The Ultimate Guide to "Shopify Frequently Purchased Together" - Drive Sales Like Never Before!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Product Bundling
  3. Implementing “Frequently Bought Together” On Your Shopify Store
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ


Have you ever found yourself browsing online, and as you're about to checkout, a list of products frequently bought together with your selected items pops up, tempting you to add more to your cart? That's the power of "Shopify Frequently Purchased Together", a transformative feature designed to elevate the shopping experience by suggesting complementary products to customers, thus enhancing the potential for increased sales and average order value (AOV) for Shopify store owners.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the nuts and bolts of implementing "Shopify Frequently Purchased Together" in your e-commerce strategy. Whether you're a seasoned store owner or just starting out, understanding how to leverage this feature can make a significant difference in your store's performance. From bolstering sales to enriching the customer shopping experience, we'll cover all aspects you need to know to make the most out of this fantastic feature.

The Power of Product Bundling

Product bundling isn't a new concept, but in the digital age, it's taken on new importance. Let's explore why it's more crucial now than ever.

Increasing Average Order Value (AOV)

One of the primary reasons to implement "Frequently Bought Together" is to increase the AOV. By showcasing complementary products, you encourage customers to make additional purchases they might not have considered, thereby increasing the total cart value.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

A well-curated "Frequently Bought Together" section can significantly improve the shopping experience. It's like having a personal shopping assistant that provides valuable recommendations, helping customers find products that complement their purchase.

Discoverability of Products

This feature also serves as a discovery tool for customers. Often, customers might not be aware of certain products or realize they needed them. By suggesting relevant products, you're not only increasing sales but also improving product visibility.

Implementing “Frequently Bought Together” On Your Shopify Store

Now, let's delve into how you can effectively implement this strategy in your Shopify store and reap its benefits.

Choosing the Right App

Shopify's App Store is teeming with apps designed to create "Frequently Bought Together" recommendations. Apps like "Selleasy" and “Wiser - Upsell Recommendations” use AI to analyze shopping behaviors and suggest the most relevant products. Choosing the right app involves considering factors like ease of customization, integration capabilities, and the level of support provided by the app developers.

Customization and Integration

After selecting an app, the next step is customization and integration into your store. This involves:

  • Tailoring the looks: Customizing the appearance of the recommendations to match your store's theme.
  • Setting the logic: Some apps allow you to set rules for recommendations. For instance, you can choose to suggest products based on categories, price range, or customer behavior.
  • Placement: Deciding where to place the “Frequently Bought Together” recommendations is crucial. The product page is standard, but consider experimenting with placements like the cart page to capture last-minute upsells.

Maximizing Impact

To maximize the impact of "Frequently Bought Together" recommendations, here are some additional tips:

  • Bundle Pricing: Offering a slight discount for the bundled products can significantly increase the likelihood of customers adding the suggested items to their cart.
  • Keep Testing: Use A/B testing to see what works best for your store. This may include testing the placement, the type of products bundled together, or the discount offered.
  • Monitor and Optimize: Regularly review the performance of your recommendations and make adjustments as needed.


The "Shopify Frequently Purchased Together" feature is a potent tool in your ecommerce arsenal. It not only helps in upselling and cross-selling but significantly enhances the customer's shopping experience, making it more personalized and intuitive. By carefully selecting the right app, customizing it to fit your store's aesthetic and business goals, and continually optimizing based on performance, you can turn casual browsers into loyal customers, significantly boosting your store's performance.

Implementing "Frequently Bought Together" is not just about increasing order values; it's about creating a cohesive, enjoyable shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. With these insights, you're well on your way to leveraging this powerful feature to its fullest potential.


  1. What is the average increase in AOV I can expect by using "Frequently Bought Together"?

    • The increase can vary, but many stores see a 10-30% increase in AOV when effectively implementing product bundling strategies.
  2. Can I manually select which products to bundle together?

    • Yes, most apps allow you to manually create bundles or let the AI suggest based on customer behavior and purchase history.
  3. Will this feature slow down my website?

    • If you choose a well-optimized app, the impact on your site's speed should be minimal.
  4. How important is it to offer discounts on bundled items?

    • While not mandatory, offering a discount can significantly increase the attractiveness of the bundle and encourage more customers to take advantage of the offer.
  5. Can I implement this feature on any Shopify plan?

    • Yes, “Frequently Bought Together” apps are available across different Shopify plans, from Basic to Advanced.