Integrating Shopify with Wix: Seamlessly Uniting E-Commerce and Design

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Combining Wix and Shopify
  3. Shopify's Buy Button: The Key to Integrating with Wix
  4. Advanced Integration with Wix Answers
  5. FAQs: Your Integration Questions Answered
  6. Conclusion


Imagine launching an online store that combines the best of both worlds: the captivating design capabilities of Wix and the robust e-commerce functions of Shopify. Does it sound like a pipe dream? Well, it's not only possible but simpler than you may think. In the bustling digital marketplace, businesses seek innovative solutions to stand out. This pursuit leads many to wonder, "Does Wix work with Shopify?" The answer is a resounding yes, and integrating these platforms can revolutionize your online business. This article dives deep into how you can harness the design power of Wix with the e-commerce muscle of Shopify to create an unrivaled online shopping experience.

The Power of Combining Wix and Shopify

Wix offers unparalleled design flexibility, making it a top choice for creating visually stunning websites. Shopify, with its extensive e-commerce features, empowers business owners to efficiently manage inventories, process payments, and track orders. Merging the two platforms allows businesses to craft an attractively designed website that also boasts powerful selling capabilities. This blend can significantly enhance user engagement and sales.

Benefits of an Integrated Platform

Integrating Shopify with Wix provides a seamless shopping experience for your customers while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your brand. This amalgamation offers:

  • Design Freedom: With Wix, enjoy creative control over your site's appearance without compromising the e-commerce functionality provided by Shopify.

  • E-Commerce Strength: Shopify's tools for inventory management, payments, and shipping add a robust backend to your beautiful Wix frontend.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A seamless blend of captivating design with smooth shopping functionality means a better journey for your customers, potentially boosting sales and loyalty.

Shopify's Buy Button: The Key to Integrating with Wix

One of Shopify's most ingenious features for bridging the gap between these platforms is the Shopify Buy Button. This simple yet powerful tool allows you to sell products on your Wix site via Shopify's secure checkout process.

How to Add Shopify to Your Wix Site

Here are the simplified steps to integrate Shopify into your Wix site:

Step 1: Set Up Your Shopify Store

Before integration, ensure your Shopify store is up and running. Customize your storefront, add products, and configure payment and shipping options.

Step 2: Generate Your Shopify Buy Button

Head to the Buy Button section in your Shopify admin dashboard. Select the product or collection you wish to sell on your Wix site and generate a unique embed code.

Step 3: Embed in Wix

In your Wix site editor, choose where you'd like to showcase your Shopify storefront. Insert an HTML widget in that location and paste the embed code from Shopify. This process links your Shopify store with your Wix website.

Step 4: Fine-Tune and Publish

After embedding, customize the look of your Buy Button to match your site's design. Once you're happy with the integration, publish your updated website.

Advanced Integration with Wix Answers

For a deeper integration, consider linking Shopify with Wix Answers to centralize customer service and order management. This setup provides a single panel from which you can manage inquiries and orders - a boon for customer experience and operational efficiency.

FAQs: Your Integration Questions Answered

Can I manage my Shopify inventory through Wix?

Inventory management remains within the Shopify backend, even after integration. The Buy Button facilitates product showcasing and sales on your Wix site.

Will integrating Shopify into Wix affect my website's speed?

The Shopify Buy Button involves additional scripts, which might slightly impact load times. Monitoring and optimization can help maintain your site's performance.

Is there a separate fee for using Shopify with my Wix site?

Utilizing the Shopify Buy Button requires a subscription to Shopify Lite, entailing a monthly fee separate from your Wix costs.

Can I sell digital products via Shopify on my Wix site?

Yes, Shopify supports the sale of digital and physical products alike. The Buy Button facilitates this seamlessly on your Wix site.

How secure is the Shopify Buy Button on a Wix website?

The Shopify Buy Button employs Shopify's secure checkout process, ensuring transactions on your Wix site are as protected as they would be on a Shopify-hosted storefront.


Combining Wix's design flair with Shopify's e-commerce capabilities offers a powerful solution for businesses aiming to excel online. This integration not only boosts your site's aesthetic appeal but also its functional prowess, providing a superior shopping experience to your customers. By following the outlined steps, you can leverage the strengths of both platforms, creating an online presence that captivates and converts.

Integrating Shopify with Wix could be the key to elevating your online business, bridging the gap between beautiful design and powerful e-commerce functionality. Explore this synergy today and unlock new possibilities for your digital storefront.