How Customers Can Leave Reviews on Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Significance of Customer Reviews on Shopify
  3. How Can Customers Leave Reviews on Shopify?
  4. Best Practices for Encouraging and Managing Reviews
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs


Have you ever wondered what drives a customer to click the "buy" button? In an era where digital storefronts are as common as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, one might argue that the power lies in the opinions of fellow shoppers. Surprisingly, a staggering 49% of shoppers place as much trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations from friends and family. This statistic not only highlights the significance of customer reviews in the e-commerce landscape but also underscores the importance for Shopify store owners to facilitate these reviews seamlessly. This blog post aims to unfold the various avenues through which customers can leave reviews on Shopify, outlining their benefits to both the customers and the store owners. From the traditional product reviews to the more narrative-driven testimonials, we will explore the mechanics, importance, and integration of customer feedback into the Shopify experience.

The advent of customer reviews has revolutionized how shoppers make purchasing decisions, bringing transparency and reassurance to the online shopping experience. For Shopify store owners, these reviews are not just comments but valuable feedback that can spearhead growth, build trust, and drive sales. By the end of this post, you'll be well-versed in the multifaceted world of Shopify reviews, understanding how to leverage them to enhance your store's credibility and connect more profoundly with your customers.

The Significance of Customer Reviews on Shopify

Building Trust and Credibility

The digital marketplace thrives on trust, and customer reviews are the cornerstone of this trust. By allowing customers to share their experiences, Shopify store owners can showcase the quality of their products and customer service. Transparent reviews, including the occasional less favorable feedback, demonstrate authenticity and build credibility amongst prospective buyers.

Enhancing Visibility and SEO

Reviews do more than just reassure potential customers; they also play a crucial role in enhancing a store's search engine optimization (SEO). With fresh, user-generated content, Shopify stores can improve their search rankings, making it easier for new customers to discover their products. This natural boost in visibility is invaluable in the competitive online market.

Facilitating Informed Purchasing Decisions

The modern consumer is information-driven, relying on reviews to make well-informed decisions. Detailed reviews provide insights into the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of products, helping to reduce return rates and increase customer satisfaction.

How Can Customers Leave Reviews on Shopify?

Direct Product Reviews via Apps

Shopify's ecosystem is rich with apps specifically designed to collect and display product reviews. Apps like,, and Loox enable customers to leave star ratings and detailed evaluations directly on product pages. These apps often come with features that encourage review submissions, such as post-purchase emails prompting customers to share their experiences.

Incorporating Review Widgets

Many Shopify themes support review widgets that can be integrated into product pages, allowing customers to effortlessly submit reviews. This setup not only makes the review process straightforward but also ensures that reviews are visually appealing and aligned with the store's branding.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

In the age of social commerce, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become pivotal in the review ecosystem. Shopify store owners can utilize these platforms to gather reviews, either through direct mentions or by encouraging customers to share their experiences using specific hashtags. These social proofs can then be showcased on the store's website through integrations or manual updates.

Creating a Dedicated Testimonials Page

For a more narrative-driven approach, Shopify store owners can create a dedicated page for testimonials. This page can be populated with longer, story-like reviews that provide a deeper insight into customer experiences. To facilitate this, owners can direct satisfied customers to fill out a form or send in their stories via email, which can then be curated and displayed on the website.

Best Practices for Encouraging and Managing Reviews

  • Automate Review Requests: Utilize email automation to send review requests a few days after the product has been received, making sure to include a direct link to the review submission page.
  • Offer Incentives: Consider offering discounts or entry into contests as a thank you for submitting a review. This not only encourages review submission but also fosters customer loyalty.
  • Respond to Reviews: Engaging with both positive and negative reviews demonstrates that you value customer feedback and are committed to improving your service.
  • Showcase Reviews Strategically: Highlight positive reviews across your site, including product pages and the homepage, to leverage social proof and encourage purchases.


In the vast expanse of the Shopify marketplace, customer reviews serve as beacons that guide shoppers to your store. They embody the voice of your customer base, offering insights, building trust, and driving sales. By harnessing the power of reviews through strategic collection and management practices, Shopify store owners can create a reputable and customer-centric brand.

Letting your customers voice their experiences is not just a strategy; it's a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. As we've explored, there are numerous avenues for collecting reviews on Shopify, each offering unique benefits and opportunities for engagement. Embrace these possibilities, and watch your Shopify store flourish in the thriving ecosystem of e-commerce.


What makes customer reviews so important for Shopify stores?

Customer reviews act as social proof, build credibility, enhance SEO, and help potential buyers make informed decisions.

How can I encourage customers to leave reviews?

Send automated review requests via email, offer incentives, create a user-friendly review process, and actively engage with customers on social media.

Should I respond to negative reviews?

Yes, responding to negative reviews shows that you value customer feedback and are committed to improving your product and service.

Can customer reviews improve my store's SEO?

Yes, reviews introduce fresh, keyword-rich content that can boost your store's visibility and search rankings.

How can I showcase customer reviews on my Shopify store?

Integrate review apps, add review widgets to product pages, and create a dedicated testimonials page to highlight customer stories.