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Recent Sales Notifications offer an incredible way obtain buyer's trust and convert more traffic into sales.
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About Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier

Automatically turn recent orders into sales notifications to promote purchase activities on your storefront:

What's better for impulse buying than seeing other people actively buying? Convert your store visitors into customers with real-time sales notification cards on your storefront. Sales notification is a great tool for creating urgency among the visitors by showing that their favorite items are selling out fast. It pushes the customers to buy the product and avoid the fear of missing out. Sales Pop - FOMO Notifier App is an effective marketing tool, great for sharing automatic notifications of orders and shopping activities of customers.

When new shoppers visit your store, they know other customers have bought products. Leveraging the power of social proof, Sales Popup convinces visitors to start buying from your brand with confidence and trust.

Sales Popup is suitable for every type of store:

Whether you are a store that has many orders, or a recently launched store, popups can sync with your store's order history to show recent purchases up to last 60 days, or, allow you to create dummy order data from back-end, so you can urge potentials to buy from your store.

Reasons to try Sales Pop App by HulkApps:
  1. Quick view mode: Show notifications with a quick view option on product click to streamline the buying process.
  2. Free holiday themes: Catchy designs will help you maximize store sales, especially on the festive seasons with free built-in themes for the notification card including the Christmas, Halloween, BFCM sales.
  3. Responsive & Customizable design: grab every potential visitor by showing highly converted pop-ups on desktop, tablet or mobile.
  4. Advanced customization: You can customize the design, message, position, frequency, and more options to suit your store’s needs.
  5. Better user experience: Optimized UI/UX on both front-end and back-end, to make it the easiest and most simple app for you to create social-proof notifications that convert.
Sales Pop App by HulkApps lets you:
  • Save on advertising costs
  • Only show popups about the product that your customer is viewing
  • Show sales popup notifications on all pages, specific collection or product pages
  • Show sales popup notifications badge
  • Show sales notifications in random order
  • Track activity with instant reports, specific charts on the back-end dashboard.

Try the best FREE app to show real-time sales notifications to boost sales and build trust in your brand.

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