pick the color as a value in the storefront.

Shopify - Unlimited customizations

Unlimited Customizations

You can change the look, the feel, and functions of your metafields as many times as you would like. This feature comes in handy for special occasions like BFCM, Christmas, and so much more.

Shopify - Basic text field

Basic Text Field

The app offers the text field to both Free and Pro plan users. It allows you to add string values and display any additional information to your storefront. This could be anything, a free shipping reminder message, etc.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Create Order Email Notifications

Configure email notifications for alerting customers at various stages of the order-tracking process using Metafields so whenever there’s a change in the status of the customer’s order, they’ll automatically get notified via email.

Shopify - Basic number type

Basic Number Type

The app offers the number field to both Free and Pro plan users. It allows you to add numbers as the values and display any additional information to your storefront. This could be anything, an additional product-size option, etc.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Multiple Templates

This is by far the coolest feature in the Metafields Master App. It allows you to form a structure of any page and save it as a template to create future metafields for your storefront, saving tons of your time.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Bulk Metafields/Global

This app isn't restrictive! We've introduced Global metafields, allowing our merchants to manage metafields in bulk, which is great for making editing faster when you need to add same type of metafields (like a product YouTube link).

Shopify - Multiple Language Support

Multi-language Support

Metafields Master App allows you to add and display additional information using metafields in any language you want. And when your store language is changed, you can add the values in metafields in the same language.

Shopify - Advanced code editor

Advanced Code Editor

The app offers an easy way to place the metafields when and wherever the user needs them. Upon placing a shortcode, merchants can display the additional information field in the storefront at the desired position.

Shopify - Store data in our Amazon S3 bucket

Store Data in Our Amazon S3 Bucket

Whatever files our merchants upload using The Metafields App are stored in our Amazon S3 bucket. This lets you stay worry-free and helps retrieve the data much faster when fetched.

Shopify - Create Dynamic Logic using Metafields

Create Dynamic Logic

Using a combination of different types of metafields, you can create dynamic logic to further personalize the shopping experience for your visitors.

Shopify - One click import/export (Pro plan)

One-click Import/Export

The app lets you import and export the metafields in bulk making it a time-saving approach and provides them all under one roof.

Shopify - Draft Order Template

Draft Order Template

Manage information on your store's draft orders smartly and efficiently, avoiding repetitive work by creating templates for Draft Orders.

Shopify - Bulk Delete Metafields

Bulk Delete Metafields

Say goodbye to unwanted metafields with advanced conditions. Select and delete specific or all metafields across products, pages, collections, orders, draft orders, or customers.

Shopify - Storefront Visibility

Metafields Storefront Visibility

Expose product or collection metafields on the storefront for unique shopping experiences. Ideal for developers to create bespoke storefronts that truly represent your brand.

Shopify - Locations Resource

Locations Resource

Support for the Locations resource means you can now store additional information like store hours and locations in metafield values for each physical location.

Shopify - Metafields for SEO

Manage Metafields for SEO

Control your store's visibility in search engine results by updating the meta tags of your products, pages, collections, blogs, or articles.

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About The Shopify Metafields Custom Fields App

Metafields, as one of Shopify's most valuable features, lets you go beyond the Shopify native theme limitations by enabling you to create new fields to meet all of your store’s needs.

Create and manage all types of content throughout your store with ease and increase the impact your valuable content creates.

With the Metafields App by HulkApps, any merchant can customize both their content and data by including fields for whatever they can think of. Everything in your store qualifies, from collections to products to customers, pages to product variants, orders, blogs, and articles. Metafields Master will let you make, edit, and manage metafields in your shop, but it won't alter the look of your current theme.

Without a doubt, the Metafields App by HulkApps is an essential tool

The Metafields App by HulkApps allows you to create an endless number of custom fields, each of which may be used to provide your store's visitors with more information that can be used to make decisions and encourage them to take action. Using them, Shopify stores can display data about their items, collections, customers, product variants, sizes, colors, contact details, and more.

