Elevate Your Shopify Store with "Keep and Share Your Cart" Feature

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unlocking the Power of Shared Shopping
  3. Facilitating Social Shopping Experiences
  4. Implementing "Keep and Share Your Cart" in Your Store
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ Section


Imagine you're browsing an online store, filling your cart with items you've carefully selected, only to be called away before you can complete the purchase. Frustrating, right? Or think about the times you wanted to share your shopping finds with friends or family for their input before buying. Shopify's "Keep and Share Your Cart" feature addresses these common e-commerce challenges, making shopping more convenient and interactive. This feature isn't just about enhancing customer experience; it's also a clever tool for boosting store visibility and engagement. In this comprehensive post, we'll explore how "Keep and Share Your Cart" works, its benefits for both shoppers and store owners, and why it's a must-have for your Shopify store.

Unlocking the Power of Shared Shopping

The modern customer's shopping journey is no longer a linear path. It's more akin to a web of interactions—browsing, consulting, contemplating—spread across devices and over time. Recognizing this, Shopify introduced the innovative "Keep and Share Your Cart" functionality.

How It Works

In essence, this feature allows customers to save their shopping cart's contents and share it with others via email, link, or social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Telegram. It's a seamless integration that requires a simple one-click installation, bringing a much-demanded shareability aspect to the Shopify cart page.

The Dual Benefit

For customers, it offers the flexibility to consult with friends or family before making a purchase, or simply save their choices to revisit later. For store owners, it opens a door to new potential customers and helps reduce cart abandonment rates. By enabling shared carts, you essentially turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

Facilitating Social Shopping Experiences

Social shopping is the future—combining eCommerce with social media to create a more connected, interactive buying process. "Keep and Share Your Cart" taps into this trend by:

  • Enhancing Visibility: Shared carts act as personal recommendations, a form of social proof that's far more persuasive than traditional advertising.
  • Encouraging Interaction: It promotes interaction not just within the Shopify store but extends the conversation to external platforms, increasing engagement.
  • Simplifying Group Decisions: Particularly useful for group gifts or collaborative purchases, making the process smoother and more enjoyable.

Implementing "Keep and Share Your Cart" in Your Store

Introducing this feature to your store is straightforward, thanks to Shopify's user-friendly design. The impact, however, hinges on how well you integrate and promote it:

Integration Tips

  • Ensure Seamlessness: The feature should blend naturally with your store's design. Aim for an intuitive, easily accessible option on the cart page.
  • Optimize for Mobile: With the majority of social media interactions happening on mobile devices, ensure the sharing process is mobile-friendly.

Promotional Strategies

  • Highlight the Feature: Use your store's homepage, banner ads, and social media posts to inform customers about this new functionality.
  • Encourage Sharing: Consider offering incentives, like discounts or free shipping, to customers who share their carts successfully leading to purchases.


In a digital world where the lines between social interaction and e-commerce are increasingly blurred, Shopify's "Keep and Share Your Cart" feature is a game-changer. It not only enhances customer experience by providing flexibility and convenience but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, leveraging word-of-mouth in the digital age. Integrating this feature into your Shopify store could very well be the strategic move that sets you apart, driving engagement, reducing cart abandonment, and ultimately boosting sales.

FAQ Section

1. Can "Keep and Share Your Cart" feature affect the loading speed of my store?

  • The impact on loading speed is minimal. Shopify's infrastructure is designed to handle such integrations smoothly, ensuring your store remains fast and responsive.

2. How can I track the effectiveness of the "Keep and Share Your Cart" feature?

  • Shopify Analytics provides insights into shared carts, including tracking shares, click-through rates from shared links, and conversion rates, allowing you to measure its impact precisely.

3. Can customers share their carts across different devices?

  • Yes, customers can save their carts and access them from any device, enhancing the shopping experience with seamless cross-platform compatibility.

4. Is there a way to customize the social sharing options?

  • While Shopify provides a wide range of social sharing options by default, further customization may require additional apps or custom coding, depending on your specific needs.

5. How can I encourage more customers to use the "Keep and Share Your Cart" feature?

  • Educational content highlighting the feature's benefits, targeted email campaigns, and social media promotion are effective strategies for encouraging usage. Additionally, incentivizing sharing through discounts or loyalty points can also drive adoption.