Does Shopify Work in Pakistan? A Comprehensive Guide for Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shopify in Pakistan: The Current Scenario
  3. FAQ: Navigating Shopify in Pakistan
  4. Conclusion


Imagine running a bustling online store that seamlessly caters to customers both locally and globally, all from the comfort of your home in Pakistan. How amazing would that be? In today's digital age, this scenario is not just a pipe dream but a very achievable reality, thanks to platforms like Shopify. However, does Shopify work in Pakistan? This question, teeming with potential yet plagued by uncertainties regarding payment gateways and international selling, is what we aim to dissect in this blog post.

As we journey through this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of setting up a Shopify store in Pakistan, navigating payment gateways, tailoring your store to meet local demands, and expanding your market reach to places like the United States. This guide aims not just to answer pressing questions but to also serve as your beacon through the exciting yet sometimes perplexing world of e-commerce in Pakistan.

Shopify in Pakistan: The Current Scenario

The rising e-commerce trend in Pakistan has prompted many entrepreneurs to seek platforms that accommodate their business needs while addressing the unique challenges of the Pakistani market. Shopify, known for its global commerce solutions, presents an intriguing option. Yet, its utilization in Pakistan comes with its own set of questions, primarily concerning payment methods and international market access.

Payment Gateways: The Hurdle and How to Overcome It

One of the most vocal concerns amongst Pakistani Shopify users is the unavailability of Shopify Payments in the region and the limitations concerning third-party payment gateways. As it stands, popular options like PayPal remain inaccessible, leaving merchants to scout for reliable alternatives. Here's where solutions like UNUMPAY come into play. This approved application allows the integration of local banks such as Alfalah, JazzCash, Easypaisa, and more, creating a bridge for transactions that cater to the local populace.

Setting Up Your Shopify Store: A Step-By-Step Overview

From Signing Up to Going Live

Embarking on your Shopify journey involves a straightforward process, starting with a free trial to get a lay of the land. The important steps include:

  • Sign-Up and Store Creation: Begin by providing basic details like email, store name, and answering brief questions about your business.

  • Localization Settings: Crucial for creating a shopping experience that resonates with the local audience. This includes setting the store's language to Urdu or English, adjusting currency to Pakistani Rupee (PKR), and customizing shipping options to cover Pakistan's diverse terrain.

  • Theme Selection and Customization: Pick a theme that aligns with your brand identity and cater to local aesthetics and user expectations.

  • Adding Products and Collections: Ensure high-quality images and descriptions are used. Creating collections that reflect local tastes and seasonal buying trends can significantly enhance user engagement.

  • Domain Registration and Setup: Opt for a '.pk' domain to establish local credibility or a generic '.com' to appeal to both local and international audiences.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: As previously discussed, explore local payment gateway options like UNUMPAY or international ones that cater to Pakistani entrepreneurs.

Expanding Your Horizon: Selling to the US Market

The beauty of e-commerce lies in its borderless nature. Pakistani Shopify users, despite the constraints with direct Shopify Payments, have the potential to cater to the US market. The key lies in selecting the right shipping partners and understanding the logistics of international selling - from taxes and duties to customer support nuances.

FAQ: Navigating Shopify in Pakistan

Can I create a Shopify store from Pakistan? Yes, you can create and operate a Shopify store from Pakistan, leveraging both local and international payment gateways to cater to a global audience.

How much does a Shopify website cost in Pakistan? Shopify's plan pricing is universal, but do consider currency conversion rates and additional costs associated with payment gateways and shipping options in Pakistan.

Can I open a Shopify store in another country while based in Pakistan? Absolutely. Shopify allows you to target international markets, including the US, by utilizing appropriate payment gateways and shipping solutions.

Which is the best payment gateway for Shopify in Pakistan? While choices like PayPal and Shopify Payments are off the table, options such as UNUMPAY have emerged as viable alternatives, facilitating transactions via local banking channels.

Is PayPal available in Pakistan for Shopify users? PayPal remains unavailable in Pakistan, prompting merchants to explore other payment solutions for their Shopify stores.


Shopify's adaptable ecosystem offers a fertile ground for Pakistani entrepreneurs willing to navigate its intricacies. While challenges like payment gateways present hurdles, the evolving digital landscape and emerging solutions are paving the way for a promising e-commerce future in Pakistan. Whether targeting the local market or venturing into international territories, the keys to success lie in meticulous planning, understanding market nuances, and leveraging the right tools. So, does Shopify work in Pakistan? The answer is a resounding yes, with a note of optimism for even broader horizons as the digital landscape continues to evolve.