You can give your consumers the greatest possible shopping experience by adding and editing fields and importing and exporting them. Automated processes are simplified by tools like Global Custom Fields and Bulk Import/Export, allowing you to devote more time and energy to increasing conversions.

Many field types are available in the Metafields App by HulkApps, allowing you to add in-depth product descriptions like sizing information, how-to tips, and even videos. Details like photos, URLs, emails, and color fields can easily be added as new fields.

Enhance your Metafields experience with these awesome benefits:
  • It enables you to create, update, and alter metafields in your online store to increase conversions.
  • Provide information, such as size, color, shipping address, payment methods, collection, websites, - product variants, and orders, to assist customers.
  • Use Import/Export to upload a huge amount of data by syncing with a spreadsheet or custom CSV files.

You get all of the above plus:
  • Global Custom Fields
  • Bulk Metafields Management
  • Unlimited Metafields Customization
  • Multiple Types of Metafields
  • More Than a Basic HTML Editor
  • One-click Bulk Import/Export
  • Up to 100MB Files Upload with Upgraded Version
  • Upload Up to 10 Images into Metafields
  • Create Metafields via Email
  • Color Picker

The following instructions will get you closer to your goal:
  • Navigate to the template.liquid to add appropriate metafields for blogs, products, collections, and more.
  • Use theme preview to evaluate metafields for improvement or approval.
  • Use custom CSS to modify the look and feel of the metafields.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the Metafields App by HulkApps:
  • Add additional collection images/slideshows.
  • Create brand profiles for collection.
  • Add fields to the product detail page to highlight material, size, measurements, and all other relevant information.
  • Create or edit customer profiles with personalized data.
  • Have a personalized message or reminder popup for a specific type of customer.
  • Insert important files for customers to download (pdfs, user manuals, etc.).
  • Insert important pages on your product pages (policy, guides).
  • Insert FAQs to your store (Products, Collections, Blogs, etc.).
  • Cross-sell and upsell with the Recommended Products section.
  • Insert personalized messaging and reminders for specific customers.
  • Announce your big release with messages throughout your store.

What's New

Metafields Master by HulkApps has always been committed to augmenting your Shopify store's functionality, offering you unprecedented control and customization possibilities. Our primary focus is on providing a seamless, efficient, and enriching experience for Shopify store management.

With our recent upgrades, we've reached new milestones. We've introduced the Draft Order Template feature, allowing smart and efficient management of your store's draft orders by using the same namespace and key to organize this better.

We have also added a Bulk Delete Operation with Advanced Filters, enabling you to rid your store of unwanted metafields. Whether it's across products, pages, collections, orders, draft orders, or customers - selective or comprehensive deletion is now at your fingertips.

Further, in response to the requests of many of our users, we've enhanced Metafields Storefront Visibility. Now, developers can create bespoke storefront experiences by exposing product or collection metafields.

In addition, we've launched support for the Locations resource, which means you can store additional metafield values like store hours and locations for each physical location of your store.

To assist with your store's SEO, we now offer the ability to manage metafields for SEO. This feature allows you to control the visibility of your store's products, pages, collections, blogs, or articles in search engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your field data, that is, the actual values you entered into the field for any product or other content, is stored in Shopify along with all of your other data. Specifically, the data is stored in Metafields, using a namespace particular to Custom Fields. This means that the values you enter into this app are available outside of the app, if you need them and have your own developers, using the Metafields API. Your images added through this app are stored and served in an Amazon S3 bucket specific to this app. Your field definitions are stored in the app. If, for any reason, the Custom Fields app "goes down" your data will not be lost and your customers and visitors will not be impacted.

Currently, no. Only store administrators can modify custom field data.

The Metafields app will allow you to create, manage, and add data to metafields in your store but makes no changes to your themes or templates on your behalf. To put the metafields you create to use in your themes, you will need to do so manually with some Liquid code in your templates, they will not automatically display or trigger any special functionality for your store.


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