Drive action and boost engagement with smart popups with coupons. Collect email addresses and sync new email signups straight to your mailing service via newsletter popups, promote special offers, featured products, coupon codes, and more.

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Free Popup App - Email & Signup

Key Features of the Shopify Popup App

Collect leads effortlessly with our Shopify Popup App.


Timed Popups

Manage the frequency of popups for returning visitors to maintain a spam-free and pleasant browsing experience.

Shopify - Basic text field

Popup Position

Tailor the location of each popup to suit your preference, with options including center alignment or positioning in any of the four corners.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Device and Location

Select the devices (desktop, mobile, or both) and specify the countries where you want your popups to be displayed, offering a tailored approach to different audiences.

Shopify - Display click counts

Page Selection

Specify the exact locations for your popup to appear — be it on every page, the home page exclusively, pages with designated URLs, or those containing specific keywords in the URL, tailoring the visibility to suit your strategy.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Popup Details

Kickstart the creation of auto-display messages swiftly and effortlessly. Choose from a variety of popup types including Email Subscription, Coupon, Simple Announcement, and Page Promotion popups to suit your needs.

Shopify - Bulk Metafields/Global (PRO+ plan)

Display Condition

Take control of the timing for your popup displays based on user behavior. Set triggers based on time spent on the page, the number of pages visited, exit intentions, or the percentage of the page scrolled, offering a customized user experience.

About the Free Popup App - Email & Signup

Maximize the Potential of the Shopify Popup Master App

Email Popups

Converting every website visitor into a customer instantly isn't always possible. However, by collecting their email addresses through email popups, you can maintain a line of communication, nurturing them until they are ready to progress in their customer journey. This way, you steadily guide them towards making a purchase, fostering a relationship built on trust and personalized engagement. Let me know if this works or if you have other requests!

Coupon or Discount Popups

Discounts stand as one of the most potent instruments in an e-commerce marketer's toolkit. Utilized judiciously, they can transform mere website visitors into paying subscribers and loyal customers. Sales promotion popups can be the decisive factor that nudges hesitant prospects over the line, enhancing the ROI of your sales campaigns significantly. It's about striking the right balance to foster a win-win situation where customers feel valued and your business sees a healthy growth in sales. Let me know if this works or if you have other requests!



Free to install

  • tick mark iconCreate an Unlimited Number of Popups
  • tick mark iconChoose Templates from Pre-build Library
  • tick mark iconFully Customizable Popups
  • tick mark iconTarget Users Based on Countries
  • tick mark iconEmail Marketing Tools Integration: MailChimp & Klaviyo
  • tick mark iconAuto-scheduling
  • tick mark iconSet Display Condition
  • tick mark iconPopup Preview
  • tick mark icon4 Popups in 1 App
  • tick mark iconUnlimited Popup Views
  • tick mark iconCustom Images
  • tick mark iconDevice Targeting
  • tick mark iconGeo-targeting by Country
  • tick mark iconDisplay Frequency
  • tick mark iconExit Intent Delay

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Free Popup App - Email & Signup

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