How to Cancel and Delete Your Shopify Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Process
  3. Alternative Paths: Pausing or Selling Your Store
  4. FAQs Section
  5. Conclusion

Are you contemplating closing down your Shopify store but unsure of the process? Whether sales have dwindled or you're eyeing a different eCommerce platform, this guide promises to simplify the procedure of canceling and deleting your Shopify account for you. Navigating this pathway might seem daunting, but armed with the right information, you'll find that it's more straightforward than anticipated.


Imagine putting in blood, sweat, and tears into setting up your Shopify store, only to find yourself considering its shutdown. This is a reality for many entrepreneurs for varying reasons - from sales slumps and platform shifts to the desire for a hiatus or even selling the business. This situation brings about a pivotal question: how can one smoothly transition out of Shopify, ensuring all bases are covered? This blog post aims to demystify this process, providing you with a detailed walkthrough on canceling and deleting your Shopify account, alongside considerations you mustn't overlook.

Why Is This Guide Essential?

Amidst the vast sea of information online, this post strives to be your beacon, offering a consolidated, step-by-step guide that addresses your concerns and aids your decision-making process. Whether you're pausing, selling, or completely shutting down your Shopify store, this article promises clarity and direction.

The Process

Before You Begin

Before diving headfirst into cancellation, it's crucial to introspect on your reasons for this decision. Common motivations range from declining sales and seeking platform alternatives to the necessity of a break or the intention to sell the business. Understanding your rationale aids in choosing the right path forward, be it cancelling, pausing, or selling your Shopify account.

The Cancellation Process

Step 1: Navigate to Your Shopify Admin Panel

Begin by logging into your Shopify admin. This area is your control room, where all critical decisions, including your store’s closure, are made.

Step 2: Choose Your Subscription Path

Under "Settings," find and click on "Plan." Here, Shopify offers two pathways: pausing or completely cancelling your subscription. It's a decisive moment, determining your store's fate - a temporary break or a permanent goodbye.

Step 3: The Final Call

For those resolved to exit Shopify, selecting “Cancel subscription and close store” is the irrevocable step. Yes, it's daunting, knowing there's no turning back, but clarity in your decision makes this step necessary.

Step 4: Clarify Your Reasons

Shopify seeks to understand, requesting a reason for your departure. This feedback is invaluable for their improvement, and while it feels like a small step, it's significant for shaping the platform’s future.

Step 5: Seal the Decision

The culmination of your journey requires a confirmation. It’s here you'll officially close your store, reinforced by receiving a closure confirmation email from Shopify.

Critical Considerations post-Cancellation

  1. Settle Outstanding Charges: Ensure all dues with Shopify are cleared to avoid post-closure billing surprises.
  2. Back Up Store Data: Your Shopify journey might be ending, but your business data remains valuable. Securely export and save your store data before the final goodbye.
  3. Unsubscribe from Third-party Applications: Remember, Shopify doesn’t automatically cancel these subscriptions. Take the initiative to cancel them individually.
  4. Domain Transfers and Updates: If you own a custom domain through Shopify, plan its transfer or update if procured from a third-party provider to continue using it post-Shopify.

Alternative Paths: Pausing or Selling Your Store

Not all who wander are lost, and similarly, not all who contemplate leaving Shopify want a permanent closure. Shopify offers a "Pause" option for those seeking a temporary break. This action considerably lowers your expenses while affording you time away.

Alternatively, if your store has been a successful venture, selling it could be a lucrative exit strategy. Platforms such as the Shopify Exchange Marketplace facilitate such transactions, enabling you to pass the torch while benefiting financially.

FAQs Section

Q: Can I pause my Shopify store instead of cancelling it? A: Absolutely! Shopify’s "Pause store" plan allows you to take a break without the full commitment of closing down. Your store remains accessible online, but the checkout function is disabled.

Q: How can I ensure all my data is safe before I cancel my Shopify account? A: Shopify allows you to export your store data, including products, customers, and order details. Ensure you perform this backup to retain your valuable data.

Q: Is it possible to sell my Shopify store? A: Yes, if your store is profitable, selling it through Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace could be an attractive option.

Q: What happens if I have a custom domain with Shopify? A: You’ll need to transfer this custom domain if transitioning away from Shopify to avoid losing it.


Navigating the decision to cancel and delete your Shopify account might come with its share of emotional and logistical considerations. However, understanding your reasons, being aware of the steps involved, and knowing your alternatives can transform this daunting task into a manageable process. Whether you decide to close, pause, or sell your Shopify store, the path you choose should align with your long-term goals and aspirations. Always remember, every end signifies a new beginning.