The Ultimate Guide to Expand Your Shopify Store with More Reviews

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Reviews Matter
  3. Cultivating Reviews on Shopify
  4. The SEO Bonus of Shopify Reviews
  5. FAQs
  6. Conclusion


Have you ever paused before buying something online to scroll down and read the reviews? If you're like most online shoppers, the answer is probably yes. Reviews offer a glimpse into the experiences of others, guiding our decisions and building trust in ecommerce platforms. For Shopify store owners, understanding how to effectively get more reviews is pivotal. Not only do reviews influence purchasing decisions, but they also enhance your store's credibility, improve product visibility, and can significantly impact SEO rankings. This detailed guide will dive into strategies that can help you, as a Shopify store owner, harness the power of customer feedback to elevate your business.

First, let’s explore why reviews are a linchpin in the ecommerce sphere. We'll cover methods to encourage your customers to leave reviews, how to leverage those reviews to boost sales, and importantly, how to handle the inevitable negative feedback. By the end of this article, you'll have a comprehensive toolkit to augment your Shopify store with valuable customer insights, transform satisfied buyers into advocates, and ultimately, get more reviews that count.

Why Reviews Matter

Online reviews are the digital age's word of mouth. They serve many roles: building trust with new customers, providing social proof, and enhancing your store's SEO to name just a few. A positive review can be the decisive factor that converts a browser into a buyer. Alternatively, a constructive critique can offer insights into improving your products or customer service.

In the context of Shopify and its vast marketplace, reviews distinguish your offerings from competitors, driving home the uniqueness and quality of your products. Remember, in the absence of a physical space, your reviews are your storefront's ambiance, your customer service smile, and your sales pitch all rolled into one.

Cultivating Reviews on Shopify

1. Make It Easy and Inviting

Your first step to getting more reviews is to ensure the process is as seamless as possible for your customers. Utilize Shopify apps like "Product Reviews" to integrate review functionalities directly into your product pages. Include clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and consider redirecting customers to a review page post-purchase.

2. Follow Up with Your Customers

A well-timed email can be a gentle nudge that reminds customers to leave a review. Automate your follow-up emails to go out after your customer has received their product and had enough time to experience it. Personalize these emails to make your customers feel valued and emphasize how their feedback contributes to your community.

3. Incentivize, But Don’t Buy Reviews

Offering a small incentive, like a discount on future purchases or entry into a giveaway, can motivate customers to leave a review. However, ensure incentives are for honest feedback rather than exclusively positive reviews. Authenticity in reviews is key to maintaining trust.

4. Leverage Social Proof Across Channels

Don’t limit your reviews to your Shopify store. Share them on your social media, in newsletters, and even in your physical packaging. This not only celebrates your customers' feedback but also shows prospective buyers the real-life love your products are getting.

5. Address Negative Reviews Constructively

Negative reviews can be disheartening, but they’re also opportunities for growth and showcasing excellent customer service. Always respond with empathy, offer solutions, and, if needed, take the conversation offline to resolve issues directly.

The SEO Bonus of Shopify Reviews

Reviews contribute fresh, unique content to your product pages, boosting SEO by helping to rank for long-tail keywords naturally used by your reviewers. Additionally, high ratings can increase click-through rates from search engine results pages, leading to more traffic and potential sales.


How can I remove fake reviews from my Shopify store?

Respond promptly and investigate the review. If it's clearly spam or violates Shopify’s terms of service, you can report and request its removal through Shopify’s support.

Can responding to reviews influence my store’s SEO?

Yes, engaging with reviews can positively impact your SEO. It shows that your business values customer feedback and contributes to the fresh content on your store’s pages.

Should I ask every customer for a review?

Ideally, yes. Every customer's feedback is valuable. However, prioritize follow-ups with customers who have had a positive experience or shown high engagement with your brand.

How often should I send review request emails?

Timing can vary, but generally, a week after the product has been delivered is a sweet spot. It gives customers enough time to use the product but is soon enough that the experience is fresh in their minds.

Can reviews on Shopify be syndicated from other platforms?

Some Shopify apps allow syndication of reviews from platforms like Facebook, Etsy, or Amazon to your store. Make sure to use these responsibly to maintain the authenticity of your reviews.


In the competitive world of ecommerce, Shopify reviews are a powerful tool to establish trust, improve visibility, and elevate your brand. Investing time in cultivating authentic reviews not only enriches the shopping experience for your customers but also lays the groundwork for sustainable growth. With the strategies outlined in this guide, you're well-equipped to champion a robust review culture in your Shopify store. Remember, each review is a testament to your business's impact and a stepping stone towards achieving those coveted 5-star ratings across the board.