Mastering Shopify Sales: How to Put a Product on Sale

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Crafting the Perfect Sale Strategy
  3. Setting Compare-At Prices on Shopify
  4. Automating Discounts with Shopify's Built-In Features
  5. Leveraging Sales Channels and Marketing
  6. Sale Optimization Tips
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Have you ever wondered how top Shopify stores effortlessly put products on sale, creating buzz and driving sales through the roof? If the idea of navigating through Shopify's vast features to find out how you can put a product on sale seems daunting, then this comprehensive guide is for you. From setting compare-at prices to leveraging smart collections, our journey will cover every crucial step, ensuring your next sale event is a smashing success. Join us as we delve into making your products irresistible to customers without breaking a sweat!


Imagine logging into your Shopify store, excited to launch your first big sale, but you're greeted with a myriad of options and no clear direction. Don't worry; you're not alone. Across the globe, thousands of Shopify users seek efficient and effective methods to showcase their discounted products, aiming to boost sales and clear inventory. Whether you're a seasoned merchant or just starting, understanding how to effectively put products on sale is foundational to your e-commerce success.

In this post, we'll explore tried-and-true strategies for putting products on sale in Shopify, including setting compare-at prices, creating discount codes, utilizing smart collections, and more. Not only will you learn the technical steps, but we'll also dive into best practices for making your sale a hit among your customers. Ready to unlock the secrets of successful Shopify sales? Let's get started!

Crafting the Perfect Sale Strategy

Before diving into the technicalities, it's crucial to strategize. A well-planned sale can propel your store to new heights, while a poorly executed one can lead to confusion and clutter. Here are actionable tips to ensure your sale aligns with your business goals:

  1. Define Your Objectives: Are you looking to clear out old inventory, boost revenue during a slow season, or attract new customers? Your goals will dictate the nature and timing of your sale.

  2. Identify Your Target Products: Not all products are suitable for a sale. Choose items that either need to be cleared out or are popular enough to draw attention but have considerable margins to withstand a discount.

  3. Time Your Sale Right: Aligning your sale with holidays, end-of-season clearouts, or special events can significantly increase its visibility and success.

Setting Compare-At Prices on Shopify

One of the simplest methods to display a sale on Shopify is by using the compare-at price feature. This straightforward approach allows customers to see the original price alongside the discounted price, providing a clear visual incentive. Here's how you do it:

  1. Navigate to Products in your Shopify admin.
  2. Select the product you want to put on sale.
  3. In the Pricing section, you'll see two fields: Price and Compare at price.
  4. Enter the original price in the Compare at price field and the sale price in the Price field.
  5. Hit Save, and voila! Your product now displays a visually appealing discount.

Automating Discounts with Shopify's Built-In Features

For those looking to streamline the process or apply discounts in bulk, Shopify offers a range of features to automate sale prices:

Discount Codes

Creating a discount code is a versatile way to offer sales on specific products, collections, or even your entire store. To create a discount code:

  1. Go to Discounts from your Shopify admin.
  2. Click on Create discount and choose between a percentage discount, a fixed amount discount, or a buy X get Y discount.
  3. Configure your discount's parameters, including applicable products or collections, minimum quantities or amounts, and expiration dates.

Smart Collections

Smart Collections can automatically include products that meet specific criteria, such as being priced below a certain threshold or having a compare-at price set. By setting up a Smart Collection for your sale items, you create a dynamic sale category that updates in real-time as you adjust product prices.

Leveraging Sales Channels and Marketing

Successfully putting a product on sale is just half the battle; the other half is ensuring your potential customers know about it. Utilize Shopify's sales channels and market your sale through email campaigns, social media, and on your site via banners, pop-ups, or dedicated sale sections. Engaging your audience through multiple channels increases the reach of your sale, ultimately driving more traffic and conversions.

Sale Optimization Tips

  • Highlight Urgency: Use countdown timers or limited stock alerts to create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to act quickly.
  • Bundle Products: Increase average order value by bundling sale items together or offering buy one, get one deals.
  • Clear Navigation: Ensure that sale items are easy to find by adding clear navigation and filtering options for sale collections.


Putting a product on sale on Shopify can be a straightforward task with a significant impact on your store's performance. By carefully choosing which products to discount, determining the right type of sale, and effectively marketing it, you can increase conversions, clear out inventory, and attract new customers. Remember to monitor the sale's performance and gather insights to refine future sales strategies further.


Q: How often should I put products on sale?
A: The frequency of sales should align with your business goals, inventory needs, and customer expectations. Seasonal sales, holiday events, and end-of-season clearouts are commonly used strategies.

Q: Can I schedule sales in advance on Shopify?
A: Yes, you can schedule sales in advance by setting up the compare-at prices or discount codes ahead of time and using apps to automate the start and end dates of your sales.

Q: How do I measure the success of a sale?
A: Use Shopify's analytics to track metrics such as increased traffic, conversion rates, average order value, and total revenue generated during the sale period compared to your benchmarks.

Q: Can discounts be applied automatically at checkout?
A: Yes, by setting up automatic discounts in Shopify, customers can enjoy sale prices without entering a discount code at checkout, streamlining their purchasing experience.

Implementing these strategies effectively can turn a routine discount endeavor into a powerful tool for driving sales and enhancing your brand's value. With clear objectives and strategic planning, your next sale on Shopify could set new records for success.