Make convenient and simple fill-in forms with any structure to successfully collect with Shopify Form Builder. Ranked the best free Form Builder for Shopify: Easily add Contact Forms, Survey Forms, and Wholesale Forms to your Shopify site in a few minutes. Fully custom design and no coding needed. 

About Shopify Form Builder App

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several themes accessible with Shopify. As a result, the file structure may differ. Run through this guide will show you how to replace the default registration form in your Shopify store theme.

Yes, our Shopify form builder app alerts you of any submissions to your forms that you generate with our app. All you have to do is configure the email address to which you want submission notifications sent. Follow this simple guide for more details.

Yes, of course! Our app offers you various types of pre-curated forms - Wholesale Forms, Order Forms, Contact us pages, Registration Form, Building Surveys, Donation Forms, Payment Forms, Popup Form, Request Forms, Evaluation Forms, Feedback Form, Booking Forms, Reservation Forms, Upload Forms, Custom Checkout Form, Membership Forms, Appointment Form, Subscription Forms, Award Forms and RSVP Forms.

Unlike other Shopify Form Builder apps, Hulk Form Builder provides its merchants with a free plan that includes unlimited Forms and many other robust features.

Yes, this is achievable with our easy form builder app. Follow our support guide to set up acknowledgement emails for your users.

File uploads of up to 3MB are supported by our Form Builder app with File Upload.


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