Master the Art of Printing Invoices in Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Printing Invoices is Important for Shopify Store Owners
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Printing Invoices on Shopify
  4. Customizing and Personalizing Invoices on Shopify
  5. Troubleshooting Common Issues When Printing Invoices on Shopify
  6. FAQs on Printing Invoices in Shopify

In the bustling world of ecommerce, Shopify stands out as a beacon for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to carve out their digital storefront. Among the myriad tasks that come with managing an online store, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the printing of invoices. Yet, this seemingly mundane task holds significant potential for enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining accounting processes, and reinforcing brand identity. Imagine a scenario where every invoice you send out not only serves its primary purpose but also acts as a subtle marketing tool for your brand. Intrigued? Let's dive into the nuts and bolts of how to print invoices in Shopify, turning a simple administrative task into an opportunity for branding and business efficiency.


Have you ever considered the impact that a well-crafted invoice can have on your customer's post-purchase experience? Or how it can simplify your financial management? Invoices might just be paper trails of transactions, but in the realm of ecommerce, they're much more. This post will explore the ins and outs of printing invoices in Shopify, providing a detailed guide that covers everything from the importance of invoices and step-by-step printing instructions to customization tips and troubleshooting common issues. Whether you're new to Shopify or looking to optimize your invoice printing process, this post promises valuable insights that will elevate your ecommerce game.

Why Printing Invoices is Important for Shopify Store Owners

In a digital world, the significance of physical invoices may seem to diminish, but their value in enhancing the customer experience and aiding in business operations cannot be overstated. For starters, printed invoices serve as tangible proof of transaction, imbuing a sense of security and professionalism in your interactions with customers. They are vital for accounting and tax purposes, simplifying the tracking of sales and expenses. Moreover, a well-designed invoice is a chance to reinforce your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Printing Invoices on Shopify

Shopify simplifies the process of printing invoices through its native app, Order Printer, as well as through other integrated third-party apps. Follow these streamlined steps to start printing:

  1. Using the Order Printer App: First, install the Order Printer app from the Shopify App Store. Once installed, you can access this feature directly from your Shopify admin dashboard or the Shopify POS app. You have the flexibility to print individual invoices or in batches of up to 50 orders.

  2. Customize Your Invoice Template: Customize your invoices to match your brand identity. Shopify’s Order Printer app allows you to select a default template and modify it using HTML, CSS, and Liquid. You can also include additional details like return policies or special instructions.

  3. Print Directly from Orders: Navigate to an order, select 'More actions', and then 'Print with Order Printer'. You can uncheck the browser's print window option for headers and footers for a cleaner look.

  4. Save as PDF: Utilizing your browser's print function, you can save invoices as PDF files for a digital record. This can be done directly from the print dialog in most browsers, allowing for easy sharing with customers or for digital storage.

Customizing and Personalizing Invoices on Shopify

To elevate your brand through your invoices, Shopify offers a range of customization options. Beyond selecting a template that reflects your brand’s aesthetic, consider incorporating personalized touches such as thank you notes or discount offers for future purchases. Personalization doesn’t stop with design; including dynamic content like personalized product recommendations can significantly enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Printing Invoices on Shopify

While the process is generally straightforward, you might encounter some hurdles, such as printer connectivity issues or formatting discrepancies. Before reaching out to Shopify's customer support, check your printer's connection and settings, and ensure that your invoice template is correctly formatted. Remember, Shopify’s support team is always there to assist you with more complex issues or when integrating third-party apps for additional functionalities.

FAQs on Printing Invoices in Shopify

Q: Can I automate the invoice printing process? A: Yes, by using third-party apps available in the Shopify App Store, you can automate the printing and emailing of invoices, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Q: How can printed invoices improve customer satisfaction? A: Printed invoices provide customers with a tangible record of their purchase, adding a layer of trust and professionalism. Customizing invoices to reflect your brand can also enhance the customer experience.

Q: Are there eco-friendly options for printing invoices? A: Consider implementing digital invoices as the primary method, reserving printed invoices for specific requests or as part of a differentiated packaging experience. This approach reduces paper use while catering to customer preferences.


Embracing the printing of invoices on Shopify offers more than just administrative benefits; it represents an opportunity to reinforce your brand, delight your customers, and streamline your operations. By following the guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, customizing your invoices to reflect your unique brand identity, and addressing any printing issues with confidence, you can transform a simple operational task into a strategic asset for your ecommerce business. Remember, in the world of online retail, it’s the attention to detail that distinguishes the remarkable from the ordinary.