Unlocking the Full Potential of Shopify with Opinew: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What Makes Opinew Stand Out?
  3. Real-life Success Stories
  4. The Opinew Effect - Beyond Just Reviews
  5. Conclusion - A Definite Game Changer
  6. FAQ

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, customer feedback has emerged as a compass guiding businesses towards improved product offerings and customer satisfaction. Amidst a plethora of tools available to harness this feedback, Shopify store owners have found a robust solution in Opinew. This blog post delves into how Opinew has redefined the landscape of customer reviews within Shopify, providing a detailed exploration of its features, benefits, and why it stands out as a pivotal tool for e-commerce success.


Have you ever wondered how powerful a customer review can be for your online store? A single review has the potential to sway decisions, shape perceptions, and significantly boost your sales. In this digital era, where user-generated content reigns supreme, leveraging customer reviews is no longer optional but a necessity for e-commerce success. Enter Opinew – Shopify's answer to the growing demand for an efficient, feature-rich review management system. Through this post, you'll embark on a journey to uncover the myriad of ways Opinew can enhance your Shopify store, ensuring you're not just keeping up with the e-commerce trends but setting them.

What Makes Opinew Stand Out?

Easy Integration and Wide Compatibility

Launched on July 26, 2017, Opinew is built to seamlessly integrate with Shopify stores, offering compatibility across multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. This broad language support ensures that businesses can cater to a diverse customer base, breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity.

Comprehensive Review Management

Opinew's bread and butter is its all-in-one review management capability. From importing reviews from heavyweights like Amazon and AliExpress in a single click to requesting reviews through emails, SMS, and QR codes, Opinew streamlines the entire process. It doesn't just stop at collecting reviews; the app allows for the display of these reviews, including photo and video content, ensuring a rich and engaging customer experience.

Customizable Design and Automation

A standout feature of Opinew is its highly customizable review widgets, designed to blend effortlessly with any Shopify theme. This customization extends to the automated email and SMS flows, which are configurable to align with your brand's aesthetic and tone, making review requests more personal and effective.

Driving Conversions with Social Proof

In the realm of e-commerce, social proof is king. Recognizing this, Opinew offers widgets and features that showcase customer reviews prominently, building trust and credibility. This visibility acts as a persuasive tool, encouraging potential customers to make a purchase, thus driving conversions and lowering return rates.

Support and Accessibility

Understanding that technical hurdles can be daunting, Opinew provides a commendable 24/7 support system. Their team is not only responsive but goes the extra mile to assist with setup, troubleshooting and customization, ensuring a smooth experience for merchants. Additionally, its resources, including onboarding video tutorials, make navigation and utilization of the app a breeze for users at any expertise level.

Pricing Flexibility

Opinew offers a tiered pricing model that caters to businesses of all sizes, with options ranging from a free plan to advanced packages. This flexibility allows for scalability, ensuring that as your business grows, Opinew grows with you, without breaking the bank.

Real-life Success Stories

Merchants have lauded Opinew for its robust features and the tangible impact it has had on their stores. From improved Google Shopping campaign performance through review snippets to enhanced product visibility and credibility resulting in higher conversion rates, the success stories are plentiful. Users also appreciate the smooth installation process and the app's intuitive interface, which further simplifies review management.

The Opinew Effect - Beyond Just Reviews

Beyond aggregating and displaying reviews, Opinew has been pivotal in shaping a holistic user experience. Reports of up to 40% higher conversions and 20% lower returns paint a clear picture of its efficacy. The app's ability to create an integrated shopping journey that fosters trust and boosts buyer confidence is unparalleled.

Conclusion - A Definite Game Changer

Opinew is not just another review management tool; it's a comprehensive platform that empowers Shopify merchants to harness the full potential of customer feedback. With its array of features tailored for e-commerce success, from review collection and display to fostering an environment of trust through social proof, Opinew stands out as a must-have for any Shopify store. Its commitment to support, coupled with pricing flexibility, ensures that businesses of any size can take advantage of what Opinew has to offer. As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, keeping customer feedback at the core of your business strategy with tools like Opinew will be critical to staying ahead.


Who benefits from using Opinew?

Any Shopify store looking to improve product credibility, enhance customer engagement, and increase conversions will find Opinew beneficial.

Can Opinew handle reviews from multiple sources?

Yes, Opinew can import reviews in bulk from Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and more, making it a versatile tool for gathering customer feedback.

Is Opinew suitable for stores with an international customer base?

Absolutely. With support for multiple languages, Opinew is perfect for stores catering to a global audience.

How does Opinew impact site speed?

Opinew is designed to be lightweight and efficient, ensuring minimal to no impact on your site's load time.

Can I customize the appearance of review widgets?

Yes, Opinew offers highly customizable widgets that can be tailored to match your store's theme and brand identity.