Announce free shipping offers for maximum conversions to urge shoppers to add a targeted product to their cart.All-in-one Quick Announcement Bar, Free Shipping Bar, Countdown Timer Bar, Welcome Header Bar to Motivate shoppers in making a purchase. Show your shoppers that you offer discount codes, free shipping & a countdown timer bar for orders over a certain amount. Announce your upcoming or ongoing sales and include a countdown timer. Offer a coupon to your users. Display any emergency notice or changes to service.

Key Features of the Shopify FSB Free Shipping Bar App

Announce free shipping offers for maximum conversions with our must-have FSB Free Shipping Bar App


Promotion Countdown Bar

By utilizing this function, you can create promotions and generate excitement among your customers.

Shopify - Basic text field

Mobile Device Ready

This app is entirely mobile-device-ready, making it more accessible for mobile users.

Shopify - Create Order Email Notifications

Geo-Location Based

This app works worldwide, regardless of your website’s server location or visitors.

Shopify - Display click counts

Mailchimp and Klaviyo Integration

This app is fully integrated with Mailchimp, which means much easier management and multiple usage purposes.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Custom Bar Settings

You are able to personalize the experience to your liking by modifying a wide variety of settings, such as the font family, the position of the bar, and many other aspects.

Shopify - Multiple templates

Card Goal System

By displaying messages to customers using this feature, you can encourage them to make larger purchases. This can be displayed strikingly across your entire website.

About The Shopify FSB Free Shipping Bar App

Benefits of Using Shopify FSB Free Shipping Bar App

Different ways Shopify FSB Free Shipping Bar App can help your store


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Shopify FSB Free Shipping Bar App

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