Mastering Shopify: How to Print Packing Slip Shopify with Ease

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Packing Slips in Shopify
  3. Printing Packing Slips in Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide
  4. Advanced Tips for Packing Slip Management
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficiency and clarity in order fulfillment are paramount. Packing slips, often underrated, play a crucial role in this process. For Shopify store owners, understanding how to manage and print packing slips can significantly streamline operations, ensuring a smooth delivery experience for customers. This blog post delves deep into the functionalities Shopify offers for handling packing slips, offering insights and walkthroughs to optimize your workflow.


Have you ever wondered about the magic behind seamlessly delivered orders? Or how top-tier e-commerce businesses maintain impeccable delivery accuracy? A considerable part of the answer lies in something as simple yet powerful as a packing slip. Beyond a mere list of items, packing slips bridge communication between sellers, fulfillment teams, and customers, ensuring everyone is on the same page—literally. As a Shopify store owner, mastering the intricacies of printing and managing packing slips could be your next step in optimizing order processing. This deep dive offers everything from the basics to advanced tips, ensuring you can utilize packing slips to enhance your e-commerce efficiency.

Understanding Packing Slips in Shopify

Before jumping into the "how-to," let's establish what packing slips are within the Shopify ecosystem. They're documents included in a shipment, providing a detailed list of the package's contents. Beyond itemizing what's been sent, they contain crucial shipping and billing addresses, product information like SKU numbers, weights, quantities, etc. This clarity aids in the packing process and helps customers verify the arrival of their expected goods.

Why Packing Slips Matter

  • Accuracy in Fulfillment: Ensures all products are correctly included in the package.
  • Transparency with Customers: Acts as a tangible communication tool showing what should be in the package.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Simplifies the returns process for both the customer and the business.

Printing Packing Slips in Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Shopify simplifies the printing of packing slips, whether you're handling a single order or managing them in bulk. Here's how you can manage each scenario:

Printing Individual Packing Slips

  1. Navigate to Orders: From your Shopify admin, head to the Orders section.
  2. Select the Order: Find and click the order you wish to print a packing slip for.
  3. Print Option: Click More actions > Print packing slips.
  4. Finalize: Choose to print or save your packing slip as needed.

Printing Packing Slips in Bulk

For those busy days when you're processing multiple orders:

  1. Go to Orders: In the Shopify admin, navigate to the Orders page.
  2. Select Multiple Orders: Tick the orders that require packing slips.
  3. Bulk Action: Click ... > Print packing slips.
  4. Specify Location (Optional): Select the fulfillment location if you manage multiple ones, then proceed.
  5. Print or Save: Get your packing slips ready for inclusion in your shipments.

Customizing Packing Slips

Shopify goes beyond basic printing functionalities, offering customization options for your packing slips through its Liquid template language. If you're comfortable with HTML, CSS, and Liquid, you can tailor your packing slips to reflect your brand better, including logos, custom messages, or specific instructions.

Advanced Tips for Packing Slip Management

  • Combining with Shipping Labels: If you're using Shopify Shipping, streamline your process further by printing shipping labels alongside your packing slips.
  • Customizing for Brand Impact: Utilize the editable packing slip template in Shopify to reinforce your brand identity, even in the packaging details. Editing options allow adding logos or special messages, enhancing the unboxing experience.


In the digital age, where the physical touchpoint with customers is often limited to the delivery package, every detail counts. Packing slips, though functional at their core, carry the potential to elevate your brand experience and operational efficiency. By leveraging Shopify's comprehensive features for printing and customizing packing slips, you can ensure a robust, transparent, and branded fulfillment process that delights your customers and streamlines your workflows.


Q: Can I add personal or customer-specific notes to packing slips? A: While Shopify's template customization options are extensive, adding dynamic, order-specific customer notes requires a bit more ingenuity. Consider using the order notes feature or exploring third-party apps for additional customization abilities.

Q: Is there an entirely digital way to handle packing slips? A: Yes, you can save packing slips as PDFs instead of printing, either for digital record-keeping or for including them in shipping confirmation emails, though this might require manual steps or the use of apps to automate.

Q: Can packing slips be created for partial shipments? A: Absolutely, Shopify supports the creation of separate packing slips for each shipment within an order, ensuring accuracy and clarity for orders fulfilled in multiple packages.

Q: How does editing the packing slip template affect existing orders? A: Any changes made to the packing slip template apply to future packing slips. It won't retroactively alter slips that have already been printed or saved.

Q: Are there resources to learn more about customizing packing slips with Liquid? A: Shopify offers comprehensive documentation on Liquid, its template language, including forums and tutorials that can guide you through customization processes for your packing slips and other Shopify templates.