Shopify Swell Integration

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Turn your customers into loyal advocates with Hulk Support and boost lifetime value and increase customer acquisition with Swell’s on-brand loyalty and referral solutions

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Hulk & Swell

Hulk’s seamless integration with Swell allows merchants to reward their customers upon various actions.

The integration can be set up in minutes by our technical experts and gives stores the ability to carefully customize their incentives based on their unique business needs.

Our experts can help merchants to tailor the size and type of incentives they offer in order to maximize reviews.

Integration Overview

Swell integration lets you build customized rewards & referrals programs to engage existing customers and reach new ones.

With Hulk support, merchants can drive 9x ROI on average by seamlessly implementing highly tailored incentive marketing programs.

Build Flexible Rewards Structure

To attract and retain the right customers, the company’s incentive structures must be flexible and meet the expectations of the modern workforce.

To achieve this, let the technical experts at Hulk help you design and implement a flexible reward plan that is tailored to match your business goals.

Component design

Go beyond one-design-fits-all programs with the help of our expert team.

Work with our dedicated experts to develop and perfect a structure that will get the best results for your brand.

Shopify Swell Integration

What's included

  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Swell to Shopify Integration & Configuration
  • Tiered-based Reward Structure
  • Swell Component Design
  • Custom Referral setup

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