Google's Latest Move: Enhancing Local Service Ads with More Photos

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Visuals in Local Service Ads
  3. The Implications for Advertisers
  4. Looking Ahead: The Future of Local Service Ads
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ


Have you ever wondered what makes an advertisement click in the digital realm, particularly when it's about local services? Google seems to have delved deep into this query, coming up with a new suggestion for advertisers: "Add more photos to your Local Services Ads (LSAs) profiles." This move is more than a mere suggestion; it's an invitation to stand out in a crowded market. But what makes this request especially intriguing is the fact that Local Service Ads already include photos. So, what's Google's angle here? This post aims to shed light on this recent development, exploring the implications of Google's recommendation and how it's poised to transform the local advertising landscape.

The Importance of Visuals in Local Service Ads

Visual content has never been more critical in online advertising. In an age where consumers' attention spans are shorter than ever, compelling images can be the difference between someone scrolling past your ad or taking a moment to consider your service. Google's emphasis on adding more, high-quality images suggests a pivotal shift towards more visually driven narratives in local service advertising.

Understanding Google's Email

Recently, some advertisers received an intriguing email from Google regarding their Local Service Ads. The message encouraged advertisers to upload additional photos to their profiles, indicating that pictures are set to play a more significant role in these ads. The email hints at a future where Local Service Ads become more engaging and visually appealing, making one ponder the potential introduction of features like photo carousels.

The Background Noise

What makes this development noteworthy is the confusion it has sparked among advertisers. Photos have always been a part of LSAs, especially for certain professions like lawyers in the US. Yet, Google's push for more visuals suggests an upcoming enhancement in how these ads function or are displayed. The recommendation to upload four to six high-quality, business-related photos points towards an intent to make LSAs not just seen, but noticed.

The Implications for Advertisers

This move by Google opens up a canvas of opportunities for advertisers to showcase their services in a more detailed and attractive manner. It raises several questions: Will these additional photos enhance user interaction? Could we see a new format for LSAs on the horizon, possibly incorporating carousels or more dynamic visual elements?

The Power of Imagery in Advertising

Visuals play a crucial role in storytelling, especially in a commercial context. The right images can communicate the essence of a service, evoke emotions, and build trust. For local businesses, this could mean the difference between blending in and standing out. Through well-chosen photographs, businesses can highlight their unique selling points, team members, and even the day-to-day operations, creating a more relatable and engaging advertisement.

Crafting a Visual Strategy

For advertisers, this development means re-thinking their visual strategy. High-quality, in-focus photos that tell a story about the business are now more crucial than ever. Advertisers need to consider not only the aesthetics of these images but their relevance and the message they convey to potential customers. It's not just about having photos; it's about having the right photos that enhance the ad's impact and message.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Local Service Ads

As we venture into this new territory, the potential for innovation in Local Service Ads is vast. The emphasis on visuals reaffirms the trend towards a more immersive and engaging digital advertising landscape. For local businesses and advertisers, this move by Google signals a shift towards creating deeper connections with their audience through visual storytelling.

Embracing Change

Adapting to these changes will be key for advertisers aiming to leverage LSAs effectively. As the specifics of how these additional photos will be used remain under wraps, there's a window of opportunity for businesses to experiment with their visual content, refining their approach to resonate more profoundly with their target audience.


Google's recent recommendation for advertisers to add more photos to their Local Service Ad profiles marks a significant step towards a more visual and engaging future for online advertising. This move highlights the increasing importance of visual content in capturing consumer attention and differentiating services in a competitive landscape. For local businesses, understanding and adapting to these shifts will be crucial in crafting ads that not only capture attention but also convey the unique story of their service. As we look forward to seeing how this development unfolds, one thing is clear: the future of Local Service Ads is brighter, more dynamic, and undoubtedly more visual.


Why is Google asking for more photos in Local Service Ads?

Google aims to enhance the effectiveness and appeal of Local Service Ads by making them more visually engaging. More high-quality photos can help businesses stand out and better convey their services to potential customers.

How many photos should I upload to my LSA profile according to Google's recommendation?

Google recommends uploading four to six high-quality, in-focus photos related to your business. These photos should help portray your service clearly and attractively to potential customers.

Will adding more photos to my LSA profile improve my ad's performance?

While Google has not explicitly stated that more photos will directly improve ad performance, compelling visual content can significantly impact user engagement and interest, potentially leading to improved results.

What kind of photos should I upload to my LSA profile?

The photos should be high-quality, in-focus, and directly related to your business. They could include images of your team, your workplace, your services in action, or any other visuals that accurately represent what your business offers.

Is there any indication that LSAs will change format to include features like photo carousels?

While Google has not confirmed any specific upcoming features, the request for more photos suggests that we might see innovations like photo carousels or other dynamic visual elements in LSAs in the future